Dear Members

Please be advised that we have moved the above competition from Saturday 30th April to Sunday 1st May. There will be no competition on the Saturday.
The format will be Pairs Better Ball stableford off the yellow tees. Duncan and I will pick our sides on the morning of the competition and the winning team will be announced during prize giving. There will be the normal prizes and 2’s competition.
We will also have a finger buffet after the matches.
I look forward on 1st May.

Kind regards
Captain FPGC


Floresta Parque Golf Club Committee Meeting

No 2022-02 Held on 5th April


Peter Noone – Captain

Duncan Leopold – Vice Captain

Rod Smith – Chairman

Giles Fox – Treasurer

Mary Berry

Michael Abbott

  1. Apologies

Linda Anthony


  1. Approval of Minutes

The minutes were approved by the Captain

  1. Matters Arising
    • Rod Smith reported that the club Constitution was out of date. It was agreed that this should be updated and RS kindly agreed to prepare for comment before submitting to a Solicitor and then registering as required. Action: RS
    • Club events and subsidies are carried forward. Action: PN, DL and GF
    • The Captain organised a very successful Bingo night hosted by Ian and Janice Galloway which raised €560.00 for charity.
    • Some actions were outstanding on the course, blue markings on the 4th and the Red hazard stakes on the 14th. Action: MA

4.0 Course Management / Liaison with Ground staff.

4.1 A member queried whether debris from the eucalyptus trees could be removed from the 2nd and 4th fairways. MA will raise this with the ground staff.

4.2 The local rule of preferred lies on the 13th will remain in force after the 13th April and a temporary local rule re preferred lies to be put in place on the 18th between the buggy signs and the Green until GSA have repaired the damage.

4.3 It was felt that shorter / earlier access to the 13th fairway should be requested.

Actions: MA

     5.0 Company Matters

5.1 RS reported that a consortium of owners and members had participated in the auction for the assets of GSA. There were only two bidders and neither offered an opening bid that was close to the Administrators valuation. As a result, the auction was suspended so that the administrator could take instruction from the creditors. Whilst the consortium has received formal notification that the opening bid was unsuccessful, they are still awaiting formal notification of next steps.

6.0 Treasurers Report

6.1 There are 197 paid up members plus 5 juniors a total of 202 with a strong potential for a further 18 bringing the total to 220. Within the 197 paid members there are 33 new members – a great start to the year.

6.2 The Captains box has raised €1165 helped significantly by the Captains initiative to suggest a one off payment of €30 for the year. To date €2525 has been raised for Charity.

6.3. There is currently €27,722 of net assets

6.4 Pending the outcome of the sale it was felt that there should be no investment in technology at this moment.

7.0 Handicap and membership Secretary’s report

7.1 Qualifying competitions are administered by the Portuguese Federation. A member who is federated elsewhere does not qualify to play in Portuguese federated competitions except as a Guest.

7.2. Federation fees run from the 1st April to the 31st March, anyone who hasn’t paid the    federation fee for 2022 is now lapsed and registration at this stage will incur a 10% surcharge.

7.3 The Club Championship is a federated competition hosted by the Club. To win this competition other than as a Visitor you must be federated in Portugal and have played a minimum of Six (6) club competitions in the same year as the Club Championship.

7.4 An email to be sent out advising members how to enter their score cards on myfpg and informing everyone that the Card administrators for each competition day have been instructed to DQ anyone who has not entered their correct handicap or what tee they have played from. In addition all members federated abroad must provide proof of handicap before playing in a competition.

7.5 The local rules to be updated      Actions: MA

8.0 Vice Captains Report

8.1. The Vice Captain had nothing to report.

9.0  AOB

9.1. Club identity – it was agreed that a Floresta Parque Golf Club identity would be in the interests of members during these uncertain times. We have a couple of draft logo’s which have been produced at no charge to the club and RS will investigate how we might exploit the use of a logo to the benefit of the club’s charities.     Action: RS

9.2. Ralph Griffen Trophy will be held on Wednesday 8th June, MA and PN liaising

9.3. The Captain will write / email all past Captains regarding the Past Captain’s trophy on the 22nd May.                                                       Action: PN


Next meeting Tuesday 10th May at 10:00



March 2022 – Top 20 Places
1 Janice Galloway     0  
2 Linda Anthony   29  
3 Paul Anthony     29  
4 Ian Galloway     40  
5 Ragner Hallldorrson   45  
6 Ann De Jongh     52  
7 Brigitte Beck     52  
8 Jim Brennan     57  
9 Brian Newsham     57  
10 Alan Midgley     61  
11 Rod Smith     61  
12 Mike Eden     61  
13 Michael Abbott     62  
14 Giles Fox     63  
15 Bob Woodworth     63  
16 Phil Russell        70  
17 Mary Berry     72  
18 Pedro Lucas     73  
19 Rebecca Smith     76  
20 Roy Gardiner     76  


Dear Members

Welcome to the second Captains Chat of the year.

Social Events

We will be hosting our first social event of the year on 24th March at 6.30 pm.

It will be an evening of Bingo with Chicken and Chips and hosted by the infamous Ian Galloway. It is a don’t miss event costing 10E for the food and 10E for the bingo. So please make sure that your Legs 11 walk up to the noticeboard and put your name down to support this.

Charity update

February is one of the quieter months in the golfing calendar at the Parque but we started off with a Charity Pinsplitter which contributed 380 Euros to the charity pot.

The charity collection box for the 8th Hole Bunker and the 15th Hole lake has received a considerable boost to its normal takings as I have introduced a voluntary donation of 30 Euros for the year which means you don’t need to pay into the box if you are unfortunate enough to get into trouble on either of these holes for the remainder of the year. 23 members have subscribed so far raising 690 Euros in its 1st month of operating. If you are interested in paying your 30 Euros please see either myself or Duncan Leopold.

Our continued relationship with Baptista means we will support their charity again this year NECI and Rui Gloria has proposed as the preferred charity for the team in the Pro shop. I am awaiting Mario Frade from the Bar/Restaurant team to present their choice of charity to give me the 3 charities for my Captains year.

