Present:                Bob Hart – Captain

David Walling – Vice Captain

Jim Reid Chairman

Carol Newland – Treasurer

Invited:                  Ralph Griffin

Giles Fox

Company Matters

             BN sent his apologies therefore no Company Matters were discussed

1.Apologies: Pete Lanario, Howard McEvoy


  1. Approval of Minutes.


Minutes of the meeting held on the 7 November were approved

and signed by Bob Hart, Captain


  1. Matters Arising


BH to speak to Optimum.                                                                                                               BH

            DW confirmed that Rui Baptiste was happy to sponsor the club next year.


            DW asked what the progress was with moving the phone line.

A discussion took place and it was agreed for JR to speak to

Daniel Gama.                                                                                                                                     JR

Photos for Spike Bar

            JR confirmed that he will speak to Gary Beglin about the aerial views of

the golf course JR to speak to Daniel Gama                                                                          JR

            BH confirmed he had ordered the boards for the Hole in One.

Patio Roof

            BN informed the committee by email that there are no plans

to remove the patio roof.

4. Treasurers Report

CN presented her report advising the committee that funds available

at the end of November are 16,531.74 this took into account the Xmas

hamper costs of 2500 and Sagittarius Trophy of 900 euros

The profit for the month was 776.95.

Charity Account

Now stands at 2085.29

Membership 2014

At the end of October we have 148 members.


5. Handicaps

RG presented his report informing the committee that they would

like to be informed about members with a UK handicap, and are

aware of people that may need cutting and also about players who

may need shots back due to unforeseen problems.

Lewis Haycock has received 1 shot back.

Portuguese Federation will send their annual review at the end of

the year.

A list goes up on the notice board of all changed handicaps and they

are constantly under review.

Handicap meeting notes to go on Web site. Also changes to handicaps                    RG/GF


6. Website Update

             GF advised that we had received 4,500 hits this month

GF asked DW for the posters for the Quiz and Race night’s.                                             DW

AGM notice to go on the Website on the 16 December                                                      GF

7. Events Planning

7.1 Christmas Hamper

            All agreed the day went well

7.2 Sagittarius Trophy

            DW confirmed that everything was organised and the free buffet would

start at 5pm.

7.3 Captains Changeover

BH and DW confirmed that everything was in hand for this event to

be held on the 17th January. BH to purchase trophies                                                         DW

7.4 AGM

RG gave his apologies for not being able to attend the AGM.

CN to send out notice on 16th December

JR to ask LA to do minutes                                                                                                            JR

 7.5 2015 Events

DW informed the committee that all competition dates for 2015 had

now been completed. GF to put on website and CN to email all members                 GF/CN

Members day to be held in June.


 8. Any Other Business

 8.1 Algarve League Payment

The committee agreed to pay for the day from the money received from members

for the club shirts which were donated by Rui Baptiste 360 euros.

BH informed the committee that he had given the winnings as

agreed by the league team to CN of 400 euros.

8.2 Competition Boards

RG asked the committee why there were no boards for the Easter Festival.

All agreed for RG and DW to speak to Brian Noble.                                                            RG/DW

 8.3 Vigia Tree Logo above 1st Green

BH asked the golf ruling on the above. A discussion took place and all

Agreed it was a removable obstruction and the Local Rule would be a free drop.

8.4 Race to Budens

BH confirmed that there will be a prize for the winner of 2014.                                            BH

All agreed for this to continue but exclude the two’s.


9. Next Meeting


Next meeting to be held on 8th January 2’15 at 10.00am                                                     ALL



Meeting closed at 11.00

Distribution: Bob Hart, David Walling, Jim Reid, Carol Newland, Pete Lanario. Howard McEvoy, Ralph Griffin and Giles Fox

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