Hi Everybody,

Well it’s about time that your Captain has taken the time to write a few words, and I am sure many of you might have a stronger way of expressing my lack of communication to you all.

Perhaps I should explain some of the exterior causes for this, although I certainly do not want to go into too much detail.

The sudden death of my brother in law last September in a horrific car accident combined with the sudden death of one of my brothers in April, have left me devastated. The trail of work left behind from these tragic incidents have engulfed me over the past months and require many weeks of protracted procedures to be sorted.
In addition, some of my own family are experiencing very difficult and challenging issues, which require me to be with them as much as possible. With five children of which the youngest is just approaching her 16th birthday, you can understand that “challenging” is a mild word to use in these circumstances. All that said, I am blessed to have them all as children and great loving friends.

I hope this goes some way to explain why I am not here as much as I want to be, and indeed as much as I should be.
We are so lucky to have such a committed committee and incredible back up members who just keep this unique club ticking over like a well oiled clock. My sincere thanks to you all.

Our club is in a very healthy position with many new members who now enjoy our little secret. Our course is in great condition and we are the envy of many clubs on the Algarve. I have no doubt that your response to the “adopt a green” program has gone a long way to help achieve this. With more visitors playing over the coming months, it is essential that we keep this going.

Our inter club team are presently in top position in our division, and with 2 matches left I am hopeful that we can remain there and bring home the top prize. Many thanks to Michael and all members of the squad for their heroic efforts since the beginning of the season.

The Captains changeover was a great success as a social event and I was very pleased with how the “Taca do Liberdade” and the Past Captains events went.

The Club championship weekend was fantastic and so well supported, both on the course, and in the clubhouse, where nearly 100 members/guests dined. Congratulations to Michael and Sarah on defending their titles in 2018.
I was pleased to introduce a new category this year for our esteemed senior members, some of whom are close to shooting their age (Gross score). My thanks to our Vice Captain Peter who planted the seed for this prize.
What a pleasure was to see Margaret Hadden at the dinner for this event? We were all shocked with the sudden departure of David but can assure you that his memory will live on, and the fruits of his work for this club are being reaped and will be for years to come. Margaret, you are always among friends and it was so lovely to see you last weekend.

A very special thanks to Rod Smith for all his work during that very difficult time and once again at the Club championship where he designed a software system that streamlined the score card calculations and prize giving categories.

As for Foxy (Giles). Well we are so lucky to have someone of his calibre step up to the plate and take on the Treasurers job, at least up to the time of our next AGM in January 2019. Many thanks Foxy.

This club would never survive without the backbone of members who week in week out devote their time to doing the score cards and listening to our complaints. To Mick Berry and his wonderful team, a BIG THANK YOU. The committee will be looking at ways to ease some of this work with better technology, so hang on in there.

Junior membership is still very much on my agenda, and with determination, positive thinking, and a bit of imagination, we should be able to achieve this goal.

Hopefully by the time you are reading this blog, the Members Day event will have been a happy and enjoyable day.
Hoping to have a surprise or two for Captains day in September so keep up the good golf.

Details of the Captain’s away day are posted on the board and you need to book and get a deposit in urgently. Sorry for the short notice but events delayed me getting this organized, The event will take place on the 1st/2nd November.

Thanking you all for your support, and hopefully you are better informed of the predicaments that have prevented me from being here. I remain committed and appreciate your continued support.


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