Bob Hart – Captain

David Walling – Vice Captain

Jim Reid – Chairman

Carol Newland – Treasurer

Peter Lanario

Howard McEvoy


Ralph Griffin

Giles Fox

1. Apologies:


2. Approval of Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting held on the 19 August were approved.

3. Matters Arising


 4. Treasurers Report

 CN presented her report advising the committee that funds available

at the end of August are €20,594.54.

CN also advised that there was €612 in unclaimed vouchers from

2010-2012 and asked the committee whether they would like the money to go back

into club funds or the Charity account. RG suggested that it goes towards

a members day in November. All agreed.

The profit for the month was €122.31 due to entry fees being up on last year by

12% this was due to more visitors playing which is good for the club and GSA.

Charity Account

€640 was raised on the charity day and we now have €1438.29 in the Charity

Membership 2014

At the end of August we have 148 members.

5. Website Update

 Giles Fox advised the committee that he had been updating the website as

and when required. All agreed for the password to be changed and for GF

to contact the Web Page designer Sam Goodwin. GSA logo to be changed on

front page and all agreed for the minutes to be put on the website under a

separate sectioN.            GF

Brian Noble’s Newsletter to go on Website also.             GF

5,a Handicaps

JR asked the committee regarding the handicaps. DW advised that

the Handicap Committee was BH, DW, RG and David Longmore and that

they would meet every month, Minutes would be emailed to members, and

placed on the notice board. Also handicap adjustments.                RG

RG informed the committee that a new ruling had been agreed as follows

and asked the committee for their agreement


The handicap committee has decided that as of the 1st September these new rules will apply;

1 . If a player wins or comes second 3 times in any 4 week playing period (not necessarily continuous ) he or she will lose a shot. This will remain for a period of 2 months, after which they will resume from their federated handicap.

2 . If a player continues to win 3 more vouchers as in rule 1, in the next four week period, he or she will lose another shot.

3 . Rule no 1 will NOT apply, in a singles qualifier or a board competition where FEDERATED HANDICAPS will be used. A sheet with players who have lost 1 shot will appear on the notice board with the players name and “-1”. This means that the player will look at their Federated handicap, take away 1 shot and then read the slope rating for that days playing handicap.



All Agreed

6. Events Planning

6.1 Summer Party

A good day was had by all who attended.

6.2 Captain v Vice Captain

Another good day.

6.3 Captains Day

JR informed the committee that he had understood from BH that everything organised.

DW informed the committee that there was a problem with buggies because

of so many guests. A discussion took place and all felt that this could be sorted              BH


 6.4 Newsham Trophy

 DW to speak to Brian Newsham regarding this event.                  DW

 6.5 Captains Away

 DW advised that this was all in hand and that there were 52 golfers and 6 non golfers attending.

6.6 Autumn Festival

A discussion took place and it was agreed for DW to speak to Brian Noble regarding this event and prizes.                    DW      

7. Any Other Business

7.1 Sponsorship

DW confirmed that himself and PL were arranging a meeting with Rui

Baptiste to discuss Captains away prizes and sponsorship for next year.

DW also to speak to Optimum regarding sponsorship BH to give phone

number to DW.                     DW

 7.2 Confidentiality of Meetings.

HM asked the committee that matters discussed at committee should

be kept within the committee unless they are included in the minutes.

All agreed that we should work as a team and support each other.

7.3 Boars

DW asked if anyone knew what was happening regarding the boars

digging up the course. A discussion took place and it was agreed for

JR and DW to arrange meeting with Brian Noble, Nelson and Daniel Gama to

sort this problem out.                        JR/DW

BH joined the meeting at this point

7.4  15th Tee

JR asked the committee if they knew what had happened to the plaque on

Paul Southgates bench. Nobody knew and could only assume it had been

stolen. BH to speak to the trophy shop in Portimao.                       BH

7.5 Trophy Boards

Dave Barnett had advised that he and Sam Price won IN’s captains day and

asked for their names to be put up on the board. CN to sort after the festival.                     CN

8. Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held on 9th October at 10.00am                     ALL

Meeting closed at 1.20

Distribution: Bob Hart, David Walling, Jim Reid, Carol Newland, Pete Lanario. Howard McEvoy, Ralph Griffin and Giles Fox