No 2020-06 HELD ON 6th October2020



Present             Brian Newsham – Captain

                          Mary Berry – Vice Captain

                         Geoffrey Harnett- Chairman

Linda Anthony – Secretary

Mike Abbott – Handicap and Membership Secretary

Giles Fox – Treasurer

1.     Company Matters

1.1.    There have been no further developments since the email that was sent to members regarding the situation with GSA.  

2.     Apologies

2.1.    Rod Smith and Peter McDonagh sent their apologies.

3.     Approval of minutes

3.1.    The minutes were approved by the Captain.

4.     Matters to Discuss/Arising

4.1.    Nelson is ordering the ball lifting devices.  Geoffrey Harnett and Rod Smith have kindly agreed to share the cost of purchasing these.

5.     Treasurer’s Report.

5.1.    The club is on track to meet our end of year target to protect our reserve.

5.2.     Vouchers issued after April 19th 2019 and before June 2020 are valid until September 2021. Any vouchers issued since June 2020 are valid for one year.  The shop will be made aware of this ruling.  Vouchers can be donated to the Captain’ Charity.

5.3.    Current net assets €19,803.04.

6.     Handicap Report

6.1.    Members are urged to put more extra day cards in to keep their handicaps current.

6.2.    If anyone hasn’t yet logged on to myfpg and is having a problem doing so please contact Mike Abbott. Members are able to view the whole of their handicap history there.

7.     Website

7.1.    This is up to date.

8.     Captain’s Update

8.1.    The difficulties in arranging future events e.g. the Christmas Hamper, Members Day, The Newsham Trophy were discussed, we can only take things a week at a time and hope for a better year next year.

8.2.    Members are asked not to rub their names out once they have entered a competition unless there are extenuating circumstances and they find they are unable to play in the competition. Should members have particular people they wish to play with please arrange this in advance so that all names can be entered on the sheet at the same time.

8.3.    It was decided to reintroduce the proposed allcomers qualifying competition on the 11th November, a singles stableford.  This will give everyone an opportunity to play off their true handicap.

8.4.    The Captain and Vice-Captain will arrange the teams and pairs for the competitions taking place for the “away trip”.

9.     Vice-Captain’s Update

9.1.    Mary Berry asked Brian Newsham and Mike Abbott to assist her with the interleague matches next year.

10.  AOB

10.1.   The committee were asked if they would support Kelvin Whittakers’s proposed sponsored walk which will take place in lieu of the Pink Ribbon competition. The Pink Ribbon is usually held in October and organised by the LEGS and sponsored by the Whittakers. The committee are happy to support this, further details will follow.


Next meeting: 10/11/20 at 10.00

Meeting closed at 11.50

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Mike Abbott, Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Peter McDonagh, Brian Newsham, Rod Smith, Mary Berry.

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