No 2016-03 HELD ON 11 April 2016 10.00am


Present:           Geoff Harnett – Chairman

Rod Smith – Captain

Mike Abbott – Vice Captain

Dave Haddon – Treasurer

Giles Fox – Secretary

Linda Anthony


Apologies: David Walling, Ralph Griffin


1.     Company Matters

1.1.   Company matters held over until the next meeting.

2.     Approval of Minutes

2.1.   Approved and signed by Captain

3.     Matters Arising

3.1.   It was agreed that, for a trial period in May, in non qualifying competitions members can chose to play from the white or yellow tees, men, and red or yellow tees, ladies. Qualifying competitions to stay with the same format.

ACTION   Rod Smith

4.     Treasurers Report

4.1.   David Haddon presented his report advising the committee that funds available at the date of the meeting are: Comps and 2’s Account €16,398.52, less voucher accrual of €6806.00, leaving available funds: €9592.52.

4.2.   FPGC Account – €10,237.58 less accruals including charity €842.16, leaving available funds €9395.40

4.3.   Total funds available €18,987.92 down €700 from the 1st March but includes Treasurer’s fee and League shirts which are to be reimbursed.

4.4.   Giles Fox suggested introducing the option of team twos in competitions that do not currently have twos. The committee agreed to study the practicalities of this idea.

4.5.   A thank you letter should be sent to Rui Baptista thanking him for his support and continued sponsorship.

ACTION   Rod Smith

4.6.   David Haddon has concerns about the PT bill, Mike Abbott to contact them.

ACTION   Mike Abbott

4.7.   The deposit of €50 per person is due for the Captain’s Away trip, an email is to be sent giving the club’s bank account details so that this can be done by bank transfer.

ACTION   Rod Smith

5.     Emailing lists

5.1.   There are increasing problems in sending out emails to large groups of people, a notice is to be put on the board to encourage members to use the website as this is where information and notices about upcoming events etc will be displayed in future.

ACTION   Rod Smith

5.2.   It was suggested that a separate board for members to display notices would be a good idea. Mike Abbott to talk to Rui about the possibility of doing this.

ACTION   Mike Abbott

6.     Handicaps

6.1.   It has been brought to the committee’s attention that the rules of golf state that the club cannot arbitrarily change a member’s handicap at the conclusion of a non-qualifying competition as formal handicaps can only be changed after a qualifying competition. In view of this if a player wins three times in a month it will be discussed at the next committee meeting and any adjustments that are made would be discussed with the player and would only apply for a limited time and not affect their formal handicap.

6.2.   For qualifying competitions the box for cards is to be placed in the hut and a notice to this effect displayed on the table by whoever is doing the cards.

7.     Website

7.1.   The matter of slow play was mentioned by our Pro on his latest posting. Everyone should be encouraged to allow other players to play through if they have fallen behind. Rod Smith will mention this after Wednesday’s competition.

ACTION   Rod Smith

8.     Events Update

8.1.   Captain v Vice Captain competition. Rod Smith and Mike Abbott will sort out the lists and ensure the handicaps are balanced. The entry fee will be €15 which includes the bbq and there will be optional twos. They will also look at the trophies and see if there is a redundant one that could be used for this event. A list for non golfers wishing to attend the bbq will be put up. Mike Abbott will write out the cards.

ACTION   Rod Smith Mike Abbott

8.2.   Past Captains competition. AmAm format, €18 entry fee including meal afterwards, optional twos. Vouchers will be given as prizes.

8.3.   Captain’s Day. Rod Smith is sorting the prizes.

8.4.   Captain’s Away trip. The numbers need to be confirmed by the end of the month and the deposit is also due by then.

9.     A.O.B.

9.1.   David Haddon said that he would be available to do the cards for the Club Championship.

9.2.   Rod Smith said that he would like to have the lake on the 15th designated for the Captain’ Charity, anyone whose ball goes in there will be asked for a voluntary donation of at least €1 to be put in a pot on the bar.

ACTION   Rod Smith

10.  Next Meeting

10.1. Thursday 12th May at 10.00

Meeting closed at 12.00

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Rod Smith, Mike Abbott, David Walling, Dave Haddon, Ralph Griffin, Giles Fox and Linda Anthony.

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