No 2019-04 HELD ON 18th April 2019

Present Geoffrey Harnett – Chairman
Peter McDonagh- Captain
Brian Newsham – Vice Captain
Giles Fox -Treasurer
Linda Anthony – Secretary
Mike Abbott – Handicap Secretary
Rod Smith
1. Company Matters
1.1. The bridge on the 16th has been replaced and work has been in progress clearing areas around the course.
1.2. The bunkers are badly in need of new sand. It was proposed that we should find out how much the sand would cost and how much is needed with a view to possibly contributing to the cost. Giles Fox and Mike Abbott will speak to Rui and Nelson about this. Another option for funding this could be to ask members if they would be willing to sponsor a bunker.
ACTION Giles Fox Mike Abbott
2. Apologies
2.1. Frank Finan
3. Approval of Minutes
3.1. Minutes approved and signed by the Captain
4. Matters Arising/to discuss
4.1. Local Rules update, this has been done and Rui is going to display them on the buggies.
4.2. Junior clinic update. The clinic continues to be very successful due to Rui Gloria’s enthusiastic and excellent coaching, with between 8 and 9 regular attendees. Mike Abbott is to recruit more Portuguese juniors to the clinic. Paul Mott has given Peter McDonagh ball markers and the euro equivalent of his voucher, which will be spent on shirts or hats for the juniors when they are more established. To give the juniors experience of golf as it is played it was suggested that they could caddy for some of the members. Mike Abbott offered to organise this.
4.3. Water bottles, the list will be left up until after the Festival and Peter McDonagh will “sell” them on the Gala night.
ACTION Peter McDonagh
4.4. The Traffic light system on the 6th is in operation, a solar panel will be fitted, the lights and button will be modified and instructions displayed.
4.5. Group email contact. It was decided to employ someone to update all the members’ details so that everyone can be notified at once. This is too time consuming a task for the committee to undertake.
4.6. The Greens Guardians list is on the board.
4.7. Upcoming competitions. The Taca de Liberdade is on 26th April, no catering involved. The Captain v Vice Captain on the 3rd May is followed by a BBQ. The subsidised cost is €15, which includes free 2’s and a donation which will go to the shop staff. The Past Captains will be followed by a buffet. Peter McDonagh will email all the Captains. The cost will be €20 for members to include 2’s and food, €55 for visitors. Notices about the events will be put on the board and website.
ACTION Peter McDonagh Mike Abbott Giles Fox
4.8. The money raised for last years Charities was €3000 to NECI (Rui Batista), €1000 to Lagos Orphans, €600 to the Donkey Sanctuary, €500 to the Bomberos, €500 to Rui Gloria’s charity.Course update.
5. Treasurer’s report
5.1. There are 185 paid up members so far, another 5 are expected and there are 5 honorary members. There are 20 new members so far this year.
5.2. Total current net assets are €24127.41.
6. Handicap Report
6.1. Adjustments have been made where necessary and all handicaps are up to date.
7. Website
7.1. Everything is up to date.
8. Captain’s Update
8.1. The Captain’s Away trip to Monte Rei: Tee times on the Thursday will be 12 until 2 and the Friday will be 8 until 10.30 with the possibility to play 9 holes in the afternoon.
8.2. The captain is proposing to do a Charity Walk from PDF to Monte Rei, details to follow.
9. Vice Captain’s Update
9.1. Brian Newsham had been asked by several members why the Monday of the Festival was a shotgun start, GSA arrange the Festival and the arrangements and format are nothing to do with the club.
10. AOB
10.1. Members are reminded that, as was stated in the minutes of the 12/02/2019, unless the Captain or Vice Captain has granted specific permission they may not play outside the stated tee times.
10.2. Slow play, members are again reminded that the time allowed to look for a ball is now 3 minutes and to let the group behind through if they have lost a hole.

Next meeting 6th June 10.00

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