Dear members,
Since my last blog we have held the Ralph Griffin trophy competition combined with Captain ‘s changeover. We had a very enjoyable day and it was great to be able to celebrate together in the evening once more. I decided this year to raise money for the charity pot with the drive in, I hit a pretty decent drive and the winner got to within 1 metre of the correct distance ( it wasn’t Mick!) We raised 100 Euros for the charity pot so thank you all for participating.
On that note, with the difficult year we have had our charity fund is going well and I thank you all once again for supporting such good causes. 
We  have also had the Men v Ladies competition and though it grieves me to say, congratulations are due to the men! Well played.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rod Smith, Jim Reid, Simon Thomas and their team for all the hard work they are putting into ensure that the future is secure for the residents and for the golf course. There is still a lot of work to be done and we appreciate this and wish them every success.
My plan to play with as many members as possible this year is working well. Up to now  I’ve played with 59 different people and will try to play with more of you in the coming weeks.
Interclub eventually started again and we have played a couple of matches currently in 2nd. a long way to go and September/October will be busy months for us.
Captain’s Day is scheduled for 11th September. Plans are afoot for this event and we hope to have a memorable day (though no dancing!) Our annual GSA golf festival has been cancelled this year and the golf club have decided to take that pre booked week and opportunity to catch up on all our major competitions that have been postponed. So, Friday 17th will be Captain v Vice Captain, Saturday the 18th Taca da Liberdade, Sunday the 19th Past Captains day and Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd Club Championship. the sheets are on the board for those who wish to enter and on the Wednesday we will have the usual buffet after the club championship with prize giving. GSA will control the buggy situation but at the moment Rui is only guaranteeing buggies for those who have an annual one. 
I hope you all are having a great summer and that restrictions start to ease.
Stay safe, Mary
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