Full Membership

To qualify for full membership a member must pay the Golf Club fee 40 euros  plus Federation fee  50 euros plus Annual,  20. 26 or 13 week Green Fee  as stated in the current GSA membership list.

A FULL member can be a member of another golf club in Portugal

Associate Member (AM)

Associate membership must pay the golf club fee of 50 euros and is targeted at non-playing spouses to encourage them to participate in club events.  The AM will receive all subsidies and discounts afforded to full members for Golf Club events

Associate members shall not have the right of a vote at the general meeting.

Federated Associate Member (FAM)

The Federated Associate Membership  must pay the golf club 50 euros membership fee and 50 euros Portuguese Federation fee and is targeted at those who do not play golf often but who support the Golf Club events and wish to be part of our Golf Club.

The FAM will receive the benefits outlined above for the AM plus they will have their handicap maintained by the Golf Club.  They will be required to submit four cards from qualifying competitions played at PDF in one year.

The Federated Associate Member will be able to attend the AGM and MUST NOT be a member of another Golf Club in Portugal

The Federated Associate members shall not have the right of a vote at the general meeting

The Golf Club committee, reserve the right to review AM and FAM occasionally to ensure no abuse of the system is occurring and if there is to take appropriate action.

All AM’s and FAM’s applications must be approved by the Golf Club Committee.

Membership Procedure

To provide a coherent and consistent procedure for the approval/rejection of new members applications to join Floresta Parque Golf Club (FPGC)

1. All individuals who are applying for membership of FPGC.

2. Any individual who, in the opinion of the FPGC Committee, may be likely to act or is acting in a manner with is contrary to the ethos of FPGC.
Procedure is as follows:

  • The application to become a FPGC member must be received in writing by the FPGC Committee.
  • The application will be considered at the next available FPGC Committee meeting.
  • The Committee after due and appropriate consideration will vote to accept or reject the individual as a FPGC member or request the individual to attend the next FPGC Committee meeting.
  • The purpose of “request to attend” will be to satisfy the FPGC Committee of the appropriateness of the individual concerned. This is particularly appropriate for category 2 cases above.
  • The outcome of the application will be determined by a simple majority. In the event of a tie the Chairman of the FPGC Committee will have the casting vote.
  • Proxy votes will be allowed but must be declared by the holder prior to any vote.
  • The result of the Committee’s decision will be notified in writing to the individual concerned.
  • Appeals will be allowed but the individuals concerned must attend a FPGC Committee meeting.

The Committee
31 January 2011