No 2021-09 HELD ON 5th January 2021



Present             Brian Newsham – Captain

                          Mary Berry – Vice Captain

                         Geoffrey Harnett- Chairman

Linda Anthony – Secretary

Mike Abbott – Handicap and Membership Secretary

Giles Fox – Treasurer

Peter McDonagh



1.     Company Matters

1.1.    There were no company matters.

2.     Apologies

2.1.    Rod Smith and Peter Noone sent their apologies.

3.     Approval of Minutes

3.1.    The minutes were approved by the Captain.

4.     Matters Arising/to discuss

4.1.    All matters arising are covered under the AGM items on the agenda.

5.     Treasurer’s report

5.1.    The annual accounts are now finalised and will be sent to the members before the AGM.

6.     Discussion on points raised by members for the AGM

6.1.    Queries were raised by three members which have been satisfactorily answered by Giles Fox.

6.2.    In response to letters by two members concerning the new handicap system it was decided that, beginning with the Captain’s Changeover Competition, the maximum playing handicap for men will be 36 and for ladies 44, this will apply in all club competitions.

6.3.    In singles competitions men may now play from either the white or yellow tees and ladies the red or yellow tees. In all Club team competitions, the tee specified on the sheet will be used by the men, ladies will play from the red tees.

6.4.    Visitors must have a handicap certificate to play in Club competitions.

7.     Discussion on whether we can hold the AGM

7.1.    Mike Abbott has consulted with the GNR, they have stated that we can hold the AGM as long as all seats are 2 metres apart, the capacity of the room is not exceeded and masks are worn when standing and moving around. There must also be two separate entrances, on for entering and one for leaving the room.

8.     AGM running order.

8.1.    Geoffrey Harnett went through this, to keep the meeting as brief as possible the reports will not be read out at the meeting as all members have already had the opportunity to read and respond to them.

9.     AOB

9.1.    In response to a request for a printed handicap list to be available Mike Abbott explained that under the new system handicaps can change on a daily basis. Should any member be unable to check their own handicap on line it is always possible to ask the shop to check your current handicap when you check in.

9.2.    Members are reminded that under current Covid regulations all people are required to wear a mask when moving around or standing if they are unable to leave a space of 2 metres between themselves and the next person. This applies to inside and outside spaces. There are plenty of tables available in the restaurant if the terrace and spike bar tables are full.

9.3.    From the end of March, a list of members will be posted on the notice board. Sixty-five members have already paid, members are reminded they may not attend the AGM unless they have paid their membership.

9.4.    Peter McDonagh thanked everyone for all their support over the last three years and said how much he had enjoyed his time on the committee.

9.5.    Brian Newsham thanked the committee for their support during this difficult year.


Next meeting: 02/03/21 at 10.00 

Meeting closed at 12.30`?

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Mike Abbott, Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Peter McDonagh, Brian Newsham, Rod Smith, Mary Berry. Peter Noone


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