Monthly competitions

This link to the monthly competitions schedule lets you know what’s coming up

We have 2 notable dates coming up in March with the first being 16th March St Patricks Day competition which is a charity Greensomes and the second being 23rd March which is the Ralph Griffin Spring Trophy Dubai.

Quarter 2 competitions will be put on the Website in Mid-March

Singles and Pairs Knock out competitions

The 2021 Knockouts were completed in February and congratulations go to Ian and Janice Galloway who beat Jim Reid and Kevin Bryant and to Rui Gloria who beat Jim Reid. The draw has taken place for the 2022 competitions and the first rounds need to be played by 20th April 2022, best of luck to you all.

Interleague 2022

Floresta Parque Golf Club are in Division 1 this year and the season will start in earnest in April. We have been drawn in the Preliminary round of the knockout competition and we will play Penina at home on 25th March. Michael Abbot and I attended the Interleague AGM and since then Mike has been busy arranging all the home and away fixtures which are now on the website. Thank you for your help Mike.

Race to Budens

The sheet has been updated on the notice board and top 3 are:

  1. Janice Galloway
  2. Linda Anthony
  3. Paul Anthony

Captains Away Trip

The Captains away trip to Rompido is all booked and over 30 members have already signed up for the trip on the 3-5th November. If you would like some more information, then drop me a line or book in via email or put your contact details on the sheet which is on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.

As always, my thanks go to the Card Markers who contribute their time every week to benefit our great club atmosphere at the presentations.

Have a great March

Peter Noone

Captain FPGC



February 2022 – Top 20 Places
1 Janice Galloway     0  
2 Linda Anthony   16  
3 Paul Anthony     16  
4 Ian Galloway     41  
5 Ann De Jongh     43  
6 Rod Smith     51  
7 Mike Eden     51  
8 Ragner Hallldorrson   52  
9 Rebecca Smith     53  
10 Phil Russell        61  
11 Bob Woodworth     62  
12 Michael Abbott     62  
13 Giles Fox     63  
14 Jim Brennan     63  
15 Richard Entwistle     64  
16 Alan Midgley     64  
17 Pam Eden     64  
18 Roy Gardiner     66  
19 Sylvia King     67  
20 Michael Shropshall     69  



No 2022-01 Held on 1st February 2022


Present             Peter Noone – Captain

                         Duncan Leopold – Vice Captain

                         Rod Smith – Chairman

Linda Anthony – Secretary

Giles Fox – Treasurer

Mary Berry

1.     Apologies

1.1.     Mike Abbott .

2.     Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising

2.1.     The minutes were approved by the Captain.

2.2.     Rod Smith to check if a copy of the constitution had been scanned and sent to the member who requested it.

  • Rod Smith


3.     AGM minutes and actions

3.1.     The results of singles competitions will be published in full and displayed on the board and the website.  Anyone entering the singles competitions automatically agrees to their results being published. 

3.2.     The organisation of drawn competitions was discussed and it was decided that a pairs competition in April will be a drawn competition.  Further details will be posted later.

3.3.     The Captain and Chairman are in the process of evaluating various on-line booking systems.

4.     Company Matters

4.1.     Sale of GSA: Representatives of the consortium of approximately 62 members and owners are travelling to Lisbon to consult with lawyers ahead of the auction date of the 24th February.

4.2.     The document store: all the documents for phase three have been collected and are being digitised for distribution. Phases one and two are still in negotiations with GSA.

5.     Treasurer’s report

5.1.     There are 171 paid up members, 5 juniors and 30 more possible members. A reminder will be sent to last years’ members who have not yet renewed their membership.  We have 24 new members.

5.2.     Most members were very prompt in renewing their membership this year with the majority being done by on-line bank transfer.

5.3.     The Treasurer, Captain and Vice-Captain will meet to discuss which Club events should be subsidised this year.

  • Giles Fox, Peter Noone, Duncan Leopold

6.     Handicap and Membership Secretary’s report

6.1.     The single blue post at the end of the 9th fairway needs to be replaced with 4 posts marking the GUR properly.  The blue stakes on the lower side of the 13th green should now be removed and the damaged areas treated as those above and to the sides of the green.  GSA will be asked to do this.

  • Mike Abbott

6.2.     Members are reminded that the tree stumps and tree roots on the 4th hole are an integral part of the course and, unless marked as GUR, do not qualify for a free drop. This applies throughout the course unless a tree root is actually in the fairway.

6.3.     The Vice-Captain suggested that the red penalty stakes to the left of the 14th beyond the end of the stream be moved lower to follow the edge of the strimmed area. This would speed play and prevent accidents when members search for balls in very rough terrain on a very steep bank. It was agreed this was a good idea and Mike Abbott would be asked to approach GSA about this.

  • Mike Abbott

7.     Vice-Captain’s report

7.1.     The Vice-Captain had nothing to add except to say that the committee are doing a great job.

8.     AOB

8.1.     The singles competitions will be Listed as either a Singles Medal or Singles Stableford, no tees will be specified.  This applies from now even though the current competition list specifies tees. Members choose which tee to play from at the beginning of the round, the men can choose between the yellows and the whites and the ladies between the reds and the yellows.  This is allowed by the Federation. 

8.2.     All singles competitions are qualifiers and members are reminded that the tee from which they play must be marked on the card and their name written correctly.  Failure to do so could result in disqualification.

8.3.     Now that Covid restrictions are easing it was felt that reintroducing social evenings would benefit the club and also encourage integration of members. The Captain agreed to explore this idea further.

  • Peter Noone


Next meeting 05/04/2022 at 10.00.







Dear Members

Welcome to the first Captains Chat of the year. I hope to use this monthly column to keep you updated with the latest news from our golf club.

I would firstly like to thank you all for the messages of congratulations and best wishes for the start of my captaincy year. The Captains changeover day and night was a fantastic success with over 80 golfers during the day and over 110 for the changeover ceremony and dinner. The staff were amazing as always looking after us from tee off to send off later that night.

