Dear members

After the Committee meeting mid week, we would like to update the members with some of the matters arising and changes we feel necessary to secure our safety on and off the golf course. All these items are subject to any changes the government make within the State of Emergency due to the COVID pandemic.

In club competitions pins are now to be left in. Geoffrey Harnett and Rod Smith have kindly sponsored the touchless ball retrievers which should arrive shortly and be placed on the pins.

The ball may be pick and placed (not cleaned) anywhere in the bunker.

Preferred lies on the fairways ONLY and first cut around the green.

Past Captains day will now be played on Friday the 4th of December, all being well. Two tee start, no meal this year. Brian will be e mailing the past Captains this week.

By now most members will have seen the Christmas advent festival entry form, a few changes have been made.

Sunday the 6th – Our Christmas competition will be a two tee start at 09.00 am. Instead of our normal Christmas dinner we will have a Christmas buffet after golf, eat as you come in. There is no entry fee, the meal and prizes are subsidized. No 2’s. Lets pray for nice weather; I am sure we will have a super day.

Monday the 7th and Tuesday the 8th is as per the sheet, run by GSA

Wednesday the 9th is the Sagittarius Salver, it will also now be a two tee start at 09.00 am and the meal will be after golf. The €25 includes the meal, entry fee and 2’s.

As you are all aware of the financial difficulties GSA are facing at the moment the committee also discussed members fees for 2021. After a lengthy debate we agreed to e mail Dra Alexandra Caipirinha to arrange a meeting and discuss a way that GSA and members are happy with a sensible payment plan that suits all.

Stay safe

The committee

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