Present:                Bob Hart – Captain

David Walling – Vice Captain

Jim Reid Chairman

Howard McEvoy – Secretary

Carol Newland – Treasurer

Invited:                  Ralph Griffin

Giles Fox


Company Matters


            BN advised that PT had visited PDF to transfer the lines from

our office to the shed. There was a problem but hopefully now

it was sorted and would be done shortly. CN to complete

forms and post.                                                                                                                                  CN


            BN advised that Daniel Gama would like to sort the pictures

for the Spike bar. BH gave BN the photos he had received

from Bob Woodworth. JR suggested that we ask Gary Beglin

to do some aerial photos,                                                                                                              JR

            Hole in one board still to do.


BN also advised that there will be a special menu on Wednesdays

2 courses + free beer or glass of wine for 9.99 euros to be served

from midday to 10pm and Sunday roasts for 12 euros from 2-5pm

all thought that it should be till 7pm BN to speak to Mario.                                                  BN


            BH asked why the greens been cut up. BN to sort.                                                              BN


            JR asked about the wild boar. BN informed the meeting that

two had been removed.




  1. Apologies: Pete Lanario




  1. Approval of Minutes.


Minutes of the meeting held on the 13th October were approved

and signed by Bob Hart, Captain



  1. Matters Arising



DW confirmed that he and PL were meeting with Rui Baptiste this

week and he was happy to continue the sponsorship for 2015.


BH to speak to Optimum.                                                                                                               BH





  1. Treasurers Report


CN presented her report advising the committee that funds available

at the end of October are 18,111.48 this took into account the Xmas

hamper costs of 2500 and Sagittarius Trophy of 900 euros


The loss for the month was 453.94. this was due to payment of Treasurers

Fees and website annual fee of 365.00


Charity Account

Now stands at 2085.29


Membership 2014

At the end of October we have 148 members.


  1. Handicaps


RG advised that there had not been a meeting this month but

had spoken to David Longmore and agreed to cut Bridgitte Beck

one shot, no other changes to be made.



  1. Website Update


            GF advised that we were receiving around 5,000 hits per month on

the web site.

GF asked about putting a course planner on the website all agreed.                            GF

            JR to speak to GB.                                                                                                                           JR


            Interclub final dates to be put on Website                                                                                GF


  1. Events Planning


            7.1 Christmas Hamper

            To be held on the 7th December members 15 euros visitors 25 euros

buffet starter Turkey dinner and buffet sweet. CN to advise Mario                  CN

            7 for 7.30 CN to aske KW for poster                                                                                            CN

BH to sort band                                                                                                                                 BH

            All agreed to do one more hamper for Golf reception to raffle total

now 7 hampers.                                                                                                                                 BH/DW


7.2 Sagittarius Trophy

            To be held on the 10th December including a free buffet for members

CN to ask KW for poster.                                                                                                                C


7.3 Captains Changeover

BH and DW confirmed that everything was in hand for this event to

be held on the 17th January. DW to speak to KW regarding the poster.                        BH/DW


7.4 AGM

To be held on the 16th January 6pm for 6,30pm JR to do agenda                                   JR

CN to send out to members one month before AGM.                                                           CN


7.5 2015 Events

JR asked DW if he could do a list of events for 2015. DW confirmed

that most dates had been arranged and would advise the committee

once everything had been confirmed.                                                                                       DW

7.6 Captains Away Trip

DW confirmed that everything was organised and tee times had

been advised to all players. Buffet will start at 8-8.15pm dress

smart casual NO JEANS.


7.7 Hallowen Night

GF asked the committee if we would include a Hallowen night next year.

DW to sort.                                                                                                                                          DW



  1. Any Other Business



            RG advised that Richard Stead and his wife had re joined

and are welcomed back by all on the committee.



            RG asked BH if he had received an email from JG regarding the Charity

monies. BH advised that he hadn’t but would speak to JG.                                               BH



A discussion took place and although we are a Golf Club playing at a

Resort Course a certain amount of Etiquette was expected from members

on and off the course and if members misbehave they will be told and

must accept being told.


Full Time Committee Members

JR asked RG and GF if they would become full time committee members

of which they agreed.

JR proposed and DW seconded

JR to put on Agenda for AGM.


Patio Roof

BH advised that GSA were considering taking the roof down on the patio

and replacing with either a roll up blind or umbrellas.



HM asked why the beer was not good at the moment BH to speak to Mario              BH



  1. Next Meeting


Next meeting to be held on 11th December at 10.00am                                                      ALL



Meeting closed at 11.50

Distribution: Bob Hart, David Walling, Jim Reid, Carol Newland, Pete Lanario. Howard McEvoy, Ralph Griffin and Giles Fox


Signed……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Date…………………………………………………………………

Captain Bob Hart



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