Captain Mary stood down from her role to a standing ovation from the room which is quite a fitting send off after a challenging year. Mary managed to squeeze all of the competitions in, arrange celebrations when allowed and worked around the restrictions with amazing patience and fantastic outcomes. I congratulate you Mary on a job well done and I am sure that when I offer you my thanks and appreciation for all of your hard work, I speak on behalf of all of the members.

On the evening of the changeover, we held a Tops and Tails competition in aid of Katherine Robinson who is well known to many people and Dan is a great friend and supporter of our golf club. In total Euro 730.00 was raised in a funny 10 minutes hosted by the effervescent Ian Galloway.

The Race to Budens has started again and Janice Galloway last years winner hopes to defend her title, best of luck to all the golfers throughout the year. The first update for January 2022 should be put on the board in early February.

The Ladies organised by Rebecca Smith had their first roll up event last Friday and it was supported really well, my understanding is that it is a monthly event and will continue to be a very popular fixture.

As agreed at the AGM in January all singles competition results will be posted on the notice board with immediate effect.

I am very pleased to announce that we have currently 171 paid members of Floresta Parque GC of which 24 are new members. A very special welcome to all of you. Hopefully we will be on target for over 200 members this year.

A suggestion was made at the AGM this year regarding drawn competitions as an opportunity for new members to meet other members. It was agreed at the committee meeting on 1-2-22 that the first drawn comp will be a pairs comp in April. Further details will follow but please make sure you put your names down when the competition is put on the board.

Monthly competitions

This link to the monthly competitions schedule lets you know what’s coming up


The entry sheets for the Singles knockout and the Pairs knockout are up on the notice board so please sign up to be part of the draw taking place on 6th February.

Captains Away Trip

This has been organised for the 3rd-5th November 2022 and an email will be circulated to all members over the next week with the finer details and costings. It is a trip which I am really excited about, and I hope your diary is free and that you are able to join Tess and I on this trip to Golf El Rompido.

As always, my thanks go to the Card Markers who contribute their time every week to benefit our great club atmosphere at the presentations.

Have a great February

Peter Noone

Captain FPGC




Held in the O Parque Restaurant 14th January 2022

Present: Geoff Harnett Chairman, Mary Berry Captain, Peter Noone Vice Captain, Rod Smith, Giles Fox, Mike Abbott, Linda Anthony, Brian Newsham

32 members in attendance.

The meeting commenced at 6.30

Geoff Harnett opened the meeting by welcoming the members and thanking them for attending. He then requested that the members took a moment to remember Derek Hill and Brian Marsh.

Apologies: Bob Hart.

1.     Matters arising from 2020 officer’s reports.

There were no matters arising.  For the record there was no AGM for the year 2020 due to Covid restrictions.

2.     Chairman’s Report

Good evening, everyone.


This is the last report I will give as club Chairman. Having done the job for 6 years I felt it was time to step down and ask another member to take the reins.

However, before I do that, it is my pleasant task to give you a general update on the club’s activities over the last year.

Although our year was once again affected by the Pandemic, things were thankfully better than 2020 and we were able to enjoy more golf and even a few social events.

More detailed reports will, as usual, be forthcoming from the Handicap secretary, Treasurer and Captain shortly.

Our golf club continues to flourish despite the pandemic and the continued plight of GSA thanks to the resilience and enthusiasm of our members although, due to continuing travel restrictions and testing requirements, many of our regular members felt unable to be here as much with the result that we had a much-reduced number of members in 2021, a point I am sure our treasurer Foxy will talk about in his report.





The situation with GSA continues to cause concern, as underinvestment in critical infrastructure such as buggy maintenance, means that members have often been asked to use (and pay for) equipment that is beyond its useful life.

There is finally a glimmer of hope, as the Administrator has at last launched the resort sale process through adverts in the international press. Initial bids for the assets have been invited with a closing date of February 25th.

At this point we have no indication of the level of interest the Administrator has received, but we will keep pressing for any information we can get, and pass any news on as soon as possible.

In the meantime, Nigel Glaister, who owns property on Phase 3, is currently looking into the viability of an Owner / Member led consortium to purchase the assets ourselves. Again, we will keep on top of any progress and keep members informed as soon as possible.


Before I go on to thank the people who keep our club going, I would like to mention two members of the club who passed away this year,

Derek Hill & Bryan Marsh.


Derek had been fighting cancer for some while whilst Bryan was a victim of Covid 19. Two more delightful people you would be hard to find. They were both stalwart members of the club & will be sorely missed both on the course & the terrace.


I am not going to talk about the club’s financial health as Foxy will be giving his report shortly & he is far more qualified to do this.

 Suffice to say the club is in a robust & healthy position financially.

I would, on behalf of us all, like to thank Foxy for all the hard work he has done during these last 2 very difficult years & I would ask you all join me in congratulating him on a job well done. Well done Foxy!


Another committee member who deserves our thanks is Michael Abbott who yet again has managed the handicaps extremely well, especially with all the problems the new World Handicap System has thrown up. He also took on the role of maintaining the club website & is responsible for the personalised emails all members receive on regular basis telling us any news including The Captains Blog & other information the committee needs to tell you about.

Thank you, Michael.


I would also like to thank an unsung member of the committee.  Linda Anthony who does a great job as our club secretary Thank you Linda

We have a new Captain in Peter Noone who is officially taking over the reins from Mary Tomorrow. I would like to welcome him to his new position & assure him of the committee’s full support during the tenure of his captaincy.


I would now like to thank our outgoing captain Mary Berry. I know you will all agree with me that she has done a stellar job during her year which was beset by difficulties posed by the Pandemic. She was totally supported by her husband Mick, another club stalwart, who organised the club marker rota for the last 4 years.

She set out to play with as many members as she could during her tenure as captain & managed more than 80 of you, quite a result.

All the events she was able to organise within the difficult parameters dictated by the government due to the pandemic were very well attended & a lot of fun. One of Mary’s many triumphs was her Captains Away Trip to Spain which was one of the best in recent memory. Brilliantly organised & incredibly well supported by the members. Thank you, Mary.


