Present: David Walling –  Captain

Carol Newland – Treasurer

Giles Fox – Secretary

Bob Hart


1. Apologies:  Rod Smith,Ralph Griffin, Jim Reid

2. Company Matters        ACTION

BH asked BN about the confusion with the Texas Scramble for the

Autumn Festival. BN informed the committee that it was NOT a

Dinner and Dance the buffet will follow after golf and there will

be music in the background whilst eating.

BN confirmed the driving range could be used on Finals Day

3. Approval of Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting held on the 22 June 2015 were

approved and signed by David Walling, Captain

4. Matters Arising

League Finals Day

DW advised that Nick Daley was going to write to all the golf clubs

for them to confirm they will be attending he finals day on the 27th


DW to  form a sub-committee for that day in September    DW

BH to speak to AXA regarding insurance for the buggies.    BH

5. Treasurers Report

CN presented her report advising the committee that funds available

at the end of June are 19,135.71. The loss for the month was 2462.93

this was mainly due to no entry fees for the Members Day, Club Championship

and the Charity Day.  Club funds subsidised the Members day and the

Championship at a cost of 1897.00 euros.

Charity Account

The Charity day raised 690 euros and we now have 1100 in the charity account.

Membership 2015

We now have 149 members for 2015.

6. Handicaps

DW informed the committee that Alan Pooley had been cut 1 shot

In July. DW to speak to DH to see if more cuts should be made.    DW

7. Website Update

GF advised that Sam Goodwin our Website person was leaving

Portugal and she had introduced him to Don McGowan who was

happy to take over at a cost of 367 euros a year 2 euros more than Sam.

All agreed.         GF

CN to send posters to GF for website      CN

8. Events Planning

8.1 Ladies/Gents Summer Party 21st August

DW to speak to Mario.  Poster and entry now on notice board   DW

8.2 Captain v Vice Captain 4th September

DW to speak to Mario.  Poster and entry to go on notice board   DW/CN

8.3 Newsham Trophy

DW confirmed he had spoken to BN and he was happy.

DW to sort finger buffet with Mario      DW

Poster to be organised        CN

8.6 Captains Day 19 September

DW to organise         DW

8.7 Captains Away 5th and 6th November

DW advised that full payment from members would be required

By 15th September.  CN to send email to all participants

Requesting payment.        CN

9. Any Other Business

9.1 FPGC Membership Proedure

DW presented a draft paper from RS regarding the above.

A discussion took place and all felt that many items were already

In the Articles of Association.  DW to speak to RS.    DW

9.2 Charity Account

DW advised the committee that DW, CN and GF had received an email from

Paul Anthony regarding the Charity account.

CN advised that the Charity Account was set up many years ago when

the Club used to run the 2 day charity weekend including an Auction and

had never been used due to Vigia taking over from Floresta Parque Golf


CN had spoken to one of the originators of this completely separate account

and was informed that it was solely for large donations so that the people

could claim back 25% from their tax.

DW to speak to  PA.        DW

9.3 PT/Sapo

CN informed the committee that she had been contacted by PT.

A discussion took place and all agreed to stay as we were.

10. Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held on Tuesday 25 August 2015 at 10.00am   ALL

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