We have been asked by GSA to contact our Members in order to reinforce to them the message that the Golf Course, Practise Areas and the Driving Range are closed until further notice.
Certain people are not observing these restrictions.
Dogs are being walked on the course and sometimes their owners fail to clear up after them and/or prevent the dogs digging and scraping in the bunkers and on the fairways.
Some people are taking their children out on the course in bicycles and using the course as a playground.
Some people are using the course as an exercise arena.
Some people are even taking the opportunity to hit balls around.
Please observe the restrictions that have been put in place for everyone’s safety. The course is surrounded by accessible countryside for dog walking, exercising and giving children somewhere to play. There is no reason why anyone should be on the course.
Maintenance work is continuing on the course and chemicals, that are harmful to humans and animals, are being applied.
The Portuguese Government have decreed that all golf courses and practise facilities must be closed in order to reinforce the policy of Social Isolation. This is being done to protect the whole population.
Stay safe.
Your Committee

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