This year the members of the committee finishing their 3 year term of office are Myself, Linda Anthony, Giles Fox, Michael Abbott & Rod Smith all of whom, with the exception of myself are offering themselves for re-election & have been duly proposed & seconded.


Rui Gloria has continued to be very capable as golf manager of GSA & we are lucky to have a good working relationship with him. We are all aware of the financial restrictions he has to work under and the committee will continue to support him over the coming year.
We also enjoy a good working relationship with Nelson & the ground keeping staff. The course has, by & large, been in excellent condition all year. And GSA has had yet another very good year in terms of rounds sold.
Mario & the team in the Spike bar & restaurant looked after us very well during the year when the pandemic allowed with some very good catering at our events.
My final ‘Thank You’ tonight is as always threefold,
Firstly, to all the members of the committee who give up their time to make sure all our members have a great club to play at.
Secondly, to all of the volunteer members who give up their time to ‘do the cards’ so that our competitions are expertly administered – with a particular thanks to Mick Berry for managing the rota over the last few years  & to Mike Evans who is taking over the role from him

And finally, a huge thanks to you, our members, – you continue to play your role in making our club the great place it is. You are the single biggest asset we have. Thank you so much.

There will be plenty of opportunity for questions later, so for the moment I will hand over to Michael for his report and wish you all a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2022.


Thank you



3.     Handicap and Membership Secretary’s Report

It’s been a tough year with the new handicap system being introduced and not only for members but the handicap committee and the FPG have had setbacks and difficulties implementing the system.

The biggest problem has been unifying handicaps from other countries with Portugal. When the WHS was introduced in Portugal initially, the system wouldn’t accept international scores. Until this was rectified, we have accepted a current international handicap record and changed the handicap index manually. Whether your handicap is lower or higher, the most current handicap is ALWAYS the one that should be used. Players should NOT have 2 handicap indexes. We will input any player who is a member of 2 or more clubs (overseas) last 20 stroke differential scores (if available) into the system and this will give players their updated exact FPG handicap index the following day. If players do not provide this information to the committee and are playing off a wrong handicap, we will take action.

We also have advised during the year that members put in as many extra scores as possible, this will give you a true reflection and a more accurate handicap index. Players can as previously mentioned introduce scores on if they have an FPG member marking their card.  In club competitions cards can only be recorded if the committee deem it as a qualifying tournament. The platform is designed so that players can manage their handicap. You can enter and view results, check your handicap index daily, calculate your playing handicap, update your personal information, and obtain your handicap certificate.

As we don’t play enough qualifiers and members don’t introduce enough extra day scores the General play rule has been used accordingly and will still be going forward. The handicap committee can and will use this when they feel necessary.

The committee have also raised the maximum handicap limit in competitions and hopefully this will encourage more members to play qualifying rounds.

As always, ALL members are responsible for their own handicap. It is up to each member to inform the committee of any changes and provide a record so we can address it accordingly, whether your current handicap is lower or higher. It’s a difficult task to get it right all the time as we are not always given the correct information or sometimes no information at all.

All the information and help you need on handicaps and the is still posted on the FPG website, there is also an English option.

I would also like to add that as the monthly single qualifying competitions are managed by the data golf FPG system all none federated members will play as visitors as of the 1st of April 2022.


4.     Treasurer’s report.

I will start with a brief overview before looking at specific figures to give everyone a good understanding of where the Club Finances stand. I have today closed the year so the figures are totally up to date and ready for scrutiny. Should there be any requests for further information it gives me time to respond fully and accurately prior to the AGM on the 14/1/22. Prior to the AGM I will send out another document covering any questions that Members might raise together with the relevant explanation

  • Unsurprisingly, owing to the disruption that Covid has caused, Membership fell to 166 paid up Members, 5 Honorary Life Members and 5 new Junior Members. This obviously brings a reduction in income for the Club. I am, however, very optimistic that Membership will again increase as we all adjust to the challenges of Covid and the disruption this has caused to people’s ability to travel. We continue to recruit new Members from other clubs and from the Burgau Sports Centre Golf Society who play at Golfe Santo Antonio. They play their competitions every Thursday and, like us, welcome guests. Many of our Membership already play in their Thursday competitions on a regular basis. In return golfing enthusiasts in their Society have joined FPGC to get Federated handicaps, access to the CNIG card facility and to play in our competitions. Long may this mutually beneficial relationship continue.
  • We have Federated 5 FPGC Juniors this year and have started to introduce them to play in selected Club competitions as their skills have improved. Any of you playing in the Texas Scramble on Sunday 2nd January next year will see them in action. My thanks to Rui who has done such a remarkable job with this group. We are now embarking on a new recruitment drive to attract more players to the training group, especially as the older ones will begin to play more regularly amongst us. Rui and his Tigers are a force for good to the future of our club.
  • As reduced Membership and the curtailed amount of golf we have been able to play through this year has reduced income we have been careful to adjust expenditure accordingly. We have again generated a modest surplus this year and maintain asset reserves above the targeted level of €15K. This leaves us in a position, as Covid distancing conditions relax, to increase the social calendar back to what it was, maintain the CNIG card benefit for next year and restart the free water supply from the shed as soon as conditions allow. Your club is financially stable and ready to serve the needs of the Membership into the future.

So here are the actual figures.

Income & Expenditure        
  Membership 9966.00      
  Federation 9255.00      
  Batista Sponsorship 0.00      
Entry Fees Comps 12403.00      
  2`s 9290.00      
  Charity Account 6800.95      
  Other Income 0.00      


  Federation Fees 9683.00      
  Federation Admin 1300.00      
Vouchers Comps 8879.00      
  2`s 7467.00      
Events AGM 0.00      
  Captain V’s Vice Captain 0.00      
  Captains Changeover 228.00      
  Club Championship 0.00      
  Past Captains Day 225.00      
  Members Day 300.00      
  Captain’s Day 280.00      
  Christmas Hamper 2339.79      
  Sagittarius Trophy 0.00      
  Bank Charges 111.23      
1 Computer/Stationery 843.84      
2 Comp/Trophy Boards 25.00      
3 League Fees etc 0.00      
4 League shirts 90.00      
5 Charity Account 6500.00      
6 Treas/MemSec golf fees 2600.00      
7 Junior Golf 1250.00      
8 Refreshments 723.98      
9 CNIT Card & Sundries 1530.00      
10 PT/Telecom 627.73      
Total Expenditure         45,003.57€
    Surplus / Deficit   2711.38€


I would like to provide some explanations and details in certain areas,

Charity Account – This reflects the support provided to NECI through our relationship with Baptista, Madrugada and Kelvin Whittaker’s Charity Walk for the Pink Ribbon fund.

