Floresta Parque Golf Club Committee Meeting

No 2022-02 Held on 5th April


Peter Noone – Captain

Duncan Leopold – Vice Captain

Rod Smith – Chairman

Giles Fox – Treasurer

Mary Berry

Michael Abbott

  1. Apologies

Linda Anthony


  1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes were approved by the Captain

  1. Matters Arising
    • Rod Smith reported that the club Constitution was out of date. It was agreed that this should be updated and RS kindly agreed to prepare for comment before submitting to a Solicitor and then registering as required. Action: RS
    • Club events and subsidies are carried forward. Action: PN, DL and GF
    • The Captain organised a very successful Bingo night hosted by Ian and Janice Galloway which raised €560.00 for charity.
    • Some actions were outstanding on the course, blue markings on the 4th and the Red hazard stakes on the 14th. Action: MA

4.0 Course Management / Liaison with Ground staff.

4.1 A member queried whether debris from the eucalyptus trees could be removed from the 2nd and 4th fairways. MA will raise this with the ground staff.

4.2 The local rule of preferred lies on the 13th will remain in force after the 13th April and a temporary local rule re preferred lies to be put in place on the 18th between the buggy signs and the Green until GSA have repaired the damage.

4.3 It was felt that shorter / earlier access to the 13th fairway should be requested.

Actions: MA

     5.0 Company Matters

5.1 RS reported that a consortium of owners and members had participated in the auction for the assets of GSA. There were only two bidders and neither offered an opening bid that was close to the Administrators valuation. As a result, the auction was suspended so that the administrator could take instruction from the creditors. Whilst the consortium has received formal notification that the opening bid was unsuccessful, they are still awaiting formal notification of next steps.

6.0 Treasurers Report

6.1 There are 197 paid up members plus 5 juniors a total of 202 with a strong potential for a further 18 bringing the total to 220. Within the 197 paid members there are 33 new members – a great start to the year.

6.2 The Captains box has raised €1165 helped significantly by the Captains initiative to suggest a one off payment of €30 for the year. To date €2525 has been raised for Charity.

6.3. There is currently €27,722 of net assets

6.4 Pending the outcome of the sale it was felt that there should be no investment in technology at this moment.

7.0 Handicap and membership Secretary’s report

7.1 Qualifying competitions are administered by the Portuguese Federation. A member who is federated elsewhere does not qualify to play in Portuguese federated competitions except as a Guest.

7.2. Federation fees run from the 1st April to the 31st March, anyone who hasn’t paid the    federation fee for 2022 is now lapsed and registration at this stage will incur a 10% surcharge.

7.3 The Club Championship is a federated competition hosted by the Club. To win this competition other than as a Visitor you must be federated in Portugal and have played a minimum of Six (6) club competitions in the same year as the Club Championship.

7.4 An email to be sent out advising members how to enter their score cards on myfpg and informing everyone that the Card administrators for each competition day have been instructed to DQ anyone who has not entered their correct handicap or what tee they have played from. In addition all members federated abroad must provide proof of handicap before playing in a competition.

7.5 The local rules to be updated      Actions: MA

8.0 Vice Captains Report

8.1. The Vice Captain had nothing to report.

9.0  AOB

9.1. Club identity – it was agreed that a Floresta Parque Golf Club identity would be in the interests of members during these uncertain times. We have a couple of draft logo’s which have been produced at no charge to the club and RS will investigate how we might exploit the use of a logo to the benefit of the club’s charities.     Action: RS

9.2. Ralph Griffen Trophy will be held on Wednesday 8th June, MA and PN liaising

9.3. The Captain will write / email all past Captains regarding the Past Captain’s trophy on the 22nd May.                                                       Action: PN


Next meeting Tuesday 10th May at 10:00


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