Captains Changeover



I am pleased to report, that the Captains Changeover on the 21st January, 2012, was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

The food and wine was very well received, and I sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed the evening as much as I did.

My thanks go out to our Past Captain, Graham Harries, and I would like to thank him once again, for a job well done. Thanks also to Mary, for her tremendous support, both to Graham, and the Members throughout the year.

The Put Out and Captains Drive Off did resemble ‘Faulty Towers’, when I discovered that no-one had arranged for the outside spotlights to be put in place, but Paulo came to the rescue with his cars headlights, saving the day !

My thanks to Margaret Haddon and Lewis Haycock in helping me, in a fun way, to get over a couple of messages that needed to be delivered to one and all on the evening.

With regards to the entertainment, we will continue to search for a Band that fits the Members expectations, and I realise that the noise levels of the entertainers needs to be monitored a lot better.

It was fantastic to welcome 8 Past Captains on the evening, and my goal is to make it 9 next year !

Finally, welcome to Peter Lanario, my Vice Captain for this year, I am sure Peter will be ever watchful and helpful to the Members, when I am not personally in Portugal this year. Please give Peter your full support.

Thank you once again, and ‘Bring on the Sunshine!!!’

Howard McEvoy