Refreshments – This reflects the dinner the previous Captain hosted at the beginning of the year to say thank you to the Ground staff and the Golf Shop Staff for their support in 2021 together with the Interclub matches played at home this year and Committee Meeting refreshments throughout 2021.

Computer/Stationary – This figure is significantly higher than normal but represents the payment in advance for the next 3 years web hosting and website back up facilities together with licences for the continued use of Microsoft 365 software.

Sundries – Includes the cost of the CNIG cards and the purchase of Covid tests that at one stage were required at one of the first social events held this year.


Statement of Assets      
Bank Balance & Cash 29386.10    
Deposit Account      
Total Current Assets     29,386.10 €
Vouchers owed 5000.00    
Charity Account 4629.54    
Total Current Liabilities     9,629.54 €
Net Assets     19,756.56 €


Again, some explanations.

Bank Balance & Cash – Very little is held in cash and what money is in the bank cannot currently be held on deposit for any gain.

Vouchers – The club’s exposure to vouchers has greatly reduced over the last couple of months. This figure is normally around €8-9k.


Should anyone like more specific information or explanation please submit your request in writing to the Chairman by Jan 7th 2022. The Committee meets again before the AGM where these questions can be addressed and it will give me time to prepare the document to send out to the Membership with full explanations for any issues raised before the AGM. It will not be my intention to take questions from the floor that evening unless it is for thoughts and suggestions on how we can further develop and improve the Club. A greater use of technology into the future perhaps?

At the last AGM meeting held the question of governance over the accounts was raised. I prepare every month the Income/Expenditure and Balance Sheet report you see above and this is shared with every Committee Member. This is accompanied by a ledger that records all income, all expenditure and the accrual accounts for the vouchers and charity fund line by line. This is further enhanced by a projection report for the whole year to guide the Committee so we can react to situations to ensure we reach the end of the year with a surplus and sufficient reserves. To date no one has requested to look at the accounts but should anyone want to do so I am more than happy to schedule an appointment, at any time before the AGM, in the shed for anyone to inspect the records I keep and to review the whole process with me.

Finally, my thanks to you all for your encouragement and support, it is very welcome. Let us hope next year offers a much improved environment so we can all enjoy our wonderful Club and golf course together. I trust you all enjoyed a very Happy Christmas and let us all hope for a much less socially restricted New Year.


It is time to pay your Membership and Federation Fees for 2022. These fees are unchanged from last year and remain €60 for Club Membership and €60 for the Federation Fees for each individual. You can make payment either in the Golf Shop or alternatively you can also pay online direct to the Floresta Parque Golfe Clube bank account:

IBAN No: PT50 0035 0861 0000 7693030 38


If you choose to pay online, please make sure your surname is used as a reference in the transfer so we can readily identify where the payment has come from and please send an email to confirming what you have paid and which individuals you are paying for. If any of your personal details, such as email addresses or phone numbers change, please let us know.


Giles Fox stated that this report had already been circulated to the members and various queries raised had been responded to and these were recorded in the Committee minutes on the 7th January 2022. He also stated that as of lunchtime on the 14.01.2022 the club now has 156 members, 23 of whom are new.  These new members have been recruited from the Burgau Sports Club, by Rui and his team in golf reception and from the Juniors section of the club. In view of the fact that the number of juniors playing at the Club is increasing Giles Fox proposed that a junior membership category be created with membership being €10 a year for players under 18. 

This was formally proposed to the meeting and the resolution passed. Proposed Giles Fox, seconded Frank Finan.


5.     Captain’s Report

Good evening, everyone,

It has been my privilege to be Captain of Floresta Parque Golf Club for this past year. It has been another year affected by the pandemic which has presented some challenges but I have always felt the support of the people around me – the committee, the staff and you the members and your partners.


I would just like to mention some of the high points and low points of the year.

My Captaincy began with a lockdown which meant we had to delay the celebration of the handover and were unable to recommence club competitions until April 7th. Happily, we were then able to continue playing golf competitions regularly throughout the year.

The celebration of the changeover was held in June and was combined with the delayed Ralph Griffin trophy.

The evening prior to the changeover celebration was probably my lowest point when we had to face the possibility of cancellation due to last minute changes to the regulations.

The day itself was marred by a buggy accident causing a worrying injury to one of our members but we were able to have an evening function with some sense of normality.

On my Captains Day, I was delighted that several members of my family were able to come over from England and Scotland and enjoy the day and help to make the event go smoothly.

In September, we were able to use the dates left open by the cancellation of the GSA Autumn festival to arrange a series of golf events including, Captain v Vice Captain; Taca da Liberdade; Past Captains and ending with the Club Championship. All of these events had been postponed by the pandemic.

I would like to congratulate our Club Champions, Darren Devlin, Sara Webb and David Walling.

In early November, I was delighted that we were able to go ahead with my Captains Away Trip to Montecastillo and that the weather stayed kind. It was heartwarming that so many people joined me.

I would like to thank Mike Eden for helping with the arrangements for my away trip and Ann de Jongh for holding the early morning exercise sessions to prepare us for golf.

The Christmas Hamper competition was a high point towards the end of my year.

The auction after the Christmas Hamper competition helped to boost the donation to my main charity, Madrugada, to €3000 in the year. My thanks go to auctioneer and bingo caller extraordinaire Ian Galloway for helping to achieve this.

At the end of the Advent Festival, on a personal note, I celebrated winning the Sagittarius trophy alongside my husband.

