No 2020-04 HELD ON 27th July 2020



Present             Brian Newsham – Captain

                         Geoffrey Harnett – Chairman

                         Mary Berry – Vice Captain

Linda Anthony – Secretary

Mike Abbott – Handicap and Membership Secretary

Giles Fox – Treasurer

Peter McDonagh

Rod Smith

1.     Company Matters

1.1.    The course is in very good condition especially as the staff are working on much reduced hours.

1.2.    The Autumn Festival will probably go ahead but in a reduced format over 3 or 4 days.

2.     Approval of minutes

2.1.    Minutes approved and signed by the Captain.

3.     Matters Arising/to discuss

3.1.    There were no matters arising from the minutes.

4.     Treasurer’s Report

4.1.    Income is much lower than anticipated but so are costs.

4.2.    Nearly all of last year’s team shirts have been sold.

4.3.    Four of the juniors are going to be Federated.

4.4.    Net assets available are €18,713.78

5.     Handicap Report

5.1.    The new Handicap system comes in at the end of August.  This will be much more interactive and, as a club we will need to play more qualifying competitions.

5.2.    Members are encouraged to put in extra day medal cards to keep their handicaps current.

6.     Captains Update

6.1.    Brian Newsham suggested that a proper access to the 13th be created from the top of the hole to save wear and tear from buggies driving up and down the fairway and also to create some form of steps up to the tee. Mike Abbott will speak to Rui about the possibility of doing this.

6.2.     The Captains Away trip is still planned for November but the ongoing situation makes this very uncertain.  It can be postponed to a later date and as the balance is not due until October a decision will be made nearer the time.

6.3.    The Members Day, which should have ben held in June, will now take place at the same time as the Autumn Festival and will be a Charity Day.

6.4.    Captain’s Day will take place on the 12th September and it should be possible to have food, which would be served directly after golf. Brian Newsham will speak with Mario about this possibility.

7.     AOB

7.1.    In future there will be a difference of at least one euro in the value of vouchers issued as prizes. The two’s value will continue to be calculated on the amount paid in with no minimum of ten euros.

7.2.    The minutes will be stored on the Club computer which negates the need for them to be printed out and signed.

7.3.    The Hole in One boards will shortly be in place, the delay has, in part, been caused by the ongoing situation.

Next meeting: to be arranged.

Meeting closed at 16.15

Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Mike Abbott, Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Peter McDonagh, Brian Newsham, Rod Smith, Mary Berry.


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