No 2021-07 HELD ON 23rd November 2021


Present             Mary Berry – Captain

                         Peter Noone – Vice Captain

                         Geoffrey Harnett – Chairman

Linda Anthony – Secretary

Giles Fox – Treasurer

Mike Abbott- Handicap and Membership  Secretary

Rod Smith

Brian Newsham


1.     Apologies

1.1.     None required.

2.     Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising

2.1.     The minutes were approved by the Captain and there were no matters arising.

3.     Company Matters

3.1.     Administration – The Administrator, Dr Carlos Inacio, has been given permission by the creditors to offer the resort for sale.

3.2.     Document Store – Some progress is being made on retrieving the documents from the store and a quote has been received for doing this.

4.     Treasurer’s report

4.1.     Unfortunately, during 2021 there were several long-term members who chose not to rejoin our club as they felt that travel restrictions would prevent them being here as often as normal. However, when they did show up, they wanted to still pay members rates to play in our competitions. This is unfair to members who did continue to support the club. In 2022 players will be treated as visitors until their club membership has been paid – this means it is more expensive to play each game and only visitors prizes can be awarded. Additionally, members who choose not to pay their federation fees will have to play and pay as a visitor in any qualifying competition as these are federation competitions.

4.2.     As previously approved, both the Treasurer and Handicap Secretary receive a club subsidy of green fees in recognition of the long extra hours their roles consume. This will be reviewed and represented at January’s AGM for further approval.

4.3.     The subject of Captain’s subsidies from the club was discussed and it was confirmed that the only subsidy that each years Captain will receive from the club in relation to Captain’s Away trips and Captains Day is the donation of Vouchers from Rui Baptista, to whom we record our thanks for his continuing generosity.

4.4.     Charity monies have been distributed except to the Bombeiros and Rui Gloria’s charity.

4.5.     Many vouchers have been cashed in recently. Any vouchers over a year old are no longer valid.

4.6.     Current net assets €21,971.33

5.     Handicap report

5.1.     Mike Abbott will formulate a policy for players with handicaps at more than one club e.g., a UK handicap and a Portuguese handicap, for discussion at the next committee meeting and presentation at the AGM.

6.     Captain’s Update

6.1.     Mary Berry will ask GSA if they are organising a Texas Scramble on New Years Day.

6.2.     There are 55 people attending the Christmas Hamper evening meal. The cost for visitors taking part in the Christmas Hamper Competition is €35 and €25 if only attending the evening dinner.

6.3.     In answer to queries about how the divisions in singles competitions are organised, they are organised as equably as possible.

7.     Organisation of the AGM.

7.1.     Geoffrey Harnett went through the order of running of the AGM and confirmed what actions needed to be taken in advance.

7.2.     The notification of the AGM will be sent to members at the beginning of December.

7.3.     Members will be reminded that any questions must be submitted in writing prior to the meeting.

8.     AOB

8.1.     After extensive research into the qualification rules between Professional and Amateur status we can confirm that we agree with the Portuguese Federation that ALL of our members fall firmly into the status of Amateur.

8.2.     The 13th hole. Any ball which lies within an area marked by blue stakes must be played from the dropping zone. Anywhere else on the hole, and the rest of the course, the rules covering relief from abnormal course conditions apply.

8.3.     The roots by the side of the 4th green are to be marked as GUR.


Next meeting 07/01/22 at 10.00



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