Dear members

As you may be aware already Santo Antonio are now allowing buggies to be shared. All be it this is optional and sanitizing rules still apply. The buggies will as always be cleaned before and after every game.

As of the 12th of August the cups will be fitted back in the holes correctly and pins may now be taken out for putting. Once again sanitizing is essential so please be aware if you do take the flag out that there are other people on the course so please respect the rules. An option is maybe to take an extra towel with sanitizing liquid/gel on it just for removing and replacing the flag stick.

Our world handicap system will be implemented on the 19th of August. I advise all members (if you have not already done so) to read the links sent in our last post. I would also advise (and its also highly recommended by the FPG) that players should register themselves on myFPG (https://my.fpg.pt/) .This platform going forward will be essential for players to monitor their records and performances and also register extra day cards. Any queries you may have please just let me know and i will be happy to help. Hopefully the transition will be smooth.

Play safe everyone

Michael on behalf of your committee 

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