Dear Members

As you may be already all aware that as of midnight 3rd of May Portugal will out of the state of emergency and enter a state of calamity which means various lockdown restrictions will be lifted. The good news is that our golf course will be open as of Wednesday the 6th of May with various restrictions and regulations which must be vigorously observed;

1- You must arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your tee time and depart from the course and facilities within 15 minutes of putting out on the 18th. The bar/restaurant will be closed as will the changing rooms. The shop will be marked out according to the restrictions, please respect them.
2- A mask is to be worn in and around the shop at all times. Payments in the shop should be made electronically via credit card or multibanco.
3- Only 2 players are allowed to play at a time and tee times will remain every 10 minutes but please maintain social distancing.
4- If you are a habituating couple you may share a buggy. If not it is 1 buggy per player or the second player has to walk.
5- The flags will be left in and not to be touched. When your ball hits the cup (which will be raised) it will count as being in the hole.
6- Bunkers will have no rakes so please keep them as tidy as possible after your shot using your club to smooth the sand. Consider the players following you. Avoid the bins, ball washers and seating areas.
7- The members drinking water facility will also be out of bounds for the time being and the toilets on the 6th will be closed.
8- The driving range machine will be out of use and balls for the range must be collected in the pro shop. Some of the bays will also be closed off to maintain the social distancing rule.

Competitions are cancelled until further notice. Reservations are to be made via e mail for now at golf.reservations@saresorts.com or you can book by telephone when the shop reopens on Wednesday the 6th May.

Unfortunately the committee has decided to cancel the knockout competition for 2020 as we feel there will not be enough time for this to be completed, especially with travel restrictions. Our major/board competitions from March-July which are the Ralph Griffin Spring Trophy, Taça da Liberdade, Captain v Vice Captain, past Captains, Club Championship and Ladies v Men will all be postponed till the Autumn, restrictions permitting.

Keep safe, enjoy your golf and please respect all the rules.

Your Committee


No 2020-03 HELD ON 28th April 2020

Present Brian Newsham – Captain
Geoffrey Harnett – Chairman
Mary Berry – Vice Captain
Linda Anthony – Secretary
Mike Abbott – Handicap and Membership Secretary
Giles Fox – Treasurer
Peter McDonagh
Rod Smith
1. Apologies
1.1. There were no apologies, all the committee members were present using Zoom meeting technology
2. Approval of minutes
2.1. Minutes approved and signed by the Captain.
3. Matters Arising/to discuss
3.1. There were no matters arising from the minutes.
3.2. It is very possible that the course will reopen in May. Golf will only be possible with stringent safety measures in place. Guidance on these is expected from the FPGA. Players will only be allowed to arrive 15 minutes before their tee time and are expected to leave 15 minutes after the conclusion of the game. Rui will organise how the course is set up and what measures need to be in place for the safety of staff, members and visitors.
4. Upcoming competitions
4.1. When play is possible, and during the period of Covid 19 restrictions, it was suggested that all competitions should be four balls and that members should be required to play with other members only. Any visitor will still be welcome to join our competitions but will be asked to play with other visitors, or with members who are willing to play with visitors, this is to protect our members from needing to play with people they don’t know. No money will be taken for the competitions.
4.2. All the major competitions will, if possible, be postponed until later in the year, these include the Taca de Liberdade, Past Captains, Captain v Vice Captain, Club Championship, Ladies v Men.
4.3. The Knock out competitions are cancelled.
4.4. All members will be emailed as soon as definite details are known about when we can play again and how competitions will be organised.
5. Treasurers Report
5.1. There is nothing to report as no financial transactions have occurred since the last meeting.
5.2. An extension of six months is to be given on vouchers issued from March 2019.
6. Captains Update
6.1. The course is in fantastic condition and Nelson and his staff have been working very hard to maintain and improve it. Hollow tining has been done on the front 9 and the back 9 will be done soon. Should Members Day go ahead in June it will be a charity competition with all the money raised going to the GSA staff.
6.2. The Captains Away trip is still planned for November, should it prove necessary it can be postponed to a later date. The Captain has given full details in his current blog on the website.
7. AOB
7.1. There were no matters raised under this heading

Next meeting: to be arranged.
Meeting closed at 11.15
Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Mike Abbott, Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Peter McDonagh, Brian Newsham, Rod Smith, Mary Berry.


