Present: David Walling – Captain

Rod Smith – Vice Captain

Carol Newland – Treasurer

Ralph Griffin – Handicap Secretary

Giles Fox


1. Apologies: Bob Hart

2. Company Matters

BN sent his apologies but forward the following for the meeting.

Local Restaurants sponsorship for events at GSA: Regretfully, the Administration cannot sanction this due to conflicting interests.

Algarve League finals: At present we can provide a maximum of 30 buggies.. We are able often to borrow Edward Norlander’s, Marian Trott’s and Rod Smith’s. Perhaps the Committee may be able to request members to offer their buggies for the day. I am happy to assist in this so we can host this valued event. Please note, however, that GSA cannot responsible for their wellbeing. Trying to hire in buggies locally is unlikely to be feasible or possible as both transportation is an issue, I believe licenses are required to avoid confiscation if stopped by the authorities, and our competitors require use of their own buggies at their resorts.

The Autumn Festival is scheduled to go ahead on 25-30th September, and after last year’s success will continue in the same format.

Riding for the Disabled The event scheduled for 3rd July is supported by GSA and would like to request if the members could give their support.

Committee’ comment on the above were: DW and JR to speak to BN regarding the Algarve League finals day and CN to email all buggy owner’s to ask if they will loan their buggies for the day. BN has advised since that GSA have now purchase 3 x 36 hole batteries. DW advised that

a decision will have to be made by the next meeting whether to host the event or not. It was

also agreed for RS to write to the Administrator regarding the sponsorship from local



3. Approval of Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting held on the 7 April 2015 were approved

and signed by David Walling, Captain

4. Matters Arising


All agreed for RS to write to Administrator. RS

Competition Guidelines

DW was advised that two sets of rules were given out for the Pinsplitter.

DW and CN to check with golf reception. Post meeting note CN has

updated the golf rules on all competitions so that this cannot happen again DW/CN

New Computer

GF confirmed the new computer had now been purchased at a cost of 277 euros.

Charity Account

DW confirmed that Rui Baptiste had received the cheque for NECI but not

passed it on yet. Rui Baptiste also confirmed that he would sponsor the

Club Championship the same as last year.

5. Treasurers Report

CN presented her report advising the committee that funds available

at the end of April are 19,400.24 and that it took into account payments

for the Past Captains, Members Day in June, Club Championship Sub and Trophies.

A profit of 92.17 was made in April.

Charity Account

Now stands at 410.00

Membership 2015

So far is 147, last year it was 148 and 12 members of this 148 have not re joined this year.

6. Handicaps

RG advised that there would had been no need to change members handicaps this


6.1 New Rule

DW advised the committee of a new rule he wished to implement, a discussion

took place DW proposed and all the committee agreed unanimously.


From the 1st July 2015 members who hold their Portuguese Federation Handicap registration at another club may play in club competitions ONLY as a GUEST and will not be eligible for any prizes. We have taken this step to bring Floresta Parque Golf Club in line with neighbouring clubs throughout the Algarve and to offer security and protection to the club and its membership into the future.

7. Website Update

GF advised that everything had been put on the website and was up to date.

8. Events Planning

8.1 Club Championship 13/14 June

Poster and Entry sheet to go up on notice board.

DW to speak to Mario regarding buffet on Sunday for 15 euros cost

to members will be 10 euros and visitors/guests 15 euros. NO drinks

included. DW

CN advised that she would order the trophies next week. CN

8.2 Members Day 19 June

This will be a singles competition from the Yellow and Red tees.

DW to speak to Mario regarding buffet including drink for 25 euros.

Free to members visitors and guests 25 euros. DW

8.3 Summer Party/Ladies v Gents 21 August

DW and RS to organise. DW/RS

8.4 Captain v Vice Captain 4 September

DW and RS to organise DW/RS

8.5 70’s Trophy 16 September

DW to speak to BN DW

8.6 Captains Day 19 September

DW to organise DW

9. Membership

A long discussion took place on Membership regarding current issues

and are still ongoing. DW

10. Any Other Business

10.1 Race to Budens

RS informed the committee that he had been asked how this was done.

CN advised that it was on the value of vouchers won in competitions

excluding 2’s.

10.2 Card Rota

DW informed the committee that they needed more people to volunteer

for the card rota. If we had more members doing this they would only have

to do once or twice a year. DW to ask at next competition presentation and

CN to email members. DW/CN

10.3 Competitions in July/August

RG asked DW to leave out Texas Scrambles and Pinsplitters in these

months as we have many visitors playing and in previous years there

have been occasions when visitors have not turned up to play because of

the heat etc. etc.

10.4 14th Hole

A discussion took place regarding the red stakes on the left hand side.

DW to speak to BN. DW

11. Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held on 23 June 2015 at 10.00am ALL

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