No 2021-03 HELD ON 1st JUNE 2021



Present             Mary Berry – Captain

                         Geoffrey Harnett- Chairman

                         Peter Noone – Vice Captain

Linda Anthony – Secretary

Mike Abbott – Handicap and Membership Secretary

Giles Fox – Treasurer

Rod Smith

Brian Newsham


1.     Company Matters

1.1.    Nelson and his team continue to maintain the course in good condition.

2.     Apologies

2.1.    None.

3.     Approval of Minutes

3.1.    The minutes were approved by the Captain.

4.     Matters Arising/to discuss

4.1.    There were no matters arising to discuss.

5.     Treasurer’s report

5.1.    The average monthly income has fallen to half our previous levels which makes it unlikely that any events, if they can be held, will be subsidised this year.

5.2.    The Junior section of the Club continues to thrive.  Three of the juniors are now playing at a high enough standard to join in competitions and will be invited to play in the Texas Scramble on the 6th June.

5.3.    Current net assets €20,459.68

6.     Handicap and Membership report

6.1.    The handicaps are all up to date. The increased limits on playing handicaps have encouraged more players to enter competitions.  The choice of tees in singles competitions has also proved popular and encouraged more members to enter singles competitions.

6.2.    For a trial period there will be a required minimum number of twelve or more players, ladies or men, for there to be two divisions in singles competitions.

7.     Captain’s Update

7.1.    The Ralph Griffin Trophy and Captains Changeover Competition will be played on the 19th June and the evening event will begin at 19.00 at the Clubhouse. The prizes for the Captains Changeover will be for the best singles score, ladies and men.  The Ralph Griffin Trophy is a Dubai Stableford.

7.2.    A drawn pairs competition is to be introduced to be played once a month, details will be displayed on the noticeboard and the website.

7.3.    The Hole in One Board will be updated twice a year.

8.     AOB

8.1.    The possibility of installing a “gong” type signal on the 6th is to be investigated.

8.2.    It is permissible to hold the flagstick upright, with a putter if it is leaning in such a way to interfere with the ball going into the hole.


Next meeting: 27/07/2021 10.00

Meeting closed at 11.15

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Mike Abbott, Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Brian Newsham, Rod Smith, Mary Berry. Peter Noone

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