Hello dear Members and Friends,

First of all, I hope this email finds you safe and well and hope that you are managing to lead as normal a life as possible during these far from normal times.

I am sure that, like me, you are finding new ways of communicating with friends and family – I never thought that video calls would become such a part of our daily lives. It is amazing how quickly we have all had to adapt.

However, I know that you will be missing playing golf in our beautiful corner of the world here on the Algarve. Lets hope that the sacrifices we are all making will lead us back to better times soon – the news from around Europe seems to be more encouraging each day and talk is turning to how we all come out of lockdown’s – hopefully we will all be back together soon.

It seems a long time since I last updated you on news from our golf club. As you will know, we have been in lockdown since the middle of March and, in common with most of the world, our course has been closed since then. The Portuguese government announced on 17th April that the lockdown continues for a further 15 days and they will have the next meeting on the 2nd of May to discuss what will happen then.

Although we are unable to use the course, Nelson and his team are continuing to keep it maintained and it will be ready as soon as we are allowed to play again.

I know it is very tempting for those who are living over here at the moment to use the course for walking dogs and exercising, but please do not – the course is being treated with chemicals and, unfortunately, we have had reports of dog owners leaving dog mess on the course and in the bunkers, which is unfair to the green-keepers who are trying to do a good job in challenging circumstances.

If there is any change to the advice on when we can resume playing golf I will let you know at once.

Just to update you about my Captains away trip in November – we have agreed with the Manager of Resort El Rompido that we can postpone the trip if we are unable to play during the original dates due to ongoing restrictions for the pandemic. I know that
many people have already paid deposits but can assure you that the money will not be lost. Perhaps those people who have yet to pay their deposit could pass the money to myself or Brigitte when we meet again.

I wish you all the best, stay safe and healthy and hopefully we will meet really soon back on our beautiful golf course.

Your Captain



No 2020-02 HELD ON 16th March 2020
Present Brian Newsham – Captain
Geoffrey Harnett – Chairman
Mary Berry – Vice Captain
Linda Anthony – Secretary
Giles Fox – Treasurer
Peter McDonagh

1. Company Matters
1.1. Due to the current situation regarding the Corvid19 virus we are awaiting a decision from GSA as to whether or not the Easter Festival will be taking place.
2. Apologies
2.1. Mike Abbott, Rod Smith
3. Approval of Minutes
3.1. Minutes approved and signed by the Captain
4. Matters Arising/to discuss
4.1. Members are asked to help keep the course in its current excellent condition by raking bunkers, repairing pitch marks on the greens and divots on the fairway.
4.2. Mike Abbott has spoken with Nelson about installing a ramp to the Duck House and the matter is in hand.
5. Upcoming Competitions
5.1. The committee gave considerable time to discussing how the Club should proceed given the current situation with the Corvid19 Virus. It was decided that the best way forward was to continue to play the competitions but that there would be no entry fee or 2s, this allows for minimum contact within the shop and negates the need for prize giving. The results giving places of 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be posted on the website, obviously no vouchers will be issued. The Ralph Griffin Trophy and the Charity Day will be postponed. Giles Fox will send out a notice to all members explaining the committee’s decision.
ACTION Giles Fox
5.2. Knockout Competitions: the committee will revue the situation at the end of April to decide if the date for the completion of the first rounds needs to be extended.
6. Treasurers report
6.1. The Club now has over 200 members.
6.2. There will be no income from competitions for the foreseeable future Therefore expenditure will need to be closely monitored and reduced wherever possible to ensure that at the end of the year we have net assets of €15,000.00
6.3. Anyone who has not yet paid their Federation fees need to do so by the end of March or they will be liable for extra costs.
6.4. Net assets available at the end of February were €16,309.00.
7. Captain’s Update
7.1. The Captain has already paid the deposit for his Away trip in November. Members who are going on this trip are reminded that their deposit of €85 is due to secure their place on this trip. Details of how to pay are to be found in the latest Captain’s blog.
8. AOB
8.1. There were no matters raised under this heading.

