Dear Members,

Now that I am almost two months into my Captaincy, I thought it was timely to give you an update on where we stand on a number of points.
Hopefully you will have received and read two sets of minutes from our committee meetings, I feel really pleased with the way our new committee has started out, we have had a 100% turn out to each of our meetings (apart from that past captain chap who is living it up on the other side of the world) and we have worked really hard on dealing with the deficit that was discussed at the AGM, and we have worked to get up to speed on matters that used to be covered by Carol and Jim.
Dealing with the deficit – we have elected as a committee not to implement some of the options we discussed at the AGM, preferring instead to implement a number of smaller, less controversial options.
However, whilst I may not be a great golfer I pride myself on being, like many of you, a fairly sensible businessman and it is clear that when expenditure is greater than income – trouble looms.
There is an easy win that we have already taken, vouchers issued that are more than a year old and therefore expired – I have asked David as our treasurer to release over 500 euro back to profit, that helps significantly. Further, whilst we want to retain as much of the social aspect of our year as possible, we have taken the decision to ask members who take part in our two April and May events – Captain v Vice Captain and Past Captains Competition to pay for their own barbecue at the real cost of 15 euro per head per event, this saves the club almost 1400 euro and, along with the expired vouchers, takes us well on our way to our target saving. We are also reliant on the generosity of past captains who offer to sponsor the second event and we will let you know how we are doing in due course.
I hope you will understand why your committee has taken the decision to ask members to pay for their food on these events, it allows us to keep sponsoring other events that are more important to us all later in the year and I hope we can count on your continued support for the decisions we are taking, we really are trying to live up to your expectations of us.

Happy golfing wherever you are.


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