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Welcome to my first “Pro’s page” for Floresta Parque GC, I hope that it will be the first of many.
On the page I will try to offer tips and advice that I hope will help to improve your game. I will discuss some of the major rules and decisions that may affect us as players and I’ll also try to show that if we understand the rules then they can be our friend in many situations. I might, in very hushed tones discuss some more risqué topics such as etiquette, slow play and heaven forbid cheating……….
Now I’m sure that those of you reading this have impeccable etiquette and I sincerely hope that you play the game fairly and within the rules but could you be a little quicker?
Here’s some food for thought, if a player saves just 20 seconds a hole it equates to 6 minutes over the course of a round, multiply that by your 4 ball and its 24 minutes!!
Saving 20 seconds a hole is easy, give it a go.
What do these golfers have in common?

ian teachingRory StanceRebecca Stance

Answer – They each have a great stance and set-up.
A great stance and set up are two of the key factors to a player’s ability to consistently hit great golf shots and from a coaching point of view it’s second only to the grip in importance. Look at the similarities in each picture, their toes, knees, hips, shoulders and importantly their eyes are perfectly parallel to the target-line. Their spine angle, knee flex and arm angles are very similar and simply ensures that their posture is athletic, balanced, and powerful. They each ‘’look ready’’ to make a great swing. If you can imitate the great postures above then I’m sure you will be well on the way to hitting better golf shots.

Hole in One – Skill or Luck?
In almost every professional tournament these days there is usually a hole in one and often the player wins a car or another equally large prize supplied by one of the sponsors but is it skill or luck?
Let’s look at some stats. On average 150 pros play the first 2 days of a tournament and there are usually 4 par 3’s, that equates to 1200 tee shots at par 3’s in the first 2 days. Assuming the cut is half the field then on the final 2 days we have a further 600 tee shots on the par 3’s giving an overall total of 1800 attempts at a hole in one by some of the world’s elite golfers……..Skill or Luck?
Here’s my reason for my question. Recently I had the pleasure of playing a round of golf at Vale da Pinta with your own Mr Paul Hughes and his Sunshine Boys and I was fortunate to have a hole in one at the 17th. Obviously, I was delighted at the time but on the drive home I began to question my own golfing ability – in the last 20 years I’ve played countless thousands of par 3’s and I’ve only made 7 aces! Am I a bad golfer?
I think I’m just unlucky…………………

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