No 2018-01 HELD ON 12th January 2018
Present: Geoffrey Harnett – Chairman
Mike Abbott– Captain
Frank Finan – Vice Captain
Dave Haddon – Treasurer
Giles Fox – Secretary
Linda Anthony
Rod Smith

1. Company Matters
1.1. There were no company matters.
2. Apologies
2.1. Ralph Griffin, Peter McDonagh.
3. Approval of Minutes
3.1. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed by the Captain.
4. Matters Arising
4.1. AGM: the members have received the draft accounts; there has been one query, which has been answered. The minutes have been posted on the board.
4.2. A reminder about slow play is to be included in the AGM.
4.3. The agenda was agreed and will be e-mailed to members prior to the meeting with a reminder that only full members who have paid can attend.
5. Treasurers Report
5.1. Cash position, consolidated as per accounts 31st December 2017:
25,186.35 euros
Less accruals: 6,557.54 euros
Net cash available: 18,628.81 euros.
5.2. Of the anticipated 160 members 70 have paid.
5.3. A provisional budget for 2018 has been prepared.
5.4. The Federation is raising it’s administration fee from €150 to €1,300, many clubs are raising a complaint about this.
6. Handicaps
6.1. The annual review has been carried out using the Federation’s figures. No one whose handicap was cut during the year has received a shot back.
7. Website
7.1. The calendar of important events in 2018 is to be added to the website.
8. Events Update
8.1. Captain’s Changeover. The subsidy for the event is €10, members will pay €15 and visitors €25.
8.2. Mike Abbott will host the prize giving after which all cheques for charity will be distributed.
8.3. Music for the evening has been organised.
9. AOB
9.1. Rod Smith will continue to administer the Race to Budens.
9.2. Mike Abbott will continue to liaise with Rui Baptista.
9.3. It is proposed to move the Changeover and AGM back to the 2nd week in January and the date of the 2019 AGM will be announced at the end of the 2018 AGM.
9.4. Mick Berry is organising the dinner for the card rota team.

Next meeting: Friday 2nd March 2018 at 09.30.

Meeting closed at 10:30
Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Rod Smith, Mike Abbott, David Haddon, Ralph Griffin,
Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Frank Finan, Peter McDonagh.


1 John Brodie  0
2 Carol Newland 28
3 Ivor Newland 60
4 Michael Abbott 63
5 Bob Hart 83
6 George Chadwick 112
7 David Bull 161
8 Marian Trott 161
9 Lorraine Bull 163
10 Gillian Andrew 185
11 Phil Russell 188
12 Peter Fisher 197
13 Giles Fox 199
14 Stephen Parkin 200
15 Andy Stephenson 204
16 Bob Woodworth 210
17 Gloria Pooley 213
18 Francesco Borges 213
19 Allan Pooley 235
20 Mike Evans 250


Dear Member,
Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Floresta Parque Golf Club will be held on Friday 19th January 2018 in the Golf Club Restaurant at 6.00 for 6.30pm.
I must advise, that should there not be a sufficient number of members present or represented at the appointed hour to form the required legal quorum, the meeting will be held in an adjourned session at the same place, one hour after the initially appointed time.

The Agenda will be as follows:-

1. Approval of 2016 AGM Minutes
2. Chairman’s report
3. Secretary’s report
4. Treasurer’s report
5. Approval of 2017 Accounts
6. Captain’s report
7. Approval of Vice Captain: Peter McDonaugh
8. Any Other Business

Copies of both 2016 AGM Minutes and 2017 Accounts will be sent by email for inspection to all paid up members and will appear on the notice board: minutes from mid December 2017 and accounts from 12 January 2017.
Any voting Member wishing to raise any point for discussion under Any Other Business must notify the Chairman of the Council ( in writing of his/her intention and the contents of the point to be raised.
Please note that only fully paid up full members can attend and vote at the AGM and any proxies must be given in writing before the AGM. Invitations to pay membership fees by cash, cheque or bank transfer are attached.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Abbott,
Captain, Floresta Parque Golf Club



No 2017-05 HELD ON 1st December 2017

Present: Geoffrey Harnett – Chairman
Mike Abbott– Captain
Frank Finan – Vice Captain
Dave Haddon – Treasurer
Giles Fox – Secretary
Ralph Griffin – Handicap Secretary
Linda Anthony
Rod Smith

