No 2019-06 HELD ON 05th September 2019

Present Peter McDonagh- Captain
Brian Newsham – Vice Captain
Geoffrey Harnett – Chairman
Giles Fox -Treasurer
Linda Anthony – Secretary
Mike Abbott – Handicap Secretary
Rod Smith
1. Company Matters
1.1. Many bunkers now have new sand in them and the supply of sand will be maintained enabling the bunkers to be topped up as necessary.
1.2. The use of buggies on the second is to be permanently banned and the upper path will be tidied up so that buggies can access it.
2. Apologies
2.1. Frank Finan
3. Approval of Minutes
3.1. Minutes approved and signed by the Captain
4. Matters Arising/to discuss
4.1. A member has been banned from all Club competitions for a month following a second incident of unacceptable behaviour in the Spike Bar.
4.2. Junior clinic update: The clinic has restarted after the summer break and there are nine regular attendees. It continues to go really well under Rui’s excellent and enthusiastic coaching. Rui would like to extend the clinic particularly to include more local children.
4.3. Water Bottles are all sold out and the members are to be emailed to assess further demand before more are ordered. The cost will be €10 to members and €25 to non-members.
ACTION Rod Smith

4.4. The Traffic light system on the 6th is now working well, Bob Woodworth is going to sort out the problems with the battery. All that remains is for GSA to provide the board explaining how the system works.
4.5. A sign is to be placed on the 15th white tee about a donation to the Captain’s Charity box in the bar if a player’s ball goes into the lake.
ACTION Mike Abbott
4.6. Group email contact: Rod Smith has got this organised and it is up and running. The aim of this is to improve communication with the membership, which is a very time consuming task. In view of this the committee has decided to appoint Mike Abbott as Membership and Federation Secretary in addition to his role as Handicap Secretary with immediate effect. The committee will seek the memberships ratification of this at the AGM.
4.7. Upcoming competitions: Geoffrey Harnett and Mike Abbot volunteered to help wherever needed during the day as neither will be playing. Everything is organised. The Autumn Festival is organised by GSA.
4.8. Charity Update: All is going well and funds are very healthy.
5. Treasurer’s report
5.1. Total current net assets are €21428.13. Revenue was down in the month of August as there were fewer players in competitions.
6. Handicap Report
6.1. Adjustments have been made where necessary and all handicaps are up to date.
7. Website
7.1. Everything is up to date.
8. Captain’s Update
8.1. Monte Rei Charity Walk, the sponsor forms will be available on Captain’s Day.
9. Vice Captain’s Update
9.1. Nothing to report.
10. AOB
10.1. Next meeting Monday 14th October at 10.00.
Meeting closed at 12.15
Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Mike Abbott, Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Frank Finan, Peter McDonagh, Brian Newsham, Rod Smith

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