No 2016-08 HELD ON 01 December 2016 at 10.00


Present:           Rod Smith   – Captain

Mike Abbott – Vice Captain

Dave Haddon – Treasurer

Ralph Griffin- Handicap Secretary

David Walling – IPC



1.      Apologies

1.1.     Linda Anthony

Geoffrey Harnett

Giles Fox

2.      Approval of Minutes & Matters Arising

2.1.     The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by the meeting and signed by the Captain. All outstanding actions have been completed.

3.      Company Matters

3.1.     Michael Abbott continues to liaise with Nelson & Rui over actions agreed at our meeting in September. All matters are either complete or firm plans are in place.

3.2.     David Walling raised the issue of the new format of 2 pin positions on each green rather than the 3 positions used over several years. David said that several members had complained to him that the new system had resulted in poorer pin placement and that flexibility had been decreased. Michael agreed to discuss options initially with Nelson and Rui.


Action – Michael to progress with Nelson / Rui


4.      Treasurers Report

4.1.     David Haddon reported on the current state of the bank account.


Bank accounts: (Consolidated as at 30 November 2016)


FPGC:                                        Bank Balance: 10,385.00


Less Accruals: Charity 2537.18

                          Federation 105                         2642.18


Cash Available                                                    7742.82


Comps & Twos                         Bank Balance: 16401.24


Less Accruals: Vouchers 5947

KO Comp                             315                            6262


Cash Available                                                       10,139.24


Total Cash Available:                                                  7742.82


                                                          Total:              17,882.06


5.      2016 Financial Forecast

5.1.     A further review of the forecast for the remainder of this year shows that, with careful management of the busy December period (Christmas Competition, Sagittarius Trophy, etc), we should be able to achieve our objective of closing the year with our target cash reserve of 15,000 euro achieved.


ACTION   – Rod

6.      Budget 2017

6.1.     A discussion was held regarding the budget for 2017. Approval of the budget was proposed by Michael and received unanimous agreement.


7.      AGM 2106/17

7.1.     Formal notice of AGM date should now be sent to members

7.2.     Request for payment of 2017 membership and Federation fee should be sent also.


ACTION   – Rod

8.      Handicaps

8.1.     Everything is under control, it was also noted that members are given shots back, when appropriate as well as being cut.

9.      Website

9.1.     The website is up to date.


9.2.     A tip of the month is to be added to the website, information is with Giles for action.


ACTION  – Giles

10.    Events Update

10.1.  Quiz Night – 6th January 2017

10.2.  AGM – 20th January 2017

10.3.  Captains Changeover – 21st January 2017


11.   A.O.B

11.1.  Frank Finnan to be invited as a guest to January committee meeting


ACTION  – Michael



Meeting closed at 11.15

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Rod Smith, Mike Abbott, David Walling, Dave Haddon, Ralph Griffin,

Giles Fox and Linda Anthony.

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