Present:                Bob Hart – Captain

David Walling – Vice Captain

Carol Newland – Treasurer

Invited:                  Ralph Griffin

Giles Fox

Company Matters

BH invited BN to attend the meeting on the above. BN informed the

Committee that all was going fine also that 3 buggies had been repaired

and batteries for other buggies were being sort.


Trees on the 6th that had fallen down by the path on the right hand side

would be cleared and stumps removed.

The hedge that is growing on the left hand side of the 4th to be cut down

and also in front of the club house. Also the gully on the 2nd and 3rd to be



CN referred to an email received from PL regarding the GSA and Owners trophy

All agreed that the problem started when the GSA trophy was changed to a

one day event. All felt that if people entered both competitions that they

should be allowed to win both.


BN asked who updated the boards CN advised that the golf club had taken on

this responsibility and all updates had been sent to Pedro.

Sunday Roast

CN asked if the Sunday Roast specials will be put on this winter, between

4pm and 7pm. BN will speak to Daniel Gama and let us know.

Dining Room/Balcony Chairs

CN asked if it was possible to get the chairs replaced as they are becoming

very dangerous to sit on. BN said he would speak to DG.


DW asked what was being done about the Boars, BH advised that they

were being killed when found.


BH advised BN that if people won in the festival they used to lose one

shot for the rest of that week. BN advised that he didn’t know anything

about this but would bear it in mind for next year.

Wooden Shed

BH asked BN if the Golf Club could use the Shed instead of the office as

It would be more convenient for all members. Brain Noble and Daniel

Gama thought this would be OK but needed to ask the Administrator.

CN to copy PT invoice to BH to get connection moved if we can go ahead.


1. Apologies:  Jim Reid, Howard McEvoy, Pete Lanario

2. Approval of Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting held on the 8th September were approved

and signed by Bob Hart, Captain

3. Matters Arising

Item 3.1 5.a Handicaps        

RG asked the committee their thoughts on including the festival comps

for the adjustment of handicaps, all felt that it should only be club comps.

Therefore no handicaps would be adjusted this month.   

 PL emailed the committee regarding the Annual Review for handicaps.

RG advised that this would be down automatically by the Federation at

the end of the every year. Also handicap adjustments were placed on the

Golf Club notice board after every singles comp.

CN asked if Handicaps could be put as an Item on the Agenda all agreed.


A discussion took place regarding the bunkers being damaged by the storm

on Sunday the following was agreed if GSA advise tht some bunkers are GUR.


It will be a mandatory free drop out of bunkers during a Golf Club Competition

providing playing partners agree. Captain to announce on the day and tell

Golf Reception to advise players when booking in.


DW informed the committee that he had spoken to Rui Baptiste who has

confirmed that he will sponsor golf club events next year.  BH to speak to

Optimum to see if they will continue sponsoring the charity days.                                    BH

 Score Cards  

BH informed the committee that he had been asked by Margaret Hadden

If members could use PENS to complete their score cards as some cards

were difficult to read when completed with a pencil.

Team Games

All agreed that only one additional card can be used in a team game, therefore

if two people are playing on their own they cannot enter the competition.                                       

 4. Treasurers Report

 CN presented her report advising the committee that funds available

at the end of September are 21,117.17

The loss for the month was 196.20. this was mainly due to Captains day as

in paying for the band.

RG asked the committee to confirm that they would use the 612 euros

written back in vouchers for members. All agreed for a buffet to be put

on for members free of charge when the Sagittarius Trophy was played on the 10th

Charity Account

242 euros was raised on the Captains day and 375 on the Finale night we now have 1985.29 in the Charity with 100 euros still to come from the finale night.

Membership 2014

At the end of August we have 148 members.

5. Website Update

 GF advised that an invoice had been received for the website of 365 euros

for hosting, Domain Reg. and yearly fee for security updates. All agreed

for this to be paid.                                                                                                                             CN

GF also advised that he had emailed Samantha Goodwin regarding the

Website and was waiting a reply.

BH asked for the following to be put on the website

AGM 16th January 2015

Captains Changeover 17th January 2015                                                                  GF    

6. Events Planning

6.1 Saggittarius Trophy

To be held on the 10 December followed by a buffet free to members

cost to be 15 euros per head not including wine.                   

6.2 Christmas Hamper

 BH and DW to organise hampers and prizes and to also include one for

the staff to raffle. All agreed.                                                                                                          BH/DW

Music to be arranged

DW to ask KW to do poster once food has been organised.

Buffet for starters, Turkey roast, buffet for wine and water

This event to be subsidise by club funds at 10 euros per member.

7. Any Other Business


 8. Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held on 13th November at 10.00am                                                      ALL         


Meeting closed at 11.50

Distribution: Bob Hart, David Walling, Jim Reid, Carol Newland, Pete Lanario. Howard McEvoy, Ralph Griffin and Giles Fox