At the very end of my year, we came very close to achieving promotion in the Algarve Interleague, missing out by 2 points. I am pleased to report that, in the ten matches that the team played, we utilized 25 different players, including eight ladies. Rie Cherubini was one of the ladies who helped to get the season off to a great start and I hope and pray that Rie will be back representing the club in the coming season.


We are lucky as a club to be served by such a loyal staff; out on the course, in the golf shop and here in the bar and restaurant.

I would like especially to thank Mario and also Pedro, who stood in for Mario during a particularly difficult time.

As Geoffrey has mentioned, I have enjoyed playing golf with over 85 different members during the year and I wish I could have played with more. My thanks to you all.

I would like to thank Geoffrey and the committee for their support and advice during the year.

I would like to thank the card rota team especially Mike Evans for helping to coordinate the team.

My thanks to Mick, without whom I could not have done this job.

Finally, I would like to wish Peter, as your incoming Captain a very successful year.

6.     Approval of Vice Captain

Duncan Leopold was proposed as Vice-Captain by Peter Noone and seconded by Mary Berry. He was elected by the meeting.

Duncan Leopold thanked Peter Noone for choosing him to be his Vice Captain and said he was looking forward to the year ahead.

7.     Nominations and Election of the following committee members.

  1. Secretary – Linda Anthony
  2. Treasurer – Giles Fox
  3. Handicap and Membership Secretary – Mike Abbott
  4. Chairman – Rod Smith

Geoffrey Harnett thanked Brian Newsham, who retires from the committee this year, for his valuable input over the last three years.

There being no other nominations for the committee post A B and C these posts were voted in by the members.

Giles Fox proposed Rod Smith as the new Chairman, this was seconded by Peter Noone. Rod Smith voted in as the new Chairman.

Geoffrey Harnett congratulated Rod Smith on his election and handed over the chair of the meeting to him.

Rod Smith then continued the meeting with a tribute to Geoffrey Harnett.

I would like to briefly pay tribute to Geoff as outgoing Chairman. He took on the role 6 years ago when Jim Reid stepped down and at a time when almost all of us were new to the golf club committee. The job of Chairman is necessarily lower key than other committee roles – but it is the Chairman who is the members advocate on the committee, and he is the first port of call for members to challenge or praise what the club is doing.

He has been passionate and committed in the task of keeping the club within the remit provided by the members – he has listened and acted when members have expressed concerns, he has stood up for his committee when he believed it was justified, he has made sure that AGM’s and other meetings have been conducted fairly and openly and he has been a steadying hand during some very difficult times.

On behalf of the Committee and the entire membership I hope you will show your

appreciation to Geoff for a job well done.


8.     Green fee subsidy approval

Rod Smith stated that it was believed that this had been done two years ago at the 2019 AGM but a query has been raised about this so the memberships’ approval is being sort again.

By way of explanation GSA subsidises the Captain’s Green fees and buggy and the buggy fees for the Vice-Captain.  The Club has subsidised the Treasurer’s green fees for years as this role receives no external help.  The role of the Handicap and Membership Secretary is explained below

  • Administration of Handicaps
  • Liaison with the Portuguese Federation – not just handicaps but also medical certification negotiations and any other Portuguese specific requirements
  • Website updates – competition results, notices, events, etc
  • Regular meetings with Greenkeeping staff – club requirements of the course.
  • Regular meetings with Golf Director
  • Building and maintaining relationship with sponsors – Baptista, etc. Including negotiating prize vouchers, wines, etc
  • Building and maintaining relationship with charities – arranging payments, receipts, etc
  • Trophies for our comps, ie Club Championship
  • Liaison with local suppliers – competition sheets, vouchers, honours boards, etc
  • Any interaction with anyone else where Portuguese language is required – eg MEO, GNR, Covid rule clarifications, etc
  • Any other task not covered by other committee members


Cost of subsidy of green fees for this role is nett 1300 euro per year, this equates to 25 euro per week after the GSA contribution to CNIG cards is factored in. It is, along with the Treasurer’s role, the most time-consuming role on the committee.

We recognise that a lot of these tasks are hidden from members as they take place behind the scenes, but we see the value and support the continued subsidy of the role.


Rod Smith proposed that these subsidies should continue, seconded by Geoffrey Harnett, motion carried.

9.      AOB

Peter McDonagh thanked Geoffrey Harnett for his time as Chairman and his support when he was Captain.

Frank Finan congratulated the committee on the fantastic job they do and thanked Geoffrey Harnett for all his hard work as Chairman.

Jim Brennan raised a query about the pin positions.  Would it be possible to liase with the green staff through Rui about this matter. Mike Abbott works hard with Rui on such matters and will continue to try to get more understanding on suitable pin positions.  Frank Finan suggested that instead of pin positions being A or B the flags could be red, yellow or blue which would indicate their position on the green and give more flexibility.  This idea was greeted with enthusiasm and will be looked into.

Janice Galloway raised the question about the full results of singles competitions being published and why they weren’t. Rod Smith explained that some members are sensitive about having their results published for all to see.  The matter was put to a vote at the meeting and the majority voted in favour of the full list of singles competition results being published.  The committee will ascertain that this does not contravene any of Portugal’s strict privacy laws before implementing this.

A question was raised by a Lorraine O’Connell about the possibility of having more drawn competitions to encourage more integration of members. Rod Smith replied that, in the coming year, the committee will be looking at ways to update and modernise the Club’s booking systems and the way competitions are organised.



The date of the next AGM is Friday 13th January 2023.