1. Company Matters
1.1. There were concerns raised about the wording of the e-mail sent out by GSA regarding next year’s fee structure, firstly not everyone had received it and secondly the wording of part of the message made it appear to come from FPGC, which was not the case. Mike Abbott has discussed the matter with Rui Gloria and this arose because of the way Portuguese translated into English and was not intentional.
2. Apologies
2.1. There were no apologies.
3. Approval of Minutes
3.1. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and signed by the Captain.
4. Matters Arising
4.1. The refurbishment of the tees is continuing and will resume when the grass starts growing.
4.2. The CNIG cards will be renewed.
4.3. The internet speed in the hut is still not good but is probably the best that can be achieved.
4.4. AGM information. The Chairman will write the letter of notification to the members and this will be sent out before the 20th December.
ACTION Geoffrey Harnett
5. Treasurers Report
5.1. Cash position, consolidated as per accounts 30th November 2017:
33,278.72 euros
Less accruals: 13,298.54 euros
Net cash available: 19,980.18.
5.2. The membership has increased by 30 and more new members are anticipated in the new year.
6. Handicaps
6.1. The annual review will be carried out at the beginning of December when the figures are received from the Federation.
7. Website
7.1. The website is up to date with a new rule of golf being published every month.
7.2. Slow play continues to be an issue and members attention is drawn to the article about how to avoid this which is featured on the website.
8. Events Update
8.1. The Captain’s Away trip. Members have contacted the hotel regarding the standard of food and have received no reply. Mike Abbott has been in contact with Claudia and is still awaiting a reply.
8.2. The Christmas Competition. Ten visitors are playing and will receive separate prizes for 1st and 2nd place. Rui Baptista has donated 96 bottles of wine. All the hampers and prizes are organised.
9. AOB
9.1. Carols and Cake on the 20th December will be a shotgun start at 11.00. Lynette Whittaker is supplying cakes and mince pies, many thanks to her.
9.2. The list of charities that are going to receive money at the Captain’s Changeover is needed before the end of the year.
9.3. A contribution 0f €200 is to be made towards the “thank you” lunch for the card rota team that will take place in the New Year.
9.4. The new voucher book is working very well.
9.5. Linda Anthony requested that all reports for the AGM be e-mailed to her for inclusion in the minutes.
9.6. It has been suggested, by Rebecca Smith, that a sub committee of members could be recruited to help with the organising of various social events that accompany some competitions. The committee discussed this and it was concluded that rather than there being a formal committee the Captain would recruit extra help as and when it was needed.

Next meeting Friday 12th January 2018 at 09.30.

Meeting closed at 10.20
Distribution: Geoff Harnett, Rod Smith, Mike Abbott, Dave Haddon, Ralph Griffin,
Giles Fox, Linda Anthony, Frank Finan.


A large majority of Members have a better than average knowledge of the Rules of Golf, so I am confident that many of you will relate to this situation;

As I am getting more proficient in the rules, I try to point out a number of Rules matters during play and obviously after the round when situations are described by participants. Take as examples: a ball stuck in a tree, or a ball covered by leaves in a bunker moved during the search etc… Now a minority of fellow club members are less enthusiastic when they are playing in my fourball and here is their argument:

“Although we accept your Rules clarifications how many people on the course do you think would be aware that this is how the rules expect us to behave? So we’re getting assigned some penalties (or consequences) that no other player will inflict in their game; therefore, when playing with you, we are getting an unfair disadvantage towards the rest of the field”.

Quite original no? Obviously I take it in good spirit and in a sporty manner, however if you could suggest some great response (other than “the Rules are the Rules”) that would be highly welcome!

Obviously, this is a situation that I and more knowledgeable golfers are regularly faced with. In fact, I often excuse my high handicap by saying (jokingly) that it is because I know the Rules so well and constantly have to penalise myself. I had no totally satisfactory response to offer the above argument. A similar argument is advanced by those who believe that tournament officials should pay no heed to the ‘TV armchair officials’, who phone in when they observe a breach of Rule by a player; because that means that the top players, who naturally are featured more on television than their ‘journeymen’ counterparts, are therefore disadvantaged. My response to this argument is that if they consider it carefully most players would prefer to be properly penalised for an observed breach than to bear the stigma of repeatedly seeing it highlighted on social media if they ‘got away with it’, especially if they subsequently featured in the prize money. The English, European Tour Pro, Matthew Southgate, endorsed this point of view recently, after being hit with a penalty of four strokes, following a Rules incident where a leaf blown across the putting green diverted his ball in motion away from the hole and he did not take the putt again, as is required by Rule 19-1b;

“If I’d known the ruling, I’d have been the talk of the town for the right reason. I’d have replaced it, hit it in for a four and everybody would have said, ‘what a great Pro, what great knowledge of the Rules’. I would have had credit, instead of sympathy. And people also say I was unlucky because I had the cameras on me at the time. But if they weren’t, I’d have a PGA Tour card and I would have it by breaking the Rules. And imagine 10 years down the line when a leaf hits someone else’s ball and I’d see it and think, ‘that’s what happened to me and I shouldn’t be here’. How bad would that feel?”

