Present:              David Walling – Captain

Rod Smith – Vice Captain

Jim Reid – Chairman

Carol Newland – Treasurer

Giles Fox – Secretary

Ralph Griffin – Handicap Secretary

Bob Hart

  1. Apologies: None
  2. Company Matters ACTION

DW invited Rui Gloria to join the meeting.

First Fairway

DW advised RG of the committee’s concerns regarding the semi rough

on the left hand side that it was unfair when teeing off that the ball ends up

in the hazard.

BH informed the committee that he had spoken to Nelson and it was all

in hand

It was also pointed out that the semi rough on the whole course

was being cut too short. RG to speak to Nelson.


DW asked RG if anything was going to be done about the boars on the

Course as they are destroying the 14th hole. Especially the Ladies tee.

BH advised that they needed to stop watering the course because the

boars always dig were the ground is wet. RG to look into this

Green Fees for FPGC Players

DW asked RG to honour green fees for FPGC Associated Federated

Members when playing in the league, the same as the visiting teams.

Renewal of Subscriptions for 2016

DW asked RG to include the 26 week membership this year as it

was missed off the last years renewal form although BN had included

Bench on the 12th hole

The committee asked if the bench on the 12th could be moved

to the 17th. RG saw no reason why this could not be down.

The Course

RG asked the committee if they could inform him or Phil Russell of anything they

saw on the course that needed looking at.


RG advised that he could be short of buggies for the first and last day of the

Festival and if we knew of anybody who owned their own buggy and not

playing on these two days would be willing to lend them out.

  1. Approval of Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting held on the 21 July 2015 were

approved and signed by David Walling, Captain

  1. Matters Arising

League Finals Day

DW advised the committee that there would be 17 teams attending

this event on the 27th October. Coffee and pasta danata on arrival

10am shot gun start, Buffet .

Walkers would tee off from the 1st, 10th and 18th tees.

DW, BH and JR will be the sub committee for this day.

CN gave DW list of members who had agreed to loan buggies

for the day.

  1. Treasurers Report


CN presented her report advising the committee that funds available

at the end of August are 18,492.60. The profit for the month was 106.88

although income was down on last year by 126 euros.

CN also pointed out that she would be very grateful if members who are doing the cards could be more careful in writing up the book. Please separate the comp from the 2’s, make sure you have entered the value of the vouchers and ensure that the calculation is correct. For example in August we received 144 euros in entry fee and paid out 176 euros. It was made up later in month because we received 129 euros in entry fee and only paid out 79 euros. Therefore the members who won in the first instance received more than they should, and the members in the second instance received less.

BH advised that he had missed a card and had to pay out extra after the prize giving

on the first occasion.

Charity Account

The Charity day raised 690 euros and we now have 1100 in the charity account.

He Competition on the 13th September will be the next Charity day at 10 euros

entry fee and will be played from the yellow tees.

Membership 2015

We now have 149 members for 2015.


  1. Handicaps

RG informed the committee that the following people had been cut, Jim Reid,

Hilary Blyth, Peter Fisher, George Chadwick, Kevin Bryan and Peter Lanario.


RG also informed the committee that JB’s handicap had not been returned

to FPGC and felt that the reason for this was because of Golf for Greys not

replying to the Federation request for confirmation of transfer. JR to speak

to JB.                                                                                                                                      JR

            RS advised the Tiago Borges was still a Junior on the Federation list.

RG said that he would speak to the Federation after the meeting                                  RG

  1. Website Update

GF advised that the website was up to date with all comps, posters etc.

  1. Events Planning

8.1 Newsham Trophy

DW confirmed that everything had been organised for this event.

8.2 Captains Day 19 September

DW advised that he just needed to do the table plan and that this

Would be done over the next few days/                                                                             DW

8.3 Captains Away 5th and 6th November

DW advised that full payment from members would be required

by 15th September.

8.4 2016 Diary

RS had forwarded the above to the committee prior to the meeting.

A discussion took place and it was agreed to have the Captain/

Vice Captain match on the 22nd April 2016. RS to inform RG                                         RS

RS also advised that the Easter Festival would now be moved to

a Spring festival due to the expense of flights etc. to hopefully attract

more visitors and will be held on the 15-18 April 2016

GF to put on website when list has been amended.                                                         GF

  1. Any Other Business

9.1 FPGC Membership Procedure

JR confirmed that the Articles of Association covered most items. A discussion

took place and it was agreed for JR, DW and RS to have a meeting to reword   DW/RS

the Articles of Association to be approved at the AGM                                                    /JR

            9.2 Resignation

            After more than ten years on the committee of Floresta Parque Golf Club

Jim Reid has decided to step down from his role as Chairman at the AGM in

January 2016. Jim has contributed enormously to the success of the club and

we have all benefitted from his hard work and commitment over so many years.

There will be opportunity at the AGM to thank him properly, in the meantime any

members who might be interested in undertaking the role of Chairman are invited

to discuss with me in the first instance, which would then lead to a vote from the

members the AGM. Qualification for the role is the same as almost any role

within the golf club – enthusiasm and a commitment to work to constantly

improve our club to the benefit of all its members.                                             DW

  1. Next Meeting


Next meeting to be held on Tuesday 20th October 2015 at 10.00am                             ALL



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