Present:              David Walling – Captain

Jim Reid – Chairman

Carol Newland – Treasurer

Bob Hart

  1. Apologies: Rod Smith, Ralph Griffin, Giles Fox


  1. Company Matters ACTION


DW welcomed Eduardo and Rui from GSA to the meeting.

Eduardo advised that he had spoken to GSA’s insurance brokers

and they had told him that it was impossible by law to insure other

peoples buggies, BH also confirmed this because he had spoken to

AXA. Eduardo informed the committee that GSA would take

responsibility for any damage caused on finals day. CN to email

members who have kindly donated there buggy for this day.                           CN

Rui asked for the buggies to be delivered to Golf Reception on the

Monday 26th October so they could be checked over.

DW advised that all buggies will be numbered and have the team

on them.

JR asked about the repair to the Hadden’s buggy which was used

during the Festival. A discussion took place and it was agreed

for the Club to pay this repair 80 to 90 euros. DW to inform DH                       DW

DW asked for a table to be put on the balcony for the League to

greet the clubs and that we needed 10 round tables of 12 for the dinner

after golf. DW to speak to Nick Daley regarding Table Plan.                           DW

JR suggested to Eduardo to print out the Xmas Festival, Spring Festival

and Autumn Festival to put on tables for everybody to see.

Eduardo also advised that there will be free wine, Doctor and Massage

available to all players the same as the Autumn Festival.

DW to draft rules regarding buggies on course etc and pass to Rui

so they can be given out with the cards.                                                             DW


DW spoke to Rui regarding buggies not being available for members

when they wanted to play. DW advised that this cannot happen when

members have paid for buggies in advance. Rui asked for members

to give them at least one week’s notice if they wish to play on other

days, excluding Wednesday and Sundays.


Rui asked if members would pay 250 euros up front now and have it

deducted from their 2016 membership to enable them to buy more

batteries. All agreed to do this providing they were guaranteed

that this was where the money would be spent.


Eduardo informed the committee that the Christmas Festival forms

would be out this week.


DW asked Rui about the 2016 fees and advised that they have to

be competitive because we are no longer a 5 star resort and they

would have to keep them in line with Espiche and Boavista.



JR suggested that they get sponsorship for holes to pay for level

tees etc, on a 2 year basis. BH confirmed that this had been

suggested by the committee before and turned down by GSA.

All felt that this would be a good idea and would not take business

away from GSA.


  1. Approval of Minutes.            


Minutes of the meeting held on the 8 September 2015 were

approved and signed by David Walling, Captain


  1. Matters Arising

4.1 Item 6 Handicaps

DW confirmed that JB’s handicap had now been returned to FPGC.


4.3 Item 8.4 2016 Diary

CN advised that the date for the Autumn Festival was incorrect

as it was Thursday to Tuesday and should be Friday to Wednesday

GF to change on Website.                                                                                                   GF


            4.4 FPGC Membership Procedure                                                                                     JR/

JR, DW and RS to arrange meeting to prepare draft for AGM                                        DW/RS

  1. Treasurers Report


CN presented her report advising the committee that funds available

at the end of September are 18,417.53. The loss for the month was 1060.07

Income was down because of the Autumn Festival, Sponsoring the Newsham

trophy and Captains day band and renewal of the website maintenance.


Charity Account

Now stands at 1640.00 euros


Membership 2015

We now have 149 members for 2015.


  1. Handicaps


DW advised that no meeting had been held


  1. Website Update


Prior to the meeting GF had advised that the website was uptodate.


  1. Events Planning


8.1 Captains Away 5th and 6th November

DW advised that he was going to El Rompido on Thursday

to confirm the whole weekend.                                                                                            DW


DW advised that the instructions for this weekend would be going out

this week.

DW also advised that the Argentinian Restaurant had gone bankrupt

and that he had organised the finale dinner at the hotel

8.2 Bingo Night

            DW advised that he was going to organse a social evening

in November and needed to speak to RG on his return                                                   RG


8.3 Christmas Hamper 6th December 2015

DW advised that everything was being organised by himself and RS.

DW to organise music and meal with Mario for 25 euros to include

wine, beer and water                                                                                           DW

            8.4 Sagittarius Trophy 9th December

            This will include a celebration for Michael Abbots 40th birthday

A free buffet will be put on for members at a cost to club funds of 15

euros per member excluding drink. CN to put sheet up for members

to write their name up if they wish to attend the meal. Last year

the committee assumed that everybody playing would be attending

the free buffet as detailed in the poster and had to pay for 44 members

and only 30 attended.                                                                                                           CN

            DW to speak to KW re poster                                                                                             DW


            8.5 Captains Changeover

            DW advised that RS was organising this event. RS to sort band

and food with Mario                                                                                                              RS



  1. Any Other Business


9.1 Golf Rules

            CN advised the committee that Ivor Newland had asked if simple

rules of golf could be put on the notice board monthly for members

to read and digest. DW to speak to handicap committee.                                               DW


  1. Next Meeting


Next meeting to be held on Tuesday 1st December 2015 at 10.00am                             ALL



Meeting closed at 12.15

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Giles Fox and Bob Hart

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