The Chairman thanked the members for attending and closed the meeting at 19.30



January 2022 – Top 20 Places
1 Linda Anthony     0  
2 Janice Galloway   9  
3 Paul Anthony     11  
4 Sylvia King     15  
5 Rod Smith     15  
6 Ann De Jongh     16  
7 Rebecca Smith     17  
8 Giles Fox     22  
9 Malcolm Berry     23  
10 Mary Berry     23  
11 Mike Eden     23  
12 Bob Woodworth     23  
13 Ian Galloway     24  
14 Michael Abbott     24  
15 Richard Entwistle     24  
16 Jim Brennan     25  
17 Roy Gardiner     25  
18 Michael Shropshall     29  
19 Stephen Parkin     30  
20 Bob Hart     35  



No 2022-08 HELD ON 7th January 2022


Present             Mary Berry – Captain

                         Peter Noone – Vice Captain

                         Geoffrey Harnett – Chairman

Linda Anthony – Secretary

Giles Fox – Treasurer

Mike Abbott- Handicap and Membership Secretary

Rod Smith

Brian Newsham

1.     Apologies

1.1.     None required.

2.     Approval of Minutes and Matters Arising

2.1.     The minutes were approved by the Captain.

2.2.     Members are reminded that they may not attend the AGM if their membership of the Club has not been paid.

2.3.     Membership fees were due as of the 1st of January, anyone who has not paid their membership fees will play as a visitor in Club competitions. An email covering this and other matters will be sent to the membership.

  • Giles Fox

2.4.     The singles competitions are Federated competitions that are run by the Club, any member who is not federated will play as a visitor in these competitions and a visitor’s prize will be awarded. The Federation membership is current until the 31st March.  A notice about the above will be put on the board in the bar, the shop and the website.

2.5.     This is the notice which will be displayed under the heading Competition Entry Fees.

To clarify the entry fees for various categories of players to the Floresta Parque Golf Club Competitions in 2022, please see the table below.

Member of FPGC / Federation Fee Paid

Non-Qualifying Competition                               3 euro

Qualifying Competition                                      3 euro

Member of FPGC / Non-Federated

Non-Qualifying Competition                               3 euro

Qualifying Competition                                      5 euro

Non-Member of FPGC / Non-Federated

Non-Qualifying Competition                               5 euro

Qualifying Competition                                      5 euro

All entrants to each competition who are eligible to pay the 3-euro entry fee will be competing in the members prize categories. All 5-euro entry fee players will be competing in the Visitors prize categories except that the club may include visitors in the members prize categories when playing in a team event with members – the 5-euro entry fee will still apply.

2’s Competition’s

All Entrants                                                       3 euro


FPGC Membership fees from 2021 expired on 31st December 2021.

2022 fees are due from 1st January 2022.

Federation Fees are payable before 1st April 2022. Players who hold Federation Membership from 2021 are still Federated until 31st March 2022. The Federation charge a late payment penalty for renewals after 1st April.

Players who can demonstrate that they are members of the Portuguese Golf federation at another Portugal Golf Club will be eligible for the 3-euro entry fee in qualifying competitions.

  • Rod Smith

3.     Company Matters

3.1.     GSA has been put on the market, some members may have seen the advert in the January Tomorrow magazine, sealed bids are invited to be submitted by the 24th February, the top three bids will be invited to bid again if the asking price is not achieved.

3.2.     Document Store – Phase 3 have placed a contract with GSA to access this. Phase 1 and 2 and the Golf Village are currently negotiating with GSA.

4.     Treasurer’s report

4.1.     Currently 104 members have joined the Club, ten of which are new members. Seventy five percent of members paid their membership by bank transfer, making the Treasurer’s job simpler.

4.2.     In my Treasury Report for 2021 I requested that should anyone like more specific information or explanation to submit your request in writing to the Chairman by Jan 7th 2022. I am glad to report that I have had a very positive response from the Members and following today’s Committee Meeting I am happy to share the questions raised together with explanations.

Before I share these with you, I would like to remind you that fees were expected before the 1st January and if you have not yet paid, please do so as soon as possible. So far, I have had a terrific response to the renewals and 104 Members and new Members have already transferred funds or paid in the shop. Please remember you are not entitled to attend the AGM on the 14th January 2022 and you will now have to pay €5 instead of €3 take part in any club competition unless you have paid your Membership. I am, of course, aware that many Members are not currently in Portugal and will pay when they arrive. There is no problem with this but this will mean they will not be entitled to any Membership privileges and their Federation Handicap will not be renewed until payment is made and if left beyond 31st March 2022 will attract a 10% late payment surcharge*

Q & A’s

Most sets of accounts include a Balance Sheet. Can you supply one?

 I choose to publish the accounts in the way that I do as I feel it is highly important to be able to demonstrate our ‘Income and Expenditure’ in some detail and then illustrate the ‘Surplus/Deficit’ that is generated in a nontechnical way. I then accompany this with a ‘Statement of Assets’ so anyone can easily understand the reserves the Club hold. Not everyone is familiar with the accounts in the way that people from a commercial background may be. However, I am very fortunate that a fellow Member has taken the time this week to enable me to adjust my reporting structure so in future it will also incorporate a complete balance sheet report more in tune with accounting protocols.

Please give details of €2,600 Treas/MemSec golf fees.

 The annual cost from GSA for two single Members (they will not let these two subscriptions be considered as a ‘couple’) with the early payment discount of 10% is €3204. The reason we get this discounted down to €2600 is because we insist that in return GSA must share the cost of the CNIT card (€1200 annually) equally as it is a benefit that attracts golfers to play at GSA. The conditions of access to the CNIT card scheme is full Federated Membership of FPGC together with a suitable golf subscription with GSA. A high proportion of the Membership take advantage of the CNIT Card scheme and it has enabled us to recruit new Members to the Club over the last few years successfully.

How does the Charity account work? Why doesn’t the amount collected agree with the out payment?

Charity funds are collected into the club finds through the collection boxes for the 8th bunker and 15th lake, designated charity competitions and by the efforts of groups and/or individuals fund raising or donations. This fund is then distributed by the Captain to the charities they wish to support. These distributions are recorded in the Committee Meeting Minutes which are published on the website. The amount collected will never correspondent exactly with the out payment because the distributions go out to several charities at different times. Any charity fund surplus at the year end is carried forward to the next year and you can see the existing liability for the Charity Fund in the Asset Statement I prepare.

Christmas Hamper. Are these those in Golf Reception and the Club Bar? I thought these were created by the staff for their benefit.

 The heading ‘Christmas Hamper’ refers to all the costs the Christmas Hamper Competition which we enjoyed in December. Part of this cost does include providing Hampers to the Golf Reception and the Spikes Bar so the staff can raffle them off for a Christmas Bonus from the Club but also cover the dinner for Members, entertainment and prizes on the night.