So, returning to Club and Society competitions, it is my experience that most serious golfers, no matter what their handicap, prefer to constantly improve their understanding of the Rules, anticipating that this will also help them to reduce their handicap. There is no doubt that one of the easiest ways to remember a ruling is to have incurred a penalty for breaching it; another is when a fellow competitor interrupts you to prevent you from breaching a Rule, which is permitted, as information on the Rules of Golf is not advice.

This is my thoughts on how the game should be played;

“…. I want every breach of the Rules to be fairly penalised, either by the player calling it upon themselves, which I am pleased to say regularly happens, or by a fellow competitor or observer bringing it to the player/officials attention. Put it this way, I have never got close to winning the Club Championship, but if by some miracle I was to come second and then find out that the winner had breached a Rule and had not been penalised, I would probably be apoplectic. Now this may seem an extreme example, but in my mind, exactly the same principle applies whether the avoidance of a penalty incurred affects the winning of the PGA Championship, as it might have done with Dustin Johnson [at Whistling Straits in 2010], or as the result of a 2€ dollar wager between two hackers. The only way to fairly compete in any sport or game is for the players to be playing to the same Rules. There has to be a level playing field.”


1 Carol Newland 0
2 John Brodie 9
3 Ivor Newland 43
4 Michael Abbott 46
5 Bob Hart 55
6 George Chadwick 118
7 David Bull 133
8 Lorraine Bull 135
9 Marian Trott 156
10 Phil Russell 160
11 Peter Fisher 169
12 Stephen Parkin 172
13 Gillian Andrew 173
14 Bob Woodworth 182
15 Andy Stephenson 192
16 Giles Fox 193
17 Gloria Pooley 210
18 Francesco Borges 210
19 Allan Pooley 220
20 Mike Evans 222


Player Accidentally Moves Their Ball


Most golfers know that causing their ball to move incurs a penalty of one stroke, under Rule 18-2, and that the ball must then be replaced. However, there are some circumstances where a player does not incur a penalty for accidentally moving their ball, which I am listing here.

• A ball that that has been placed in the teeing ground at the start of a hole is not in play until a stroke has been made at it, so no penalty is incurred if it is accidentally moved before any stroke is made, Rule 11-3.
• From 1st January 2017 USGA and R&A have recommended that Committees introduce a Local Rule to the effect that when a player’s ball lies on the putting green, there is no penalty if the ball (or ball-marker) is accidentally moved by the player, their partner, their opponent or any of their caddies, or their equipment.
• There is no penalty if a player causes their ball to move while moving a movable obstruction (i.e. anything artificial), providing the movement of the ball is directly attributable to the removal of the obstruction, Rule 24-1.
• A penalty is usually incurred if a ball is accidentally moved while searching for it under Rule 18-2, but there are three exceptions, which are detailed in Rule 12-1. Briefly they are; a) searching for or identifying ball covered by sand, c) searching for ball in water in water hazard, and d) searching for ball within obstruction or abnormal ground condition. [Note: b) was removed on 8th November 2018, as a player does incur a penalty while searching for a ball in loose impediments in a hazard, but not if they cause their ball to move when replacing those loose impediments].
• If a player accidentally touches their ball with their club causing it to rock off its spot, but it returns to its original position, it has not moved according to the Definition of Moved and no penalty is incurred, Decision 18/2.
• There is no penalty if a player accidentally moves their ball while measuring, e.g. to determine whether a dropped ball has rolled outside the permitted area, Rule 18-2.
• If a player accidentally moves their ball in the directly attributable act of its lifting, marking, placing or replacing under a Rule, there is no penalty and the ball must be replaced, Rules 20-1 and 20-3.

Regarding searching for a ball, it is worth noting that if a player who is searching for their ball, say on the bank of a water hazard or in a bush, and they cause it to move, they incur the penalty of one stroke immediately and cannot avoid it by then choosing to take relief under penalty from the hazard or deeming it unplayable in the bush.






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1 John Brodie 0
2 Carol Newland 12
3 Ivor Newland 41
4 Bob Hart 49
5 Michael Abbott 57
6 George Chadwick 99
7 Marian Trott 127
8 Phil Russell 131
9 David Bull 132
10 Lorraine Bull 134
11 Peter Fisher 140
12 Gillian Andrew 156
13 Stephen Parkin 161
14 Bob Woodworth 163
15 Andy Stephenson 181
16 Giles Fox 190
17 Sylvia Holcroft 201
18 Brian Newsham 201
19 Gloria Pooley 208
20 Mike Evans 211