Next meeting Tuesday 28th April 2020 at 10.00
Meeting closed at 10.30
Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Mike Abbott, Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Peter McDonagh, Brian Newsham, Rod Smith, Mary Berry.


As the course, Golf shop and Spike Bar/O Parque restaurant are all closed it is necessary to change the rules concerning the expirery date of vouchers so Members still have a full year in which to spend them.
Therefore, any voucher issued after March 1st 2019 will now still be valid for the whole time the course and facilities are closed plus one month after it reopens. For example; If the course and facilities remain closed until the 31st of May, any voucher issued in March 2019 will remain valid until the end of June 2020. Please be clear this is only an example as the date of the course reopening is unknown at this time. All vouchers issued before March 1st 2019 are now expired.
Stay safe!
Giles Fox


We have been asked by GSA to contact our Members in order to reinforce to them the message that the Golf Course, Practise Areas and the Driving Range are closed until further notice.
Certain people are not observing these restrictions.
Dogs are being walked on the course and sometimes their owners fail to clear up after them and/or prevent the dogs digging and scraping in the bunkers and on the fairways.
Some people are taking their children out on the course in bicycles and using the course as a playground.
Some people are using the course as an exercise arena.
Some people are even taking the opportunity to hit balls around.
Please observe the restrictions that have been put in place for everyone’s safety. The course is surrounded by accessible countryside for dog walking, exercising and giving children somewhere to play. There is no reason why anyone should be on the course.
Maintenance work is continuing on the course and chemicals, that are harmful to humans and animals, are being applied.
The Portuguese Government have decreed that all golf courses and practise facilities must be closed in order to reinforce the policy of Social Isolation. This is being done to protect the whole population.
Stay safe.
Your Committee


Your Committee met today in a scheduled meeting and addressed the worsening situation of the Coronavirus pandemic.
The Portuguese Government have introduced strict new rules for gatherings of people, which will affect as all in many ways, but we have had to address the way our competitions will be played for the foreseeable future to fit in with these guidelines.
As players from yesterday’s comp will have witnessed the Spike Bar now has a limit 10 customers internally at any one time and the Spike Bar Terrace has a limit of 15 customers. The O’Parque Restaurant has a limit of 40 Customers.
As a Club we have a responsibility to keep our Membership and the GSA Staff around us safe so the following changes will be implemented immediately;
1) Club competitions will continue to be played as scheduled until further notice. However, they will be played with no cash competition entry (this limits the handling of money for all concerned and reduces congestion and time spent in the closed confines of the Golf Shop) and consequently there will be no vouchers (which means the card rota team are not obliged to sit around waiting to the end of the competition). There will be no prize giving because of the restrictions in the bar and on the terrace and those that do not want to remain after completion of their game can leave immediately. The competition cards will be reviewed by the Card Rota team member wherever they choose to work and then 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions will be announced on the website.
2) The Charity competition scheduled for Wednesday and the Ralph Griffin Trophy competition scheduled for Friday will be postponed until such time as competitions return to normality. The actual games scheduled for Wednesday and Friday will still be played but no charity contribution will be taken and the Ralph Griffin Trophy will be competed for at another occasion.
3) Players in competition’s are expected to fully observe and respect the guidelines issued by the Portuguese Golf Federation; sanitise hands before play, make no social contact greeting and at all times maintain a physical gap of 1m between yourself and any other player or member of staff.
It is impossible for any of us to predict the future but we will endeavour to keep us all golfing for as long as possible. However, it is every Members responsibility to ensure all precautions are made to ensure we are safe and fully compliant with all guidelines issued by the Government and Federation.
Please stay safe,
Your Committee


