Present:                Bob Hart – Captain

David Walling – Vice Captain

Jim Reid Chairman

Carol Newland – Treasurer

Peter Lanario

Invited:                  Giles Fox

Company Matters

             BN sent his apologies.


GF asked when the greens would be treated. BH informed the committee

that he had spoken to Nelson and that they had all the chemicals to do this

but unfortunately with the weather being so cold they could not do it because

the chemical wouldn’t work.


            It was agreed between BN and the committee that the ABC rule would change

for the winter months to protect the greens, but had not been put into practice

yet.                                                                                                                                                         BN

            New Years Eve

            CN reported that it is was a great night and that everybody who attended had

a really good time, thanks go to GSA.

Easter Festival

            CN had asked BN when the information was coming out as she was

receiving emails requesting details. Details will follow shortly                                         BN

            Friday Roll Up

            All thought this was a great idea and hope more people play to support


Starting times for Competitions

            CN informed the committee that she had received an email from BN.

All agreed that the winter and summer starting times of club competitions

Changed when the clocks changed                                                                                           BN


  1. Apologies: Howard McEvoy, Ralph Griffin


  1. Approval of Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting held on the 9 December 2014 were approved

and signed by Bob Hart, Captain


  1. Matters Arising


BH informed the committee that Optimum had not made a decision for

this year yet.                                                                                                                                       BH

            GF advised the committee that he knew somebody who would like to

sponsor the club. JR to speak with Daniel Gama and report back.                               JR


            BH advised that he was meeting with Maintenance this morning and

Going to PT this afternoon to sort the line out to the shed.                                  BH

  Photos for Spike Bar

            JR confirmed that he had spoken to Daniel Gama who has agreed to

the photos for the spike bar. JR to speak to Gary Beglin                                                    JR

Competition Boards

            CN advised that the updates for the boards should be completed by

the beginning of next week.

Boards for the Easter Festival were discussed, but all felt that unless

the competitions were always the same each year this would not be done.

Vigia Logo above first Green

            JR asked for a notice to go up on the board and web site informing

members/visitors that the Local rule would be a free drop.                                                DW/GF


  1. Treasurers Report

                 CN presented her report advising the committee that funds available

at the end of December are 14,537.24 this took into account Captains

Changeover 1200.00 euros Accountants fees 600 euros and Treasurers

fees of 1528.33


The loss for the month was 1057.05 due to the Christmas Hamper

and free buffet for the Sagittarius trophy, of which we had booked 44 meals

for all those playing golf and only about 30 attended. Unfortunately we had

to pay for the meals booked. Some members who had played said they

didn’t know it was a FREE buffet although the poster had been on the notice

board for over a month and the website.


CN confirmed that the end of year accounts had been completed and were

with the Accountant. A profit was made in 2014 of 322.58.

CN to email to all members next week.                                                                                     CN


Charity Account

Now stands at 2445.29 BH to inform members of whom he intends to give

this money too.                                                                                                                                  BH


Membership 2015

            CN advised that we had 68 members for 2015 including 5 new members

and 4 people returning to the club.


Membership is due on the 1st January a discussion took place and all agreed

for CN to email all members of 2014 advising them that they could not attend the

AGM unless they had paid their 2015 membership also that the CAPTAINS



Therefore if you have not paid your 2015 membership by the 15th JANUARY

YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY 25 EUROS before playing in the competition.                       CN

 CN advised that the cost for the federation had increased to 50 euros and had

Informed those who had already paid and also asked BN to change paperwork

In golf shop.


5. Handicaps

            DW informed the committee that the Annual Review had been

done by the Federation and everything was up to date.

JR asked if the change of handicaps that are put on the notice

Board could also go on the web site, all agreed                                                                   GF

            A discussion took place regarding visitors handicaps and all

agreed for visitors to be included in the general rule if they

come 1st or 2nd 3 times in a month they would be cut 1 shot                                 RG

            DW confirmed that the handicap committee met every month.

 6. Website Update

             GF advised that the web site was up to date and that there were 175

hits per day.

  7. Events Planning

             7.1 AGM 16th January

            CN to send accounts to paid up members next week.                                                         CN

             7.2 Captains Changeover 17th January

            DW confirmed that he just needed to finalise numbers and do

the table plan. Speak to Mario to see if he will include beer at the

table.                                                                                                                                                     DW

7.3 Quiz Night 23rd January

DW advised that the poster and entry list was on the notice board and

and also on the web site.                                                                                                               DW

7.4 Race Night 20th February

DW informed the committee that he needed to speak to Allan Pooley

to confirm this date.                                                                                                                          DW

            7.5 Past Captains Comp. 22nd May

DW advised the committee that he needed to speak to BN about this

date as he had asked him to change the hollow tining. Regarding

organising this event to speak to HM and JB as they introduced this

competition last year.                                                                                                                      DW

7.6 Captains Away 5th and 6th November 2015

DW confirmed that the Captains Away will be a Rompido this year

and that he was going next week to finalise everything. A notice

will go on the board and website informing members

of the cost and asking for a deposit within the next two weeks.                                         DW

 8. Any Other Business

          8.1 Algarve League

DW explained that there would be 3 divisions this year and would be

More informed on what is happening once he had been to the AGM

next week.                                                                                                                                           DW

Finals day to be held at PDF this year date to be confirmed.

8.2 Race to Budens

BH raised the question again about 2’s being included and all agreed for

this not to happen.

         8.3 Rui Baptiste

            DW confirmed that Rui Baptiste had agreed to sponsor the shirts

GF asked if the colour could change this year DW to speak to Rui

in the Golf Shop.

DW to show Rui Baptiste the photographs in the Portuguese News,

Resident and Tormorrow Magazine, also have photo framed for

Spike Bar.                                                                                                                                           DW

            PL to speak to Rui Baptiste                                                                                                           PL

             8.4 Signature

            CN advised with PL coming off the committee that they would need

a new signature for the bank. All agreed for DW to replace PL.

CN to sort with bank                                                                                                                         CN

9. Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held on 24th February 2015 at 10.00am                                                ALL

    Meeting closed at 12.00

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