No 2017-09 HELD ON 16th January 2017 at 10.00


Present:           Rod Smith   – Captain

Mike Abbott – Vice Captain

Geoffrey Harnett- Chairman

Dave Haddon  – Treasurer

Giles Fox – Secretary

Ralph Griffin- Handicap Secretary

David Walling – IPC

Linda Anthony

Frank Finan


1.      Company Matters

1.1.     Rod Smith reported that he had spoken with Rui about the possibility of reverting to three pin positions. This will not be possible but Rui is going to write to Nelson to request more variety in the positioning of the pins and using the middle of the greens more.

2.      Apologies

2.1.     There were no apologies.

3.      Approval of Minutes

3.1.     The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed by the Captain.

4.      Matters Arising

4.1.     All points of action have been covered so there were no matters arising.


5.      AGM Preparation and Agenda

5.1.     The meeting will begin by requesting that anyone who has not paid his or her membership fees to please leave.

5.2.     The agenda for the meeting was agreed upon and will be as follows.

a. Apologies and proxy votes.

b. Approval of the minutes for the AGM 2015.

c. Matters arising.

d. Chairman’s report.

e. Treasurer’s report.

f. Approval of accounts

g. Captain’s report – this will incorporate handicaps and the secretary’s report.

h. Approval of the Vice Captain.

i. A.O.B

5.3.     As of the 16th Jan 94 members have paid and it is anticipated another 36 members will re-join.

6.      Treasurers Report

6.1.     David Haddon reported that the committee had achieved what they set out to do in terms of the club finances which was to break even and that there is a small surplus to be carried forward to next year.

6.2.     David Haddon reported on the current state of the bank account.


FPGC:                Net Cash Balance                   11,708.84

2’s                       Net Cash Balance                     9,927.06


Balance available                                              21,635.90


7.      Handicaps

7.1.     Following the annual review the committee have followed the Federations recommendations.

8.      Website

8.1.     Giles Fox reported that the website is up to date and that the tip of the month will appear shortly.

8.2.     The usage of the site is up by 20%.

8.3.     The photos on the site will be updated and more will be added to reflect current activities and social events.

9.      Events Update

9.1.     Captain’s Changeover, everything is in hand.

9.2.     Prize giving: there are six prizes for the main competition, all vouchers.

The Race to Budens winner will receive vouchers.

The Knockout Competition winners will receive cash.

The Charity awards will be €1250 to Lagos Orphans, €1250 to NECI, €500 to RDA, these will be presented to their representatives.

10.   A.O.B

10.1.  We need to actively recruit new members and encourage current members to help with this. We are going to increase coverage of club events in Tomorrow magazine and similar publications.

10.2.  David Walling and Rod Smith will help Ralph Griffin with the handicaps throughout the year.

10.3.  Rod Smith thanked the committee for their support throughout the year and David Walling was given special thank as he now retires from the committee.


Next meeting 28th Feb. 10.00


Meeting closed at 11.30

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Rod Smith, Mike Abbott, David Walling, Dave Haddon, Ralph Griffin,

Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Frank Finan.

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