This is just a short update to keep you up to speed on what has been happening at your club and on the Golf course here at PDF during February.
We had a really nice event on Valentines Day when the ‘LEGS’ (the Ladies Elite Golf Society) invited the men to join them for a fun Pin Splitter Golf Competition, followed in the evening by a very nice dinner at Thiago’s. A real bonus was that the day coincided with the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Allan and Gloria Pooley, so we had a brilliant double celebration over dinner, even with some live music throughout the evening. Many thanks to Gloria and Allan for organising a really special day.
The weather throughout February has been really excellent, in fact it has probably been the best we have had in many years.
Looking forward to events in March, on Wednesday 18th there will be a Charity Putting Competition before the normal Golf Competition. Players who wish to join in are asked to arrive 20 Minutes before their tee time to allow plenty of time to show off their skills. The prize giving will be after the Competition with a finger buffet in the bar.
On Friday the 20th March we have a special event in our social calendar with the Inaugural ‘Ralph Griffin Trophy’ in memory and honour of our good friend Ralph. The format will be a pairs golf competition followed by a Dinner Dance in the Clubhouse. I hope as many people as possible will join us to remember this special man.
Finally, for those who will be joining us on our Captains Away trip to Rompido in November, we will need to ask that the first payment of 85 euro per person is paid before the end of March. Payment can be made directly to myself or Brigitte, alternately payment can be made by transfer directly to my bank account at

Joseph Brian Newsham
IBAN PT50 026901810020251174383

Please remember to include your name(s) as a reference for the payment

Thank you for your support. Have a good springtime

Your Captain



February 2020 – Top 20 Places

1 Carol Newland 0
2 Ivor Newland 34
3 Ian Galloway 57
4 Rei Cherubini 57
5 Mark Arundel 58
6 Malcolm Berry 59
7 Michael Abbott 66
8 Filipe Da Silva 68
9 Mary Berry 69
10 Michael Shropshall 71
11 Graham Harries 78
12 John Brodie 81
13 Janice Galloway 87
14 Duane Wessels 95
15 Paul Anthony 97
16 Allan Pooley 101
17 Richard Entwistle 102
18 Basil McKeon 102
19 Lewis Haycock 103
20 Chris Brunner 105


Dear Members and Friends,

As many members do not live here in Portugal and are not always able to keep up with the news from the club, I hope to give you all a bit of information in an occasional Blog to let you know what is going on over here at your club. I know that many of you have been over here this year already and will know how glorious the weather has been – if you are fed up of all the storms that have been battering Northern Europe you can be sure of an enthusiastic welcome from your fellow members and friends back here in the Sunshine.

We started the year of 2020, my special year, with the usual Shotgun start Texas Scramble on New Years Day (also known as Hangover Golf) with the weather giving us an early indication of the bright sunshine that we have had almost continually since.

Then only a few days later we had the New Years Trophy Competition, which is an annual event played as an American Greensome – the catch is that whoever wins has to organise the following years event. This year the day was perfectly organised by last year’s winners, Pam Eden and David Walling, and was certainly one of the highlights so far. After the golf we had an excellent dinner and dance at Aqua na Boca (whilst the dance floor is necessarily small at Agua na Boca, it was enthusiastically filled by our members as always). Thank you very much to Pam and David for this great day and good luck in organising next year’s competition to the 2020 winners Rebecca Smith and Duane Wessels.

My big day, Captains Changeover, started early in the morning in beautiful sunshine and ended up in a great Dinner and Dance night with music from Adam and Wendy.
Captains changeover is always really well supported by our members – Thank you to all, and it is a real pleasure to have the opportunity to thank all the people who make our golf club such a special place, from Macca as our new Past Captain, and Mary as our new Vice Captain, but also the volunteers who do the cards and all the members who give our club the energy that makes us the best club on the Algarve.

We also celebrated the winners of 2019 Knockout competitions, who were:

Winner Singles – Rui Gloria

Winner Pairs – Rie Cherubini and Duane Wessels

Winner of the Race to Budens – Rie Cherubini

Well done all of you and good luck to all in the 2020 competitions.

My Captains Away Trip to El Rompido is now booked and will take place on the 5th and 6th of November. Rompido holds a lot of really happy memories for Brigitte and I and I know that many of you really enjoyed playing there in 2015 – we really hope that you can join us for what promises to be a great event.
The poster and booking list is on the board already and in April we have to confirm the final number of members wanting to join the trip. So, if you are planning on joining us, please sign up as soon as possible.

On 20th March we will organise the inaugural Welcome to Spring Ralph Griffin trophy Competition with a Dinner and Dance in the evening. The Poster is already on the board and I hope many friends will spend this day with me.

That’s it for the moment.

I wish all of you a great, healthy and successful 2020 and hope we will all have a great time on our Golf course at PDF.

Your Captain