Present:              David Walling – Captain

Carol Newland – Treasurer

Bob Hart

Ralph Griffin – Handicap Secretary

Giles Fox – Secretary

  1. Apologies: Rod Smith, Jim Reid
  2. Company Matters

DW welcomed Rui Gloria to the meeting.

A discussion took place regarding the fees for 2016. RG

informed the meeting that he would put forward the suggestions

made to Mrs. Alexandra Carapinha who he was meeting

later today and report back.


RG advised that emails were sent to Owners and Members.

The committee all confirmed that they had not received any

emails from GSA and in future for RG to send to CN for her

to forward onto members.

  1. Approval of Minutes.            

Minutes of the meeting held on the 20 October 2015 were

approved and signed by David Walling, Captain

  1. Matters Arising

4.4 FPGC Membership Procedure

DW advised this was in hand and would be presented at

the next meeting before the AGM.                                                                       RS


9.1 Golf Rules

All agreed for the committee to put up a golf rule each month

to be attached to the entry sheet so that everybody will see it.                         DW

  1. Treasurers Report

CN presented her report advising the committee that funds available

at the end of November are 14,766.92. This included payments for the

hamper prizes, subsidies and band and the payment for the buffet for the

Sagittarius trophy. The loss for the month 339.40, this was due to part

payment of the Xmas hampers of 585 euros.

Charity Account

Now stands at 2072.18. This includes the 400 euros collected on the

Charity day in November

A further Charity day will be held on the 30th December 10 euros entry

plus 2’s DW to speak to Mario to see if they can put on some mulled wine.DW

Membership 2015

We now have 149 members for 2015.

  1. Handicaps

RG advised that JB had been cut 1 shot for winning 3 times this month,

and advised that all cuts this year have been on 3 wins.

Consistency and fairness has been maintained throughout

the year. Annual review will be done at the end of the year

and the Handicap Committee will review this before advising

members of any changes.                                                                                    DW/RG

  1. Website Update

GF advised that the website was up to date.

DW asked for the Competition for the 30th December to be put

on the website, End of year Charity day.                                                             GF

GF asked if the Pro Ian Stallard could be included on the website

All agreed.                                                                                                               GF

  1. Events Planning

8.1 Christmas Hamper

DW advised that everything had been done and that Baptiste

had kindly donated the wine.

8.2 Bingo Night/Quiz Night

            DW advised that RS will arrange this in the new year                                       DW/RS


8.3 Sagittarius Trophy 9th December

            DW advised that the buffet will be served from 5.30pm


8.4 Captains Changeover

DW advised that RS was organising this event.

CN to purchase winners trophies.                                                          CN


8.5 Knock Out comps

DW to speak to RS regarding organising these comps for 2016.                    DW


  1. AGM

A discussion took place, JR to sort notice for the board for the 16th

December. CN to send notice and minutes out to members.                           JR/CN


  1. Any Other Business


  1. Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held on Monday 11th January at 10.00am                         ALL

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