No 2017-03 HELD ON 9th June 09.30


Present: Geoffrey Harnett, Chairman

Mike Abbott, Captain

Dave Haddon, Treasurer

Rod Smith, Immediate Past Captain

Giles Fox, Secretary

Linda Anthony


1.      Company Matters

1.1.     The minutes of the committee meetings will be sent to Rui Gloria who will forward them to Nelson.

1.2.     Brian Newsham requested that the club consider introducing blue tees for competitions. Any friendly game can be played from whichever tee the player choses but as there is no slope index for the men to play from the red/blue tees they have to play all competitions from the white or yellow tees. The whole course would have to be re-sloped to facilitate such a change, which would be very expensive. The marshals will be asked to take consideration of wind conditions when positioning the tees on competition days.

2.      Apologies

2.1.     Ralph Griffin, Frank Finan

3.      Approval of Minutes

3.1.     The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed by the Captain.

4.      Matters Arising

4.1.     The money to fund the work on the shed has been released to GSA and this should be started soon.

4.2.     The new voucher system is working very well.

4.3.     Mike Abbott is to reply to Bob Woodworth’s letter regarding the distribution of prize fund monies.

  • Mike Abbott

4.4.     Mike Abbott is to reply to Andy Stephenson’s letter regarding handicaps and the stroke indexes on the course.

  • Mike Abbott

5.      Treasurers Report

5.1.     Cash position, consolidated as per accounts 31st May 2017:

31,738.86 euros

Less accruals: 8495.04 euros

Net cash available: 23,243.82 euros

6.      Handicaps

6.1.     All handicaps are up to date.

7.      Website

7.1.     Giles Fox reported that the website is up to date and that he is still looking for a new photo for the title page.

7.2.     A rule of golf will feature each month.

  • Giles Fox

8.      Events Update

8.1.     Captain v Vice Captain Competition. This will be re-arranged in October and the format will be a blind pairs competition.

8.2.     Members Day. A sheet will be placed on the board for the Barbeque, cost for non-members and guests €25.

8.3.     Club Championship. It is a two-day competition and members must compete both days to be eligible for prizes. The €10 entry fee covers the prizes and the buffet.

8.4.     Captain’s Away Trip, nearly 50 people have committed to taking part.

8.5.     Pepe Gancedo Trophy. Pepe Gancedo was the course architect who, sadly, died last year. Rui Gloria and GSA wish to commemorate his life by sponsoring a tournament. This will be held on 16th August and will be a board competition. Rui will issue a flyer nearer the date.

8.6.     Captain’s Day. This is on the 16th September, all arrangements are in hand.

9.      A.O.B

9.1.     Ladies v Men Competition will be on the 7th July not the 4th July as it appeared on the card rota.


Next meeting Friday 1st September 2017. 10.00


Meeting closed at 11.05

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Rod Smith, Mike Abbott, Dave Haddon, Ralph Griffin,

Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Frank Finan.

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