No 2019-07 HELD ON 14th October 2019

Present Peter McDonagh- Captain
Brian Newsham – Vice Captain
Geoffrey Harnett – Chairman
Giles Fox -Treasurer
Linda Anthony – Secretary
Mike Abbott – Handicap Secretary
1. Company Matters
1.1. Many bunkers now have new sand in them and members are asked to remember to rake the bunkers. The starter will also be asked to remind people to rake the bunkers and to repair pitch marks and divots. Rui will also be asked if it is possible to get some new rakes for the bunkers.
ACTION Mike Abbott
2. Apologies
2.1. Frank Finan, Rod Smith
3. Approval of Minutes
3.1. Minutes approved and signed by the Captain
4. Matters Arising/to discuss
4.1. The Junior section continues to thrive under Rui’s excellent and enthusiastic coaching. The group will be split to enable differing abilities to thrive. There are four or five of the group who have the potential to be Federated next year.
4.2. Water bottles, there are 28 more orders, all from members, and these should be arriving soon.
4.3. Course update. The course is very busy at the moment and as several buggies need new batteries shortages have occurred. The committee are aware of the situation and continue to press for more buggies and batteries.
4.4. As a token of the Club’s appreciation for all their hard work the greenkeeping staff were taken out for lunch and the gesture was much appreciated.
4.5. The Competition Boards. It was resolved to update the boards twice a year, as soon as possible after the Easter and Autumn Festivals. The Hole in One Boards, members will be asked to notify the committee of any hole in one achieved in the last five years in any FPGC competition or one of the Festivals. The boards will be updated before the Captains Changeover on the 11th January 2020.
ACTION Peter McDonagh
4.6. The FPGC board in the Spike Bar is only to be used for Club competitions and Club notices. Should any member have a cause, event or anything else they wish to publicise please contact Giles or Michael through the Club email – – and request that it be put on the Club website.
4.7. Group email contact. This is working well so far and has received a positive response from the members. It will be used to publicise future as well as past events.
4.8. The Christmas Hamper is on Sunday 1st December, the entry will be €15 per person for members and €25 for guests and visitors. This event marks the start of the new Advent Festival, which is being run jointly by GSA and the Club. GSA are organising competitions on the 2nd, an AmAm and 3rd, a Yellow Ball. The Sagitarius Salver on the 4th will be a shotgun start at 09.30 and will be organised by the Club, followed by a buffet and prize giving organised by GSA. The Captains Changeover is on the 11th January 2020 following the AGM on the 10th January.
4.9. Charity Update. The charities supported this year are currently NECI, Rui Baptista’s choice as our main sponsor, the Lagos Orphans and Bamboo Donkey Sanctuary. The money being raised by the Captain, Giles Fox and Dave Chicken on their walk to Monte Rei currently stands at around €7000 and will go to Stand Up To Cancer and Madrugada. The Club’s charitable activities are going to be publicised more on the website and in the local press.
ACTION Giles Fox
5. Treasurer’s report
5.1. Total current net assets are €17371.66. It is anticipated that income will increase over the next few months, as competitions are much busier. Membership totals 190.
6. Handicap Report
6.1. Everyone is responsible for knowing their own handicap and this can be found on the Federation website. In future there will be three copies of the handicap sheet, one will be on the board, one in the shop and one by the water cooler. The link to FPG handicaps is below.
7. Website
7.1. Everything is up to date.
8. Captain’s Update
8.1. All covered under other headings.
9. Vice Captain’s Update
9.1. Brian Newsham raised the question as to whether, in view of the increasing age of the members, it would be possible to have blue tees in competitions. This would involve the slope index of the course being changed so is not possible at this time. There is no reason people can’t play from whichever tee they chose when playing casual golf or roll ups.
10. AOB
10.1. 18th December will be our Carols and Cakes competition with a shotgun start at 10.00, Invisible Pro format. This will be in memory of David Haddon the long time organiser of this event. Geoffrey Harnett has organised for the Salvation Army to come and play for us and Lynette Whittaker is kindly providing cakes and mince pies, mulled wine supplied by Mario.
10.2. It was agreed to try a new 20/20 competition in the next quarter, details to follow.

Next meeting Thursday 28th November 10.00.
Meeting closed at 12.15
Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Mike Abbott, Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Frank Finan, Peter McDonagh, Brian Newsham, Rod Smith

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