Present:                David Walling – Captain

Rod Smith – Vice Captain

Carol Newland – Treasurer

Giles Fox

Company Matters

             BN sent his apologies.

1. Apologies: Jim Reid, Ralph Griffin, and Bob Hart


  1. Approval of Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting held on the 8 January 2015 were approved

and signed by David Walling, Captain

3. Matters Arising


RS informed the committee of restaurants wishing to sponsor

a competition in the Autumn Festival also GF knew a person

who would be willing to sponsor competitions. DW to speak

to BN.                                                                                                                                                    DW

             Race Night

            DW advised that this evening would now be held in November

4. Treasurers Report

                 CN presented her report advising the committee that funds available

at the end of January are 19,441.31 The increase in funds was due

to the renewal of membership for 2015

Charity Account

Now stands at 2445.29 BH to inform members of whom he intends to give

this money too.                                                                                                                                  BH

Membership 2015

            CN advised that we had 127 members for 2015 including 8 new members

and 4 people returning to the club.

5. Handicaps

            DW informed the committee that the following members had been cut

one shot, David and Margaret Walling, Paul and Linda Anthony, John Brodie

and Peter Waterworth. GF felt that rule 19 (General Play) should be used more.

DW to raise at the next handicap meeting.                                                                              DW

RS asked if we could update the federation list DW to speak to RG on his

return.                                                                                                                                                    DW

6. Website Update

             GF advised that the web site would be brought up to date today and that

there were 2000 hits per month.

DW gave GF the next quarters comps to go on the website and asked

for the Easter Festival to be put on as well.                                                                              GF

 7. Events Planning

             7.1 Past Captains Comp. 22nd May 2015

            CN to email all past Captains informing them of this event. Cost of

BBQ will be 8 euros per person (club funds will sponsor this comp. by

7 euros per person) entry fee will be 3 euros 2’s 3 euros + green fee

If applicable. DW to sponsor nearest the pins (5 holes) and speak to

BN regarding green fee for Past Captains who are not members of the

Club.                                                                                                                                                      DW

8. Any Other Business

8.1 AGM Actions

DW informed that the letter to Rui Baptiste thanking him for his sponsorship

had been done.

Disabled Parking – BN has suggested that members could drive up to

the front of the golf shop to drop/collect people, then take their car to the car park.

Bell on the 6th – A discussion took place, DW asked members to be cautious

when playing this hole.

8.2 New Computer

All agreed for this to be purchased by GF. GF to speak to DH. GF to transfer

all data. Total spend should be no more than 500 euros.                                                  GF

             RS explained about members entering own score on computer for singles

only. All felt that this would course more problems in the amount of time it took to

to do the cards and prize giving on Singles comps.

 8.3 Competition Guidelines

Prior to the meeting RS had emailed the committee with a draft of ‘Competition

Guidelines’ and ‘Prize guidelines’. All greed for this to be implemented.

RS to issue to all members who do the cards.

Guideline for Calculation of prizes to be put on notice board.                                           RS


2’s – in future if 2’s have been missed by the person doing the cards because

they have NOT been highlighted by the player they will NOT be paid out.

It is the responsibility of the player to make sure that the 2’s is Highlighted so that

it is easy for the person doing the cards to notice.


Members to be more aware of scoring their cards in a correct and readable manner.


Gross score errors will be disqualified.


Please use BIRO on cards to make sure they are readable.


8.4 Buggy and Gravel Paths(NEW LOCAL RULE)


the gravel path on the right of the 2nd hole BUT excluding all paths

within a hazard. This will be stated on the new score cards.

8.5 Spike Bar Roof

RS informed the committee that he had written to DG regarding the

patio roof leaking. DG had promised to do something but left before

any action was taken. RS stated that this had been discussed at the

Phase 3 OA meeting and it had been suggested that, as the spike bar

is central to the entire Parque, we could share the cost of repair between

the Golf Club and the OA infrastructure funds. The committee felt this was

a good idea – RS to feed back to Phase 3 OA who will discuss with Gary

Beglin. RS to get quote.                                                                                                                 RS

 8.6 14th Fairway

DW advised that he had spoken to BN regarding the bank on the 14th.

A discussion took place and all agreed for DW to speak to BN and

ask for the red markers to be replaced by white markers (out of bounds)

8.7 Visitors

DW asked the committee for their thoughts on the number of times that

visitors could play in club competitions, a discussion took place and all

agreed 30 times per year

DW to speak to BN for confirmation                                                                                           DW

9. Next Meeting

Next meeting to be held on 7th April 2015 at 10.00am                                                          ALL

  Meeting closed at 12.15

Distribution: David Walling, Rod Smith, Jim Reid, Carol Newland, Ralph Griffin,

Giles Fox and Bob Hart


Signed……………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Date…………………………………………………………………

Captain David Walling

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