No 2021-01 HELD ON 2nd March 2021



Present             Mary Berry – Captain

                         Geoffrey Harnett- Chairman

                         Peter Noone – Vice Captain

Linda Anthony – Secretary

Mike Abbott – Handicap and Membership Secretary

Giles Fox – Treasurer

Rod Smith

Brian Newsham



This meeting was held via Zoom to comply with the current Covid restrictions. Thanks were given to Rod Smith for hosting the meeting.

1.     Company Matters

1.1.    There were no company matters.

2.     Apologies

2.1.    None.

3.     Approval of Minutes

3.1.    The minutes were approved by the Captain.

4.     Matters Arising/to discuss

4.1.    There are 104 members of the club to date.  A list of the current members will be printed after the end of March.

4.2.    All matters pertaining to the AGM reports have been addressed.

5.     Treasurer’s report

5.1.    A reminder that membership and Federation fees are now due will be sent out to the members.

5.2.    GSA have been paid for outstanding vouchers.

5.3.    Simon Thomas, a qualified accountant and member of the club, has volunteered his services as an auditor. This offer has been gratefully accepted.

5.4.    The Charity money will be distributed between six charities, NECI (Rui Baptista), Bombeiros, RDA, Pink Ribbon (Kelvin Whittaker’s walk), Cancer Research, The Mustard Seed and APPDA (Rui Gloria’s charity for autistic children).

5.5.    Current net assets €19,052.59

6.     Handicap and Membership report

6.1.    The payment of the Federation fees has been extended until the 31st May.

6.2.    In line with all other sporting associations in Portugal the Federation is required to ask all members to complete a medical questionnaire starting this year. This will be renewable annually.  A link to the form and further details will be placed on the Club website.

7.     Captain’s Update

7.1.    It is anticipated that, when we are allowed to play golf again, the initial restrictions will be much the same as last year i.e., no competitions, restricted numbers, leaving the course immediately after play etc.

7.2.    The first major competition will be held on the 19th June, restrictions permitting.  This will be The Ralph Griffin Trophy and the possibility of combining this with the Changeover competition is being considered. The other board competitions will be rearranged for later in the year.

7.3.    Mike Evans has kindly volunteered to put up a list of members’ handicaps on the day of a competition. The list has to printed from the computer on the morning of the competition to be up to date and only those who have access to the computer can do this.  This list will be printed and displayed on competition days. Members can always check their handicaps on line and in the shop when checking in. Thank you to Mike for volunteering.

7.4.    A monthly draw will be established for all the members who have entered both the competitions and the 2’s and not won a voucher that month. The prize is a €20 voucher and will begin at the start of the first full calendar month after we resume competitions.  Mick Berry has volunteered to organise this draw.

8.     AOB

8.1.    It was suggested that it would be good for members to know what work has been carried out on the course during lockdown and any further work that is planned.  Mary Berry will cover this in her next Captain’s Blog.


Next meeting: 06/04/21 at 16.00 

Meeting closed at 17.15

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Mike Abbott, Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Brian Newsham, Rod Smith, Mary Berry. Peter Noone

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