No 2017-05 HELD ON 1st December 2017

Present: Geoffrey Harnett – Chairman
Mike Abbott– Captain
Frank Finan – Vice Captain
Dave Haddon – Treasurer
Giles Fox – Secretary
Ralph Griffin – Handicap Secretary
Linda Anthony
Rod Smith

1. Company Matters
1.1. There were concerns raised about the wording of the e-mail sent out by GSA regarding next year’s fee structure, firstly not everyone had received it and secondly the wording of part of the message made it appear to come from FPGC, which was not the case. Mike Abbott has discussed the matter with Rui Gloria and this arose because of the way Portuguese translated into English and was not intentional.
2. Apologies
2.1. There were no apologies.
3. Approval of Minutes
3.1. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed by the Captain.
4. Matters Arising
4.1. The refurbishment of the tees is continuing and will resume when the grass starts growing.
4.2. The CNIG cards will be renewed.
4.3. The internet speed in the hut is still not good but is probably the best that can be achieved.
4.4. AGM information. The Chairman will write the letter of notification to the members and this will be sent out before the 20th December.
ACTION Geoffrey Harnett
5. Treasurers Report
5.1. Cash position, consolidated as per accounts 30th November 2017:
33,278.72 euros
Less accruals: 13,298.54 euros
Net cash available: 19,980.18.
5.2. The membership has increased by 30 and more new members are anticipated in the new year.
6. Handicaps
6.1. The annual review will be carried out at the beginning of December when the figures are received from the Federation.
7. Website
7.1. The website is up to date with a new rule of golf being published every month.
7.2. Slow play continues to be an issue and members attention is drawn to the article about how to avoid this which is featured on the website.
8. Events Update
8.1. The Captain’s Away trip. Members have contacted the hotel regarding the standard of food and have received no reply. Mike Abbott has been in contact with Claudia and is still awaiting a reply.
8.2. The Christmas Competition. Ten visitors are playing and will receive separate prizes for 1st and 2nd place. Rui Baptista has donated 96 bottles of wine. All the hampers and prizes are organised.
9. AOB
9.1. Carols and Cake on the 20th December will be a shotgun start at 11.00. Lynette Whittaker is supplying cakes and mince pies, many thanks to her.
9.2. The list of charities that are going to receive money at the Captain’s Changeover is needed before the end of the year.
9.3. A contribution 0f €200 is to be made towards the “thank you” lunch for the card rota team that will take place in the New Year.
9.4. The new voucher book is working very well.
9.5. Linda Anthony requested that all reports for the AGM be e-mailed to her for inclusion in the minutes.
9.6. It has been suggested, by Rebecca Smith, that a sub committee of members could be recruited to help with the organising of various social events that accompany some competitions. The committee discussed this and it was concluded that rather than there being a formal committee the Captain would recruit extra help as and when it was needed.

Next meeting Friday 12th January 2018 at 09.30.

Meeting closed at 10.20
Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Rod Smith, Mike Abbott, Dave Haddon, Ralph Griffin,
Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Frank Finan.

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