Captains Chat July 2022

Dear members, welcome to the seventh Captains Chat of the year.

I am over halfway through my tenure as Club Captain which is going quickly. Thank you to the Committee and members who make the role very enjoyable. I look forward to the next six months with the Captains Day comp and the Captains away trip all to come.

 Social Events

The 1942 Babes Golf dinner and dance were a great success. It was a great evening with the spoils going to Linda and Trevor Morris. A big thank you to Brain and Brigitte for organising food at the halfway house with Non-Alcoholic beer (a new experience for me), the golf comp and the dinner and dancing and for Carol doing the presentation.

Charity update

There was a Charity Cha Cha Cha in July raising 440 euro bringing the Charity account up to  3937.54 Euros. Thank you for your contributions.

Monthly competitions

This link to the monthly competitions schedule lets you know what’s coming up


During July we had the Ivor Newland Birthday Competition celebrating 80 years. Carol and Ivor put on a great day with food for everyone and a great turnout.

We have had a few members also ask about how to register their extra day cards online. Here is a link from the FPG website in English with a step-by-step explanation. myFPG_Submit-Score-for-Handicap.pdf The FPG website is full of useful information and has an English option.

 Singles and Pairs Knock out competitions

We have made some progress on the singles and pairs matches, thank you to those who played or conceded to speed the competition up.

Please complete your matches as soon as possible.

 Interleague 2022

During July we played Tavira away losing 3 matches a winning 2. A reasonable result away from home.

We are currently 3rd in the table with 47 pts which puts us 7 pts behind Tavira with a game in hand.

The next match is against Vale Do Lobo away on 1st September.

 Race to Budens

No change in the top spot as Jim Brennan but Janice slides in ahead of Brian to claim 2nd spot. I make an appearance in the top 10.

  1. Jim Brennan
  2. Janice Galloway
  3. Brian Newsham

Course and Competition Updates

Preferred lies are in place for the foreseeable future.

Please, please please remember to repair divots, pitch marks and rake bunkers.

Captains Away Trip

Its only 93 days away so please let me know if you would like to attend the above trip on 3-5th November.

We have had some new card markers over the past couple of months including Bob Wissler, Ian and Janice Galloway and Gary and Sylvia King. As always, my thanks go to the Card Markers who contribute their time every week to benefit our great club atmosphere at the presentations.

Have a great August

Peter Noone

Captain FPGC


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