No 2016-02 HELD ON 1 March 2016,10.00am


Present:        Geoff Harnett – Chairman

Rod Smith – Captain

Mike Abbott – Vice Captain

Dave Haddon – Treasurer

Ralph Griffin – Handicap Secretary

Giles Fox – Secretary

Linda Anthony

Rui Gloria – GSA


Apologies:     David Walling


1.    Company Matters

1.1. Rui Gloria reported that things were going well and that more golfers were playing, showing an improvement on this time last year. The special offers for weekday play and Saturdays were proving popular. The summer was looking good with more tour operators and local enterprises expressing an interest.

1.2. An Advantage card is to be introduced which will be available in three different price bands and will give discounts at other courses, various retail outlets, insurances and many other diverse businesses. The Cliq cards cannot be obtained because the company is a creditor of GSA and will have no dealings with either the club or GSA.

1.3. The shop, there is no money for stock and it is operating on a sale or return basis, some new lines are expected in shortly.

1.4. The reports on the condition of the course have been very positive with good feedback from everyone, visitors and members alike. The bunkers are being redone and it is appreciated that the sand needs time to settle. The 5th tee is taking time to grow in due to the weather and it was agreed to use the alternate yellow tee on competition days until it is ready. It was agreed it would be a good idea for Nelson to attend every second or third committee meeting with Rui.

1.5. Card people are requested to highlight visitors in the book to avoid confusion in the shop when collecting fees.

1.6. Rod Smith reported that he had been in discussion with Tiago and Marcelo about setting up free golf clinics for local children, he would be prepared to pay for 2 hours a month and was sure the club could supplement extra clinics. There has been a positive response locally. Rui will speak to GSA about this and Rod and Mike will formulate a definite plan. ACTION – Rod Smith/Mike Abbott/Rui Gloria

1.7. Geoffrey Harnett raised the matter of marshals on the 6th and how hard it is to see them and understand their signals when they were there. It was agreed that a red and green flag system would help with this situation; Rui is prepared to give it a try. ACTION – Rui Gloria

2.    Approval of Minutes

2.1. Approved and signed by Captain

3.    Matters Arising

3.1. Honorary members, Rod Smith read out the original letter sent by Jim Reid to Tony Seaborne when this category was set up. This makes it clear that honorary members are entitled to play in and attend all special golf club functions, which means they have free golf and entitlement to whatever social function is provided. We only have four honorary members.

4.    Treasurers Report

4.1. David Haddon presented his report advising the committee that funds available at the date of the meeting are: Comps & 2’s Account – Balance €15,826,06, less current accrual of vouchers as at 31st Jan (4668), leaving available funds: €11,158.06.

4.2. FPGC Account – Balance €10,205.49, less current liabilities €737.18 leaving available funds €9468.31.

4.3. Current paid up members now total 134.

4.4. The January and February budgets are running as they should be and the bank change is now complete. Rod Smith has computerised the voucher system making it very easy to administer.

4.5. Future expenditure: €500 in out of date vouchers, i.e. those over a year old, can be released into club funds. The club will continue to subsidise certain events but will look at ways to make savings in this area. The club’s retention of voucher monies is to be 20%. Membership will be increased from €40 to €50 next year.

4.6. We will endeavour to end the year with the smallest deficit possible.

5.    Rule Change

FPGC Local Rule – Rules of Golf 14.3 (Distance Measuring Devices)


5.1. For all competitions run by Floresta Parque Golf Club (FPGC) a player may obtain distance information by use of a distance-measuring device. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), then the player is in breach of rule 14-3.

6.    Handicaps

6.1. Ralph Griffin, little to report except no one has been cut because they have won three times.

6.2. It was agreed to find out if any other clubs were now applying extended handicaps, Ralph would ask the Federation. ACTION – Ralph Griffin

6.3. With the exception of singles competitions, ladies may elect to play off yellow tees when yellow tees are stipulated for the men. The maximum handicap in this case is to be 36.

6.4. It was confirmed that aggregate competitions are not qualifying.

7.    Clarification of rule for guest players

7.1. Visitors are welcome to play in FPGC competitions. A proof of handicap certificate may be requested either before or after play at the discretion of the committee, and will always be required where a visitor has achieved a result that places his or her name on an Honours Board.

8.    Website

8.1. Giles Fox reported that all was up to date and that the usage was picking up.

8.2. The monthly competition list on the website does not display who is doing the cards. ACTION – Giles Fox

9.    Events Update

9.1. The list is up for the Captain’s Away trip.

9.2. The poster for the Captain v Vice-Captain match is done and Rod will put it on the board. ACTION – Rod Smith

10. A.O.B.

10.1.  It was agreed that the Dia de Liberdade (25th April) board competition would be re-introduced and played on 1st May. It is hoped that the Restaurant Association will sponsor all the prizes and that GSA will provide catering for the day. This is still under discussion.

10.2.  Captain’s Away, an e-mail will be sent to all members in mid March about the event. Further details for non-players who wish to go will also be provided.

11. Next Meeting

11.1.  Next meeting to be held on Monday 11th April at 10.00

Meeting closed at 11.45

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Rod Smith, Mike Abbott, David Walling, Dave Haddon, Ralph Griffin, Giles Fox and Linda Anthony.

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