Dear Members,

I am nearly three months into my Captaincy and, as time seems to fly, I thought I would give you all an update on what is happening and to thank you for your support so far.

So, I would like to start off by mentioning that we are now linked with the CNIG card system. Together with Santo Antônio we have equally shared the cost as these cards as they benefit both the company and the club. I will have the cards with me on  Wednesdays and Sundays so please feel free to ask and I will hand them over. A small fee of a gin & tonic for the captain will be charged (optional) or a euro for the charity pot (also optional!!) upon exchange, all for a good cause…..!

I am also updating all the honours boards slowly, I am sure you will agree that they look much better. It’s important that the Spike bar looks in good order for us members, our guests and any visitors that we welcome (hoping in future they may become new members).  Don’t worry, David Haddon our treasurer is making sure I don’t get carried away but with the fees going up slightly this year I think its important that we spend it wisely. CNIG cards alone you will save hundreds on green fees at other courses.

Our charity fund is going strong, in under 3 months and we have already raised nearly €600. Thanks to you all for your valued contributions and support. Now the lake has been cleared on the 15th it’s a lot easier to see your ball go in the water! I will be watching. As Captain I get the privilege of a free buggy this year so any visitors riding with me have to put €5 in the pot. The only time I have walked this year was playing with Lewis Haycock. I almost had to give Lewis €5 for the privilege! I played dreadfully that day and Lewis very kindly made sure I knew about it, but I thoroughly enjoyed the company and the walk.

Captains away tour is now booked. Carla and I will be heading up to Quinta da Marinha resort in Cascais in the next couple of weeks to finalise it all. The dates are the 8th, 9th and 10th of November. The cost for 2 golfers will be around €700 but I will update you all shortly with final costings.

Competition wise April, May and June will be big months. Our first league game is in April and I am very much looking forward to it. Unfortunately, we got knocked out of the Interclub Knockout Cup early but the team put up a good fight against a very tough and well balanced side at Quinta do Lago. Frank Finan our Vice-Captain has unfortunately not been out as much as he would have liked but is spending most of April in Portugal, just in time for Captain v Vice-Captain on the 28th where he is going to get a good thrashing……..! We also have Taca da Liberdade to look forward to on the 30th, our first board competition. On the 12th of May we have Past Captains and, of course, the Club Championships in June which I know for a fact that Andy Pickard had already booked his flights for around Christmas time.

Finally, congratulations to all of you who have been playing good golf this year. Carol Newland in particular who has come down over 6 shots. Also Graham Harries has been in the winning circle regularly of late, great to see you back on the course Graham. I am looking forward to seeing a good fight for the Race to Budens come December.

Best wishes to you all and happy golfing, see you on the field.


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