No 2017-01 HELD ON 28th February 2017 at 10.00


Present:           Mike Abbott– Captain

Geoffrey Harnett- Chairman

Dave Haddon  – Treasurer

Giles Fox – Secretary

Linda Anthony


1.      Company Matters

1.1.     Winter rules. As it is extremely difficult to distinguish between first cut and rough on most holes it was decided that, with immediate effect, placing would only be allowed on closely mown areas (fairway height or less). 

1.2.     The trees on the left of the 3rd hole are overhanging and increasingly interfering with play and it will be requested that they be cut back if possible.

ACTION   Mike Abbott

2.      Apologies

2.1.     Rod Smith, Ralph Griffin, Frank Finan.

3.      Approval of Minutes

3.1.     The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed by the Captain.

4.      Matters Arising

4.1.     A letter has been received from Lewis Haycock regarding Texas Scrambles and the format in which they are played. The committee discussed the matter and decided that the next four ball Texas Scramble that is played will follow the format by which the person whose shot is chosen stands back and the other three players take the shot.

4.2.     The CNIG cards have been organised and Rui Gloria will provide an invoice for the club.

4.3.     All the honours boards will be renovated, this will be done three or four at a time.

4.4.     Frank Finan has written with suggestions about the two pin position situation. He has suggested that markers be placed on the flag to indicate whether the pin was on the front, middle or back of the green. The matter was discussed and it was decided that it would be very difficult to get the green staff or marshals to implement this.

Frank also had a suggestion for internal fund raising for the club to contribute to projects on the course. It was decided that this might be something Frank could do in his Captain’s year and for this year any fundraising would be solely for charity. The Captain will reply to Frank’s letter.

ACTION   Mike Abbott



5.      Treasurers Report

5.1.     David Haddon reported as supported and recommended by the accountant and committee one single bank account has now been established. This will reduce bank and accountancy charges.

5.2.     The Club is paying the difference in the price of the league shirts. Any surplus shirts will be sold at the end of the year.

5.3.     The membership numbers are now on a level with last years and nearly all subs have been received.

5.4.     Cash position, consolidated as per accounts 28 Feb 2017:

31,021.96 euros

Less accruals: 7270.54

Net cash available: 23,751.42 euros


6.      Handicaps

6.1.     A few members have recently have been pleased to see their handicaps reduced.

7.      Website

7.1.     Giles Fox reported that the website is up to date and that he is looking for a new photo for the title page.

8.      Events Update

8.1.     Captain v Vice Captain Competition on the 28th April will be a Gruesomes. People entering are requested to put their names down in pairs. The cost will be €15 for the BBQ and does not include drinks.

8.2.     The Captain’s Away trip. The proposed dates are the 8th, 9th 10th of November with details of the venue to follow shortly.


9.      A.O.B

9.1.     It has been suggested that when there is a “2’s” rollover the rollover money could go into the charity fund. The rollover money actually helps to cover any club losses on the days when there is a minimum payout of €10.

9.2.     In discussion with the Captain David Jones requested that the three trees the other side of the ditch on the left on the 9th be moved or removed. It was felt that this was unlikely to happen.

9.3.     Marjorie Elliot has raised the matter that striking the tree roots to the side of the 4th green could cause injury. The committee discussed various solutions and will discuss the matter with the green staff. A decision on the solution will be made at the next meeting.

9.4.     David Walling queried whether a ball going out of bounds on the 10th and landing on the 1st fairway was back in bounds. When playing the 10th any ball coming to rest anywhere to the left of out of bounds markers is out of bounds.


Next meeting 11th April 2017. 10.00


Meeting closed at 11.30

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Rod Smith, Mike Abbott, Dave Haddon, Ralph Griffin,

Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Frank Finan.

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