Christmas Greetings to Everyone !

Well, this will be my last Captains Update.

As the year comes to an end, lets start with the Golf.

The number of two’s in November/December so far, has been incredible, with 70 recorded (yes you read it right 70!).  This has to be a record at PDF, if anyone knows different, please let me know.       The Golf Competitions have been very well attended throughout the year, and this was highlighted to me when recently, at the end of the Seasons League Get Together, I was amazed to hear that some of the Courses in the Algarve struggle to get 20/25 people to play in their weekly competitions on a regular basis, we average 65 throughout the year.

The Captain v Vice Captain Golf Competition was, for the second year running, won by the Vice Captains Team, so congratulations to the Vice and his Team.

The Christmas Hamper Competition was fully attended by everyone, and the Golf and the Evening were absolutely super.

Zenia continues to improve after suffering a Stroke, Fridolin tells us the progress is slow, but she is much better, and will soon start her first course of Physiotherapy.  We all wish her well for a full recovery.  Anyone who has ever played Golf with Zenia, knows that she is a strong and resiliant little fighter, so this will undoubtedly help in her recovery.

I would like to finish my last update by giving credit to the staff at PDF, whether in the shop, on the course, in the bar, kitchen, sales, admin etc.  It has been a incredibly difficult year for these people, and I would like to say on behalf of all the Members – Thank You !!  All are exceptional people, and I hope in the next year, you come to be recognised by the new Management, as an essential and integral part of this Golf Club, and that you are treated and remunerated accordingly.

To all the Members, have a Great Christmas and New Year, and thank you very much from Suzanne and I for allowing us to share your year in paradise !

The Captain