Dear Mr Chairman, Captain Mary, Past Captain Brian, all other Past Captain’s, Committee members and Members of the Floresta Parque Golf Club,

I would like to thank you so very much for your support, encouragement and donation(s), for my recent “ 100k Pink Walk”, it is very much appreciated by myself and even more, I am sure by the Oncology Association of The Algarve.

I have received more donations this week, but I think we are approaching the final amount, so with combined website pledges and cash donations in both UK sterling and Euros the amount currently stands at €4,444, a figure I never envisaged reaching.

I know it’s not worthy of a knighthood, or a  statue somewhere along the N125, or even a Spitfire & Hurricane flypast, but believe it or not I enjoyed doing it, at least I did once the paracetamols had kicked in after the first 40 kilometres.

Am I crazy enough to do it again, ???

Once I have transferred the money to the charity, I will send you a copy of the transfer and receipt issued by the Oncology Association.

Muito obrigado

Best wishes,


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