No 2022-01 Held on 1st February 2022


Present             Peter Noone – Captain

                         Duncan Leopold – Vice Captain

                         Rod Smith – Chairman

Linda Anthony – Secretary

Giles Fox – Treasurer

Mary Berry

1.     Apologies

1.1.     Mike Abbott .

2.     Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising

2.1.     The minutes were approved by the Captain.

2.2.     Rod Smith to check if a copy of the constitution had been scanned and sent to the member who requested it.

  • Rod Smith


3.     AGM minutes and actions

3.1.     The results of singles competitions will be published in full and displayed on the board and the website.  Anyone entering the singles competitions automatically agrees to their results being published. 

3.2.     The organisation of drawn competitions was discussed and it was decided that a pairs competition in April will be a drawn competition.  Further details will be posted later.

3.3.     The Captain and Chairman are in the process of evaluating various on-line booking systems.

4.     Company Matters

4.1.     Sale of GSA: Representatives of the consortium of approximately 62 members and owners are travelling to Lisbon to consult with lawyers ahead of the auction date of the 24th February.

4.2.     The document store: all the documents for phase three have been collected and are being digitised for distribution. Phases one and two are still in negotiations with GSA.

5.     Treasurer’s report

5.1.     There are 171 paid up members, 5 juniors and 30 more possible members. A reminder will be sent to last years’ members who have not yet renewed their membership.  We have 24 new members.

5.2.     Most members were very prompt in renewing their membership this year with the majority being done by on-line bank transfer.

5.3.     The Treasurer, Captain and Vice-Captain will meet to discuss which Club events should be subsidised this year.

  • Giles Fox, Peter Noone, Duncan Leopold

6.     Handicap and Membership Secretary’s report

6.1.     The single blue post at the end of the 9th fairway needs to be replaced with 4 posts marking the GUR properly.  The blue stakes on the lower side of the 13th green should now be removed and the damaged areas treated as those above and to the sides of the green.  GSA will be asked to do this.

  • Mike Abbott

6.2.     Members are reminded that the tree stumps and tree roots on the 4th hole are an integral part of the course and, unless marked as GUR, do not qualify for a free drop. This applies throughout the course unless a tree root is actually in the fairway.

6.3.     The Vice-Captain suggested that the red penalty stakes to the left of the 14th beyond the end of the stream be moved lower to follow the edge of the strimmed area. This would speed play and prevent accidents when members search for balls in very rough terrain on a very steep bank. It was agreed this was a good idea and Mike Abbott would be asked to approach GSA about this.

  • Mike Abbott

7.     Vice-Captain’s report

7.1.     The Vice-Captain had nothing to add except to say that the committee are doing a great job.

8.     AOB

8.1.     The singles competitions will be Listed as either a Singles Medal or Singles Stableford, no tees will be specified.  This applies from now even though the current competition list specifies tees. Members choose which tee to play from at the beginning of the round, the men can choose between the yellows and the whites and the ladies between the reds and the yellows.  This is allowed by the Federation. 

8.2.     All singles competitions are qualifiers and members are reminded that the tee from which they play must be marked on the card and their name written correctly.  Failure to do so could result in disqualification.

8.3.     Now that Covid restrictions are easing it was felt that reintroducing social evenings would benefit the club and also encourage integration of members. The Captain agreed to explore this idea further.

  • Peter Noone


Next meeting 05/04/2022 at 10.00.






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