No 2016-06 HELD ON 09 September 2016 at 10.00


Present:           Rod Smith – Captain

Mike Abbott – Vice Captain

Geoffrey Harnett- Chairman

Dave Haddon – Treasurer

Giles Fox – Secretary

Ralph Griffin- Handicap Secretary

David Walling – IPC

Linda Anthony


1.     Company Matters

1.1.     Rod Smith and Mike Abbott had a very productive meeting with Rui Gloria and Nelson the details of which are reported in Matters Arising.

2.     Apologies

2.1.     There were no apologies.

3.     Approval of Minutes

3.1.     The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed by the Captain.

4.     Matters Arising

4.1.     Rod Smith had written to Alexandra regarding the staffing levels in the bar, he read her reply to the committee. In essence she stated that she was fully aware of the situation but had been unable to resolve it due to the difficulty in recruiting staff. This has been caused by the high demand for such staff throughout the Algarve and she hoped that there would be more people available in September.

4.2.     Carol Singing. David Haddon reported that everything has been confirmed for the 18th December, there will be a shotgun start at 11.00, the competition will be a Charity Day and will be a pinsplitter, the carols will begin at 16.00 and Lynette Whittaker is providing mince pies and Christmas cake to accompany the mulled wine.

4.3.     Handicaps. Rod Smith confirmed that he had dealt with this matter.

4.4.     A summary of the meeting which was held between GSA and FPGC follows.

Tee positions – starters put out the tees and will be asked to be aware of prevailing weather conditions when doing so.

Trees on 6th – the large eucalyptus tree on the top of the bank is to be trimmed.

Chain on the 13th – this will be removed for Captain’s Day.

Buggies for Captain’s Day – there are sufficient.

Pin positions under new 2 position proposal – this should result in fairer pin positions.

Holes on18th white tee – these are made by rats that re-excavate them when they are filled in, the area will be roped off.

Ball washers – many of the current ones leak, a quote is being obtained for new ones for every other hole.

7th hole, greenside bunker – 2/3rds will be grassed leaving a sand bunker on the front corner of the green.

Driving range, practice from grass? – not possible but there is an area where this is permitted if a tee is used.

Bunker edge strimming – this is being done.

15th green possibilities – they green staff are going to try and widen it, there is an issue with water run off when it rains.

GUR on 1st hole – Mike Abbott is going to investigate removing this, failing this a drop zone will be established.

Grass bank between 7th and 8th holes – this will be strimmed.

18th tee roped area – this is to make buggies use the path as the area beside the tee is getting very worn.

Other bunkers – the above right bunker on the 1st is to be grassed, the front left on the 16th is to become chunky rough.

GUR – a local rule is to be introduced to state that players must drop out of GUR, a notice to this effect will be put on the board and the starters will be asked to tell people.

ACTION   Rod Smith

5.     Treasurers Report

5.1.     David Haddon reported on the current state of the bank account.

Comps & two`s: Cash Balance as at today: 18,501.69

Less accruals (vouchers & Knockout)               7326

Balance available                                         11,175.69


FPGC:                   Cash Balance                  10,056.33

Less accruals:                                                  1282.18

Balance available                                            8774.15


Total balance available 19,949.84

6.     Draft 2017 budget

6.1.     Rod Smith and David Haddon had a meeting to review the budget, this is on course to balance and overcome the deficit. The club can still sponsor the Sagittarius Salver, the Christmas Hampers and the Christmas prizes. They also produced a budget for 2017 which reinstated all the subsidies and if the fees remain the same the loss incurred will be €3031. An increase in the fees by €20 would leave a small loss which can be mitigated by careful management. Fees have not been raised for several years. Geoffrey Harnett will write to all members with a detailed explanation of the situation.

ACTION   Rod Smith,Geoffrey Harnett

7.     Handicaps

7.1.     Everything is under control, it was also noted that members are given shots back, when appropriate as well as being cut.

8.     Website

8.1.     Giles Fox reported that the website is up to date.

8.2.     A tip of the month is to be added to the website.

9.     Events Update

9.1.     Captain’s Day – 104 golfers are playing and 140 people are attending the dinner.

9.2.     Captain’s Away trip – 46 now going.

10.  A.O.B

10.1.  The first committee member to play in a competition will mark a card; this ensures that a card is always done.

10.2.  Mike Abbott has most of the dates for 2017 arranged and they will be released as soon as the list is finalised.


Meeting closed at 11.40

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Rod Smith, Mike Abbott, David Walling, Dave Haddon, Ralph Griffin,

Giles Fox and Linda Anthony.



Captain Rod Smith


Date of the next meeting Tuesday 25th October at 10.00.

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