The golf club committee (GCC) has felt it prudent to publish its procedure for member`s

handicap adjustment allowing a clear view of the methodology that will be used.

The GCC decided in its October 2011 meeting to establish a Handicap administration

committee (HAC)  The HAC will meet no less frequently than 3 monthly and will meet

on an ad hoc basis as and when required. The HAC requires 3 members for a quorum.



The Administration of Qualifying Competitions will be carried out utilising the Portuguese

Golf Federation computer system as now. John Brodie  will continue to

carry out this function with support from other members of the HAC if required.

Qualifying competitions will be notified on the competition sheet.



The HAC will consider all information regarding a player’s performance that is available to it.

In match play, four ball match play, four ball stroke play and any other non-qualifying events,the

HAC will review the player’s performance over a 4 week period.When information is not available

as to a player’s performance on a particular hole on a particular hole in a non-qualifying event the

average score on that hole for the previous 4 weeks will be assumed to have been scored and the

resulting total score calculated. Players handicaps will be adjusted in either direction as appropriate,

provided the HAC believe the adjustment to be fair and reasonable.

In non qualifying competitions if an outstanding winning score is achieved the individuals

comprising that team will be reviewed immediately by the HAC. The process for calculating

an individual`s score will be as above for unrecorded hole scores.

Handicaps will be adjusted in whole integers or multiples thereof.


Handicap changes will be posted on the Notice Board and become immediately effective.

In the event of disagreement players may appeal to the HAC at its next meeting.

The Captain