I am surprised that the Membership fees does not divide by the annual fee of €60  

The Membership Fees do not divide equally into €60 because one individual was obliged to pay a late payment surcharge of €6 in 2021.

I would have expected the Federation income and expenditure to balance out?

During to the confusion and restrictions caused by Covid at the beginning of 2020 a few Members indicated they would pay when they arrived later in the year. The Committee took the view to be supportive to these Members to maintain their Handicap record. In just a few cases we didn’t get the payment of the Federation Fee so the income and expenditure do not balance. This is the reason why in my first request to the Membership for payment in 2022 I stipulated that we would not be doing this again.

I cannot recall whether or not the accounts are presented as from your e-mail or if a final hard copy is circulated for the AGM. Either way, it would be much easier for us uncommercial/financially less literate members to assess and understand the financial actions of our club during each year if the comparative figures from the previous year for each item were included. Unusual changes can then be explained to Club Members.

I believe as the report is delivered electronically it is a simple process for any Member to make this comparison for themselves. I provide an accurate commentary within the report that highlights any significant figures, especially in comparison with the previous year’s performance.

Given the disruption to travel plans over the last year are vouchers going to be valid for more than 12 months?

The vouchers have returned to having a valid life of only 12 months from April 2021. At the start of Covid we extended the life of vouchers to 18 months to give everyone time to use them but this was reduced back to 12 months once unrestricted travel resumed. In reality we have being very lenient and tried to make sure vouchers issued to people who have not been able to travel stayed active until they got here and they had a chance to use them. We will still be lenient going forward but only to Members who can demonstrate exceptional circumstances why they couldn’t use them.


Whilst it is expected that prize money is only a proportionate part of the total entry fees, I believe that for transparency the formula for calculation should be published and updated when necessary and /or provided via notes to the accounts.

From the competition entry fees we try to ensure that that at least 80% of the money is distributed back to the winners and only 20% is then retained by the club. To achieve this a Table has been prepared for the ‘Cards Team’ to give them guidance to achieve this result. The next time you play in a competition please just ask whoever is doing the cards to show you this table.

I hope this information I have provided now covers any questions concerning the accounts for the Membership. I would like to thank everyone for their support and interest. Especially those who have shared their experience and guidance to help me improve the way I operate and report.

 *Unless agreed in writing with the Treasurer before the end of January 2022 


It is time to pay your Membership and Federation Fees for 2022. These fees are unchanged from last year and remain €60 for Club Membership and €60 for the Federation Fees for each individual. You can make payment either in the Golf Shop or alternatively you can also pay online direct to the Floresta Parque Golfe Clube bank account:

IBAN No: PT50 0035 0861 0000 7693030 38


If you choose to pay online please make sure your surname is used as a reference in the transfer so we can readily identify where the payment has come from and please send an email to confirming what you have paid and which individuals you are paying for. If any of your personal details, such as email addresses or phone numbers change, please let us know.

4.3.     Junior golf: at the AGM a proposal will be put forward that the Juniors, defined as 17 and under, should pay a €10 membership fee.

4.4.     Destination of the Charity Funds raised:

  • In the last 10 years there are only a small number of charities that the club has supported – They are NECI, Lagos Orphans, Riding for the Disabled, Bombeiros, Madraguda. Additionally, some years there have been one off requests for support like Kelvin Whittaker’s Pink Ribbon Charity Walk and the Donkey Sanctuary.
  • Most charities are supported most years, so it is predictable where the money goes
  • Each year the Captain gets to nominate his/her additions or deletions to the list for that year
  • The committee are there only to provide advice on suitable charities to the Captain and to arrange the actual payments via Michael
  • Until the year is almost over the list cannot be finalised as we don’t know how much there will be to each charity. 
  • Traditionally, there is an announcement on Captain’s Changeover evening of the amount raised and the Charities supported by the outgoing Captain.

4.5.     Charity monies raised in 2020/21 €11.128,00 and have been distributed accordingly: NECI (Baptista sponsorship) €6000,00, Pink Ribbon, Kelvin Whittaker’s walk, €500, Madraguda € 3000,00, Bombeiros €500,00, Rui Gloria, autism charity, €500,00, and the remainder €618,00 will carry over to 2022. In addition Captain Brian’s bunker charity box raised €1300,00 which he kindly donated to the Mustard Seed in Lagos..  Going forward there will be only one charity collection box.

4.6.     The payment of 2’s money will revert to a minimum of €10 and maximum of €100.

5.     Handicap and Membership report

5.1.     Mike Abbott sent an email to all members explaining how the current handicap system operates, this was again discussed at the meeting and will be covered again at the AGM.  Players must play off their current handicap (providing a handicap record when returning from abroad) and the Club reserve the right to check handicaps at all times.  The handicap list will be updated once a week and displayed on the board, this is only a guideline as the handicap list I updated daily by the FPG. All players are responsible for their own handicaps.

5.2.     The annual handicap report has been done and there are no changes. Mike Abbott will check that the handicap list shows players with handicaps over 36.

  • Mike Abbott

5.3.     Competition results will be shown on the website shortly after each competition has been played.  The top ten results will also be shown in singles competitions.  The website will be updated.

5.4.     The issue of block bookings and booking for competitions was discussed.  It was agreed that a meeting would be held to discuss the way forward with a view to improving and updating all our systems and the way booking for competitions is organised.

6.     Captain’s Update

6.1.     The Captain’s Changeover, everything is in place and the evening event organised.

6.2.     The Knockout competitions will be completed before the Changeover.

6.3.     The Loyalty Lottery will not continue this year.

7.     AOB

7.1.     Geoffrey Harnett went through the order of running of the AGM. He thanked the committee for all their hard work and remarked on how much he had enjoyed his six years as Chairman, working with great Captains, committee members and the members in general.

7.2.     Brian Newsham thanked the committee and said he had enjoyed his three years on the committee as Vice Captain, Captain and Past Captain.


Next meeting TBA