No 2016-07 HELD ON 01 November 2016 at 09.00


Present:           Rod Smith – Captain

Mike Abbott – Vice Captain

Geoffrey Harnett- Chairman

Dave Haddon – Treasurer

Giles Fox – Secretary

Ralph Griffin- Handicap Secretary

David Walling – IPC


1.     Apologies

1.1.     Linda Anthony is on holiday.

2.     Approval of Minutes

2.1.     The minutes of the previous meeting were approved by the meeting and signed by the Captain.

3.     Matters Arising

3.1.     A review of all the items discussed with Nelson and Rui in September (and reported in the minutes of 9th September meeting) shows that all items have been actioned or completed with the exception of:

Part fill greenside bunker on 7th hole

Fill greenside bunker (front left) on 16th hole

Trimming of grass bank between 7th & 8th holes

Action – Michael to progress with Nelson / Rui


3.2.     Geoffrey Harnett has now written to all members explaining the increase in FPGC membership fees for 2017. Rod Smith had received one email from a member querying the increase – a reply has been sent, and David Haddon had one verbal enquiry which was satisfactorily answered. No other queries or objections have been raised, in fact all committee members reported that feedback received had been overwhelmingly in support of the increase.

4.     Treasurers Report

4.1.     David Haddon reported on the current state of the bank account.

Bank accounts: (Consolidated as at 31 Oct 2016)


FPGC:                                       Bank Balance: 9937


Less Accruals: Charity 2039.18

Federation 155                         2194.18


Cash Available                                                   7742.82


Comps & Twos                         Bank Balance: 16089.04


Less Accruals: Vouchers 5990

KO Comp                             315                          6305


Cash Available                                                       9784.04


Total Cash Available:                                             7742.82


Total:             17,526.86


  • Further 400 euro charity contribution not included in these figures

5.     2016 Financial Forecast

5.1.     A further review of the forecast for the remainder of this year shows that, with careful management of the busy December period (Christmas Competition, Sagittarius Trophy, etc), we should be able to achieve our objective of closing the year with our target cash reserve of 15,000 euro achieved.

ACTION   – Rod

6.     Hole-in-One Boards

6.1.     Richard Stead had written to Rod pointing out that any hole-in-one achieved by a member in a Festival Competition has been excluded from the honours board.

Following discussion it was agreed that, from 1st January 2017, ALL verified holes-in-one achieved by members on our course will be included on the honours board, whether they are in a club competition, a festival competition or in casual play.

                                                            ACTION – Rod to write to Richard

7.     Handicaps

7.1.     Everything is under control, it was also noted that members are given shots back, when appropriate as well as being cut.

8.     Website

8.1.     Giles Fox reported that the website is up to date.

8.2.     A tip of the month is to be added to the website.

ACTION – Michael / Giles

9.     Events Update

9.1.     Captains Changeover – 21st January 2017

10.  A.O.B

Geoffrey raised the matter of club rules / decisions being ignored or changed by GSA staff.

                                                                    ACTION – Rod to discuss with Rui


Meeting closed at 10.15

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Rod Smith, Mike Abbott, David Walling, Dave Haddon, Ralph Griffin,

Giles Fox and Linda Anthony.

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