No 2016-04 HELD ON 12TH MAY 2016 10.00am


Present:           Geoff Harnett – Chairman

Rod Smith – Captain

Mike Abbott – Vice Captain

Dave Haddon – Treasurer

Ralph Griffin – Handicap Secretary

Giles Fox – Secretary

David Walling – IPC

Linda Anthony

Rui Gloria – GSA


Apologies: There were no apologies


1.     Company Matters

1.1.     Rui Gloria reported that all was going well, the course is in good condition and repairs to the Academy were nearly finished.

1.2.     Rui reported that there are currently 13 buggies that can do 36 holes, 11 that can do 18 and 11 that can do nine. He said that he is constantly pressing for money to carry out repairs and to obtain more batteries. Rod Smith and Mike Abbott are going to speak to the relevant contacts within GSA to emphasise the concerns of the members especially those who have paid for annual buggies.

1.3.     Geoffrey Harnett suggested putting a sign on the front of the buggy with the rules of buggy use on them particularly as an increasing number of visitors seem to be ignoring them. Rui said that he would investigate the possibility of doing this.

1.4.     There is more stock in the shop and in larger sizes.

1.5.     Rui is to speak to Nelson about ball washers, are there any in storage? He will also speak about the large holes on the 18th white tee which are a danger.

1.6.     Rui was thanked for his attendance and input to the meeting before he left.

2.     Approval of Minutes

2.1.     Approved and signed by Captain

3.     Matters Arising

3.1.     All matters arising are on the agenda.

4.     Treasurers Report

4.1.     David Haddon reported that the club finances are moving in the right direction to redress the budget deficit but we must still be guarded in our expenditure to make sure we continue to reduce said deficit.

4.2.     Bank accounts, Comps and Twos: €17,861.58, less accruals €7677, available balance €10,184.58.

4.3.     FPGC: €10,521.81, less accruals 1117.14, available balance €9404.63.

5.     Advertising with GSA

5.1.     Rod Smith read out a letter from GSA about their proposals to erect advertising boards and asking if the club would like to be on these as well and outlining the cost. The answer to this was no thank you. Rod Smith will reply to the letter.

  • Rod Smith

6.     Men’s Optional tee trial

6.1.     As only two competitions allowing this have been held so far it was agreed to discuss this at the next meeting when a full month has passed and a proper analysis of this can take place.

7.     E-mailing lists.

7.1.     The club can now e-mail all members.

8.     Handicaps

8.1.     The handicap committee will present any recommended changes in handicaps to the committee for their approval. Any approved changes will be notified to the member/members by e-mail.

9.     Website

9.1.     All is up to date.

10.  Events

10.1.  Club Championship. Mike Abbott is to speak to Rui Baptista about the vouchers for the prizes.

  • Mike Abbott

10.2.  Geoffrey Harnett said that he would be happy to help with the cards for the Club Championship.

10.3.  There will be voluntary 2’s

10.4.  Past Captains. Rod Smith is organising the prizes for nearest the pin.

  • Rod Smith

10.5.  Captain’s Day. Rod Smith is organising the prizes.

  • Rod Smith

10.6.  Captain’s Away Trip. There are approximately 50 golfers and 4 non golfers signed up so far.

11.  AOB

11.1.  Geoffrey Harnett is to put a sign on the card box reminding all members and visitors to highlight any 2’s they may have.

  • Geoffrey Harnett

11.2.  The list for the next quarter’s competitions and those doing the cards was ratified.

11.3.  The date of the next meeting is 14.06.2016 at 10 am.

Meeting closed at 11.45

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Rod Smith, Mike Abbott, David Walling, Dave Haddon, Ralph Griffin,

Giles Fox and Linda Anthony.

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