No 2019-05 HELD ON 06th June 2019

Present Peter McDonagh- Captain
Brian Newsham – Vice Captain
Giles Fox -Treasurer
Linda Anthony – Secretary
Mike Abbott – Handicap Secretary
Rod Smith
1. Company Matters
1.1. Sand for the bunkers is arriving next week and is being provided by GSA. The hollow tining has been completed and the out of bounds on the 6th will soon be in place.
ACTION Giles Fox Mike Abbott
2. Apologies
2.1. Geoffrey Harnett Frank Finan
3. Approval of Minutes
3.1. Minutes approved and signed by the Captain
4. Matters Arising/to discuss
4.1. Local Rules update: there is no lift and place on the 13th. It was decided to investigate the possibility of the Club providing new cards that will have the local rules on them and provide advertising for the Club. They would show the Club website and the Wednesday and Sunday competitions.
ACTION Mike Abbott
4.2. Junior clinic update: Rui continues to provide excellent and enthusiastic coaching for the juniors and has shirts for them. There is an average of 8 to 9 participants including some Portuguese girls, 3 or 4 juniors show real potential and should be federated in the New Year. The Tomorrow magazine met with Peter McDonagh and Giles Fox and will be doing several articles featuring the juniors, the seniors and the Club’s water bottle initiative.
4.3. Water bottles: They should be here soon. At least 22 non members have signed up for a bottle and it was proposed that if they signed up for membership now, at a reduced half price rate, they could purchase the water bottles for €10. The price to non-members is €22.
4.4. The Traffic light system on the 6th is now working well and all that remains is for GSA to provide the board explaining how the system works.
4.5. Group email contact: Rod Smith volunteered to undertake this. In future all club information will be on the website and sent to all members who have provided their email to the club.
4.6. Upcoming competitions: The Club Championship poster will be displayed on the board and the website. Cost per member is €10. The Sunday competition played from the yellow tees will be available for those not wishing to enter the Championship. Prizes are trophies and vouchers provide by Baptista. Members Day, 21st June, poster and list on the board and website. The day is free to members with a €10 charity donation, format is an AmAm. Non-members to pay €25. Ladies v Gents is 5th July, poster and format to be posted later.
4.7. Shop Day: €420 was raised and has been distributed.
4.8. In response to several recently reported incidents the committee will introduce a disciplinary procedure to be followed when members flout the rules of golf. Members who observe such incidents should report these in writing to the Captain.
5. Treasurer’s report
5.1. Total current net assets are €21744.84
6. Handicap Report
6.1. Adjustments have been made where necessary and all handicaps are up to date.
7. Website
7.1. Everything is up to date.
8. Captain’s Update
8.1. Peter McDonagh stated that the course is in very good condition and had no other updates.
9. Vice Captain’s Update
9.1. Several members have asked Brian Newsham why the tee times are at 11.00 in the summer? GSA have the earlier times for those who do not wish to join in Club competitions.
10. AOB
10.1. It was proposed that a special Lagos Orphans Day should be added to the calendar of events next year in memory of Ralph Griffin.
10.2. The committee is going to try to reintroduce some social events in the winter as it was felt these had been popular in previous years.
10.3. Next meeting 5th September 10.00

Meeting closed at 12.00

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