Dear Members,

further to a recent committee meeting it has been decided to retain and update the Hole in One Boards in the Spikes Bar. Some of you will have noticed that it has not been updated for some time and we intend to rectify this before the end of 2019. To that end we require the help of all of you as members.

If you have had the fabulous achievement of a Hole in One within the past 5 years in either a FPGC competition or a GSA event (and it is not on the board) can you please respond to this email confirming the Competition/Date and Hole Number in order for us to cross correlate with ours and GSA’s records and accurately reflect your success. Closing date for responses is 30th November 2019. Please ensure you respond by the cut off date because after this it will not be possible to add your name to the board.

For your reference the qualification for the ‘Hole in One Board’ going forward is as follows:

1) The hole in one must be in an FPGC Competition or a GSA Competition.
2) The successful player must be a fully subscribed member of FPGC.

Whilst writing please note that all of the Boards in the Spike Bar will be fully up to date by the end of 2019 and going forward they will be updated twice a year immediately after the Easter & Autumn Festivals